RHEUMATISM AND THUJA. I am always glad when I hear that a reader has succeeded in curing himself or others by means oft he information contained in this Journal.

I am always glad when I hear that a reader has succeeded in curing himself or others by means oft he information contained in this Journal.

I have much pleasure in publishing the following brief article by the Rev. J. Dempsey, who was converted to homoeopathy by “HEAL THYSELF” and who has used the information contained in it with excellent results. It will give me the greatest satisfaction to publish in future issues similar articles, particularly from those who have only recently started the wonderful adventure of curing themselves and other people homoeopathically, guided by this publication. Editor, “HEAL THYSELF”.

My first information of homoeopathy was in regard to the Hospital. “They dont believe in operations,” my informant told me, “in that Hospital.” Years later I came across a book Miracles of Healing and How They are Done by Ellis barker j.It was a interesting as a novel. I read it an re-read it three times and decided to begin a little homoeopathic study. I procured about thirteen remedies as suggested in The Prescriber by Dr. John H. Clarke. I had been for some years curing with herbs, homoeopathy was principally herbal and it appealed to me.

My first homoeopathic case was a tram driver with rheumatism. He had attended hospitals and was never cured, he had all his out through most of them were sound, he tried remedy after remedy and not better. He was dubious about his panel doctor, so went as a private patient to another doctor. He had just paid L8 15s. to no purpose when wife came to me with the story. I gave her various herbs. She came back to say there was an improvement, but her husband was not at all cured. “Bring him along,” I said “and let me have a talk to him.”.

He was an enormous man and I was unkind enough to form the idea that he drank heavily. I was very surprised to hear the next time the wife came to see me, that the husband was a very strong teetotaller! Well, he certainly was drinking something too much. “Yes.” said the wife, “he drinks gallons and gallons of tea.”.

I remembered then what Dr. Clarke had written in the Prescriber: “Thuja is the chief antidote to the effects of tea.” I gave Thuja 30. It was a Tuesday morning I gave it, my first homoeopathic medicine. I waited to see the result. Friday morning came, so did the wife, her face all smiles. “You have worked a miracle,” she said. Her husband was doing his complete days work.

He had started his tram driving the previous morning at 4 a.m., a thing he had to done for a long time. She came back again some weeks later, the cure was complete. At this time they are now enjoying a holiday, thanks to Thuja, instead of using all their savings on Medicine.

Rev. J. Dempsey