My first introduction to Homoeopathy, some 45 yea…


My first introduction to Homoeopathy, some 45 years ago, was through a friend reporting to me a case of warts cured by homeopathic medicine Thuja on a cows udder. The case in question was tested by a young Surgeon who had completed his studies in the orthodox school and had accepted a position of Surgeon on one of the P. & O. boats.

The cow was on board the vessel and the young medical man, knowing well the arguments that faith was the necessary accompaniment, if not the vital factor in Homoeopathy, thought this would be an excellent test as obviously the cow could not have faith. His treatment was quite successful in removing the warts and it decided his career as a Homoeopathic Physician. It did not, however, transpire how Thuja was administered or in what strength.

My friend told this story to a young Dentist who had qualified also as L.R.C.P., with result that he also tried to cure a case of “Wart” on the face of a very attractive lady patient, but in this case the remedy was not successful to his intense annoyance as he afterwards told me he had staked his reputation in this particular instance and well nigh lost it.

I was not, at that time, sufficiently acquainted with the skill necessary to decide the potency to be used and so was not able to help him to a more successful use of Homoeopathy. He came to the conclusion, like many another, that there was nothing in it.

My friend had many homoeopathic converts to his account by reason of introducing Aconite and Chamomilla to young parents. the soothing and curative action of these two medicines on the young children had the effect of winning the former completely by the unmistakable evidence of their efficacy in those cases where faith in these small patients was also lacking.

I had myself tried several times to remove warts by prescribing Thuja and had met with but little success until recently when I tackled a case on which Thuja 1x internal and an external application of Thuja O had proved unsuccessful. This was followed by Thuja 6 with no result. As one of the warts in this instance was situated high up in the centre of the forehead, the patient decided to have it removed by Glacial Acetic Acid which was temporarily successful.

After a few months, however, it re- appeared larger than ever, and in addition, a fig wart appeared on the lower lip in the centre, with another on the tip of the right ear. Feeling sure, after much consideration, that Thuja was the remedy, I gave Thuja 30 – five pilules in weekly doses – the warts to be moistened night and morning with the mother tincture. After three weeks there were evident signs that the choice of the higher dilution was a right one and in two months leaving any trace on the parts affected. It is now several months since and there is no sign of their re-appearance.

The patient is well over 60 years of age and has been troubled with an ulceration inside the nose whenever a chill was taken, so painful that the slightest touch on a hair of the moustache would cause the eyes to water. Since the warts have disappeared there has been but one nasal ulceration of a very slight nature. As a proving of Thuja gives “Ulceration half an inch up in the nose with swelling and hardness of the left nasal wing with a tensive pain,” one dose of Thuja 200 has now been given to correct the constitutional taint which is suggested by the foregoing symptoms.

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