Clinical Repertory by J H Clarke based on the common indication and remedies from his clinical practice….



Abdominal complaints, first in all, Cast.

Anaemic persons, Ferrum

Antiperiodic, Nux.

Antirheumatic, Rhs.

Antisycotic, Platina

Antisycotic, outlets affected Graphites

Bearing down pains in all internal viscera. Belladonna

(Sepia, Gel., Calcarea, Nx.m)

Bladder, Irritable-in damp weather, Dulcamara

Brain and heart affections. anxiety in. Aco.

Caries, Silicea

Cancer, lancinating pains of, Lachesis (Scirrh)

Cancer, sickness in, Ac.x.

Climacteric, most ailments of, Lachesis

Cold abscess, Silicea

Colic, windy, in women, Cast.

Condylomata, Thu.

Convalescence from all zymotic diseases, Pso.

Cough entering cold air from warm room, Pho.

Cough Amel holding hypochondria with the warm hand, Dro.

Cough, Agg morning, touch tenacious expectoration, Agg after food, K. bi.

Deafness-in damp weather, Calen.

Debility from loss of fluids, Chi.

Delicate chlorotic women, Ferrum

Diarrhea with movement of wind in descending colon. Alo.

Diphtheria, wryneck in Lachin.

Earthy complexions, women with, Ferrum

Faintness, pallor on sitting up, Aco.

Fevers, inflammatory, Bryonia

Fistulae, Silicea

Fistular abscess, Silicea

Flush up, or become fiery red, on least emotion or exertion, those whose faces, Ferrum

Flushing and colliquative sweating, esp. at menopause, Su.x.

Gastro-enteric affections, Bryonia Haemorrhages occurring at a certain hour every day (uterine, 3 a.m.) Nux.

Haemorrhages, active, in stout plethoric people, Aco.

Hairy parts, eruptions on, Silicea

Headache, flow of clear urine at end of, Ignatia

Headache, obscuration of sight preceding, K bi.

Headaches, school, Na.m. (cf. Heart and brain affections, anxiety in, Aco.

Inflammations, all acute, with restlessness, hot dry skin, Aco.

Inflammations which come and go suddenly, Bel.

Lupus, Na.sf.

Muscles, all, and sphincters relaxed, Ant-t.

Naevi, Thu. (cf. Lycopodium, Rad.) Neuralgias accompanied by pain in umbilicus, Dioscorea

Neuralgia from checked eruptions or gonorrhoea, Thu.

Neuralgia with pain in umbilicus, Dioscorea

Pains, neuralgic, gouty, rheumatic, inflammatory, Aco.

Palpitation from heart to head, Lycopodium

Phlegmon, acute inflammatory action, great soreness and sensitiveness, Silicea (cf. Hepar) Phlegmon, grat soreness and sensitiveness, Hepar

Polypi and warts, Thu.

Psora, Sycosis, syphilis, Ni-x.

Pyrosis with sinking at epigastrium, Dioscorea

Rheumatism, Lc.x.

Rheumatism, Amel from movement, Rhs.

Rheumatoid, muscular or erratic pains accompanied with constant nausea; or nausea on awaking, or after food or drink, Lc.x.

Ringworm, especially of the body, Tel.

School headaches, (Na.m).

Serous affections, Bryonia

Serous effusions, Bryonia

Sickness in cancer, Ac.x.

Sphincters, all, relaxed, with or without vomiting, Ant t

Suppuration, where tendency of pus to burrow, caries, fistula perforating ulcers, Silicea

Sycosis, Platina

Sycosis and syphilis, Thu.

Sycosis, psora, syphilis, Nt.x

Sycotic persons, outlets affected, GRp.

Syphilis, sycosis, psora, Nt.x.

Ulceration, General, Nt.x.

Ulcers, perforating, Silicea

Vaccination, ailments after, Silicea

Vertigo, pallor on sitting up, Aco

Warts, Thu

Warty growths, Nt.x.

Wryneck in diphtheria Lachin.

Yawning, constant, though never sleeping in daytime. Cast.

John Henry Clarke
John Henry Clarke MD (1853 – November 24, 1931 was a prominent English classical homeopath. Dr. Clarke was a busy practitioner. As a physician he not only had his own clinic in Piccadilly, London, but he also was a consultant at the London Homeopathic Hospital and researched into new remedies — nosodes. For many years, he was the editor of The Homeopathic World. He wrote many books, his best known were Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica and Repertory of Materia Medica