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Short notes on some of the thirty eight Bach Remedies for ready use by the readers.

Short notes on some of the thirty eight Bach Remedies for ready use by the readers.

Agrimony: Wherever you have to ‘contend’ ‘argue’ or ‘fight’ for your right; or, have to go to court or police to collect your dues or to stop a person from harassing you. Also, wherever you have to bargain. Sell your house without paying brokerage and without bargaining, at a reasonable price. Also, to get things done in short-cuts. After any heated argument with any one, start taking this remedy one pill every half-an-hour, total 5-10 doses and by this alone you can realise the value of Bach Remedies; not by merely reading this book. This remedy Agrimony is almost a tonic for lawyers and brokers. Also, for those who turn to alcohol to ‘suppress’ their emotions or hide worries.

Those who often cracks jokes should take Agrimony daily 1-2 times for six months and this would cure all their diseases.

Aspen: Vague and unknown fear. Otherwise called “free floating anxiety” in psychiatry. The fear comes of its own and after remaining for an hour or more, goes off of its own. Also, useful when you have to go to any office for the first time to get a job done. Hesitation with strangers. This remedy is almost a specific for shyness and timidity.

Beech: The tip-top man who is over-conscious of order and form—external appearance. The so-called disciplined person. Very strict. Follows rules and laws to the core. This remedy is a tonic par excellence for make-up man, architect, design engineer, photographer, ready-made garment shop owners, judge, compilers of dictionaries and

authors of text-books. If you want to renovate your house or re-arrange things in your house/office, take this remedy Beech along with another Bach remedy viz., Cerato, daily once for a week or two prior to such re-arrangement/ renovation. Those who often tells proverbs. Such persons would start writing a text-book after taking Beech for 2-6 months.

Centaury: Weakness after acute illness. So-called debilitating diseases—jaundice, typhoid, flu etc. Otherwise called convalescent period—time required to recoup the lost health and strength. What would otherwise mean 3-5 days to get back lost health after acute illness, with three doses of Centaury, taken every four hours, you can be back to office in just a day’s time. Also those who are meek, polite and submissive; becomes willing slaves to others. They are used as door-mats. Cannot dominate others. Unfit to be a manager or in a supervisory cadre.

Cerato: Excellent for children who imitate others’ mannerisms—imitating their parents/teachers.

Also, for those who often change their set-ups in office/ home. Tonic par excellence for those running spare parts shops or departmental stores. Also who often changes various branches in their professional line. Say, a law graduate first starts working as a lawyer in a court; then starts teaching in a law college; then starts running or editing a law journal. Does not change his line ‘law’ but various options available in the law field that he is not able to decide. [Those who change their profession—from law to medicine, from medicine to real estate—need another Bach remedy Wild Oat.]

This remedy is excellent for those who deal with public at large—public relations officer, enquiry clerk, vocational guidance bureau, HRD and cine actors: all these  persons

would go to the top in their field if only they start taking this remedy Cerato along with Beech, Walnut and Chestnutbud, daily once, for 2-6 months. If you want to get information about anything; do not inquire your neighbours and colleagues. Start taking Cerato, thrice daily and in twenty-four hours someone automatically brings that information to you or you come across the right person who would supply that information to you. Keep the words ‘variety’, ‘filing system’, ‘deptl. stores’ ‘spare parts shops’, ‘mimicry’, ‘PRO’, ‘encyclopaedia’ and you would understand this remedy better. In the case of those who do mimicry or runs spare parts shops or deptl. stores, those quite often changing their line of activity (working as a lawyer, then teaching in law college, then changing to editing a law journal etc.) if these persons start taking Cerato daily twice for 2-6 months, they would start writing an encyclopaedia for a subject and this would be sold overnight more than ten thousand copies.

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