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A lady was in bed in a hospital after abdominal surgery for removal of a cyst. Even three days after the surgery, she was weeping/crying with pain and in the night the pain did not allow her to sleep. (In many post-surgical conditions this is more or less the case).

The two things here are:

  • pain makes the patient weep/cry;
  • the pain does not allow her to sleep at

On these very symptoms Bach Remedies are prescribed, as under:

  • Cherry Plum would cure any underlying pathology that makes the person weep/cry with
  • Any complaint that does not allow the patient to sleep or disturbs his sleep or wakes him up from sleep—the name of the Bach Remedy for this state is White

When these two remedies are prescribed they cure the underlying pathology—slow healing of wound. Therefore the pain stops and so the patient gets good sleep.

In other systems, at the most, the doctor may prescribe a painkiller and a sleeping pill. It may stop the pain for a few hours but soon there is a relapse. They have no medicine for quick healing of wounds. They have no remedy for diseases that make the patient weep or cry with pain; they have no specific

remedy for curing any disease that does not allow the patient to sleep.

Thus, Bach Remedies are prescribed on conditions as we see with our naked eyes and not on the names of   diseases.

  1. The Bach remedy White Chestnut will cure any complaint that disturbs or prevents our
  2. Cherry Plum is for any pain that makes the person cry/ weep (whatever may be the underlying pathology, call it slow healing of wounds, ulcer, cancer, appendicitis )

Cherry Plum is not a painkiller and White Chestnut

is not a sleeping pill.

For selecting the appropriate remedy we do not consider the disease, its name or underlying pathology that are in the interior body but only their outward manifestations.