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Our Life on Earth becomes Easy, Meaningful and Worthy by the use of Dr. Bach Flower Remedies

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Call it Sociology, Psychology, Business Admn., Philosophy, H.R.D., Counselling etc., Dr. Bach Remedies alone give the correct solutions to all problems faced by the individual or society at large.





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Sr. Claire, I.C.M., School for Deaf and Dumb, G. N. Chetty Road, Chennai-6 (Ph: 09443077935) a Christian missionary health worker was travelling in an omni bus from Chennai to Dindigul. To avoid a cyclist, the bus driver applied sudden brake and the bus skidded to the extreme left side of the road and fell into a not so deep pit. Soon it was a scene of screaming and crying passengers with bleeding and pain. The driver was bleeding profusely from head and his head fell on steering wheel and he became unconscious. Sr. Claire got up from her seat, opened a phial of Bach remedy called Rescue Remedy and started putting one pill into the mouth of all the injured. Soon the bleeding, crying etc. stopped. She put one pill into the mouth of the driver also. Bleeding from head stopped completely in less than a minute. He regained consciousness, got up and started walking as if nothing had happened to him! The passengers got down, pushed the bus to the centre of the road and continued the journey, what would otherwise be arrival of ambulance, hospitalisation of the injured, stranded passengers waiting for another bus etc.


You are a trauma specialist with Rescue Remedy in your pocket!

Dr. EDWARD BACH, M.B.B.S.,  M.R.C.S. of London

Let us see further how Bach Remedies are being used by those who have attended our 3-day personal course.

Water Violet is the name of one of the thirty-eight Bach Remedies.

Festivals are ordained by God. God loves us so much! That is what scriptures of all religions tell us. In such a case He ought to return to us our hard-earned money spent on festivals. But this is not happening in reality. This is because we all have forgotten how to (correctly) celebrate festivals.

One week before and after big annual festivals, our students take one dose of this remedy and soon they get back whatever money they have spent on Deepavali.

The keyword of the remedy Water Violet is focusing. When do we focus? They are while celebrating festivals; also when we are sick and admitted in hospital. Therefore, during the entire period of stay at the hospital our readers take one dose of Water Violet daily and within a short period of coming back from the hospital they get back exactly the same amount which they have spent.

Let us now go to the third remedy Gorse.

In hopeless situations, this remedy taken by us, just one pill (chewable), gets things done.

For travelling by train from Madras to Bombay or Delhi, one has to reserve the berth at least twenty days in advance. Otherwise you cannot conveniently travel in a sleeper compartment, if you were to travel at short notice.

Readers of former editions of this book have no problem. On the day of departure they buy an (unreserved) ordinary ticket, get into the reserved compartment and take a dose of the

Bach remedy Gorse. The ticket examiner talks politely and also allots a berth by collecting the berth charges!

Unbelievable! Yes, you are the right person who should take Gorse, because it is the remedy for seemingly hopeless conditions where you have completely lost hope. It is only by using these remedies that you learn about them. No amount of mere reading would do.

Many seemingly intelligent readers retort: Suppose every traveller takes a dose of Gorse.

Well, in that case, Gorse would make the top railway authorities come to their senses; instead of sitting in their office chairs idly, they will arrange more compartments, more trains and more tracks. After all we are not asking for train travel free of cost. Everyone is ready to pay. Why not more tracks and more trains? That would also solve unemployment problem!

Mr. Natarajan, 21, Kuppiah Street, Madras-33, reports:

“In summer we usually face water scarcity and have to buy water from tanker lorry to make up the shortage, because the supply through metro water pipes drops to almost nil. I approached the water supply department, all in vain. I lost hope and decided to buy water from tanker lorry this summer also. I heard about Bach remedies and took a dose of the two remedies viz. Gorse and Chicory. That evening some men from water supply department came, did repairs in the pipeline and from the next day we started getting full water supply and our overhead tanks started overflowing daily. Thanks to Bach remedies!”

By taking Gorse, you cannot, of course, make your overhead water tank full even without pipeline connection from metro water department.

What we want to say is, it is your right to get water from city corporation because you are paying water tax.

Gorse won’t enable you to lift mountains with one hand, but, where you are eligible for a thing and not getting it (while others enjoy it) does Gorse come to your help.

We do not write here that by merely taking Gorse you can travel in a reserved train compartment even without buying a ticket or paying for it. We hope the readers would take in true spirit of what we write here.

Dr. G. R. Naidu, Plot No.6, “Shilabadra Nivas”, Uday Nagar, Hubli-23 (Phone: 0836-280177) reports:

“I used to travel quite often from Hubli to Sirsi and other distant places by bus. In bus journey window seat is a must for me; without the wind blowing on my face through the window, I feel suffocated inside the bus. Once I got into a bus; it was already full and so I had to stand. Being summer, I felt much thirsty; normally I drink more water (half-a-bottle at a time.) That day I forgot to carry my water bottle. The bus had also started moving. I noticed a person sitting in the window seat with a bottle of water. I thought of asking for water, but no one would allow you to drink the entire quantity. Again, no one would offer a window seat for a standing passenger, as otherwise, the former will have to stand. No hope! Then I remembered Bach remedies and decided to try out Gorse on me. I took two pills and started chewing it. Two minutes later, I asked him if he can give me some water. Upon this handing over the bottle to me, that person said that he never drinks water during bus journey and that I can drink the entire bottle if I so want. He also got up, asked me to sit in his seat, and he walked to a front seat, stood there and started talking with a person there (may be a friend of his.) He did not return to

demand seat till the bus reached the destination. Thanks to Gorse!

Last date for submitting application form (for admission of your son/daughter in a school) is over? Don’t worry. Take a dose or two of Gorse and go to the school. Your application will be accepted!

Mr. Sthalasayanam writes: “I went to a village and was to return the same night. After finishing the work, I came to bus stand; it was 10.30 p.m. and I was told that the last bus had left. Only next morning there was a bus. I thought I cannot return that night (loss of hope.) I took a dose of Gorse and waited in the bus stand. Ten minutes later, a bus came and I returned home. I learnt that due to road block on the highway that bus was re-directed thru’ that village that night.”

In Tamil Nadu, attracted by high rates of interest, many people lost huge amounts by depositing in newly sprung finance companies and one fine morning those companies disappeared.

It has never been the case that a finance company after having closed down, came back to return the amount to the depositors. No hope.

Depositors who got cheated by these finance companies started taking Gorse (two pills on alternate days): in a few weeks time they got the money along with interest, either from the same company or an equivalent amount from some other source.

The best example to describe the sphere of use of this remedy Gorse is “written off debts.”

You have paid a loan on interest to a friend or colleague. Later, you come to know that he has cheated many persons by taking loan. He has never repaid even a single person. After

approaching him several times you write it off as bad debts. Loss of hope.

Take a dose of Gorse on alternate days and soon you will get the money (even without taking any steps) from the same person or from a different source, in some way or the other.

Don’t you believe in these? Well, that is the mental state for which Gorse is needed.

On reaching the cinema theatre you find “House Full” board. Take a dose of Gorse. It works and somehow you get a ticket.

Gorse will not make you lift Himalayan mountains with one hand. What is happening to others, if not happening to you, Gorse will help you get that.

Those having insufficient income, the poverty stricken. The two Bach Remedies Chicory and Hornbeam are a boon for them.

Case: Dr. Mouli Abdul, Nagapattinam, reports:

“I am a homoeopath and in my town I earn ten to thirty rupees per day. This is hardly sufficient for anybody’s day to day life. After attending your 2-day personal course in Bach Remedies, I decided to try them and took one dose of Chicory on Sundays & Thursdays and Hornbeam on Tuesdays & Saturdays. After fifteen days it so happened that one Mr. Srinivasan from outstation approached me with a request to get our local postman introduced to him. This is because he had heard that I am intimately acquainted with that postman who had been doing part-time job as real estate agent. (Mr. Srinivasan wanted to buy fifteen acres of land and so wanted to locate a seller through the postman). I introduced them to each other and forgot it.

Three weeks later that postman came and gave me ten thousand rupees. He asked me to accept it and when I asked him what for, he replied that he could finalise the deal regarding purchase of fifteen acres of land for Mr. Srinivasan who was introduced by me. And Rs.10,000 was the commission he got for the deal. When I said that he must keep the commission with him, he replied that he got Rs. 10,000 from both the parties (seller and buyer) and since I introduced the buyer to him, out of gratitude he wanted to pay me one side commission of Rs. 10,000. First time in my life I got ten thousands in my hand!”

The above homoeopath further reports that while taking Chicory & Hornbeam he merely thought that he would get more patients in his homoeo practice and thus he expected more income. But the remedies worked in a different way.

This fact must be constantly kept in mind. Dr. Bach Flower remedies never fail. It works; it does work; but not in the way we plan or anticipate. This is more important.

Our Bach Remedy Elm is for those who have several people under them—team coach, school teachers, headmasters, lectures/principals.

All those in teaching line, after attending our personal course took Chestnutbud, Walnut and Elm and within 3-6 months some got best teacher award; others got promotion.

Your life is easy and smooth if only you attend our 3-day personal course and start using the remedies.

We have a set of four books on Bach Remedies which you can get from us by sending 1,200=00 demand draft or Money Order.