k There are just thirty-nine remedies only.

k No elaborate head racking study. It is very simple and easily learnt.

k There is absolutely no diet or other restrictions.

k No contra-indications.

k It can be taken at any time, not necessarily before or after food.

k They are available in the form of “ready-to-take” sweet pills.

k There is no need to swallow the pills with water; just to be chewed. Easily carried during journeys.

k To those who refuse medicine, the pills can be dissolved in their drinking water, coffee/tea etc. This does not cause discolouration of the water or emit any smell.

k There is no expiry date for these remedies. [Anything kept dissolved in honey, alcohol or cane sugar retains effects life-time.]

k They are absolutely safe, non-habit-forming and even if wrongly used or taken in over doses, do not produce side effects.

k There is no question of withdrawal syndrome.

k They can be given to persons of all ages, the newborn babies as well as to women at all months of pregnancy.

k They can be taken while you are on other medicines/ treatment because they do not interfere with the action of other treatments.

k Up to five medicines can be taken together at a time.

k They can be repeated as often as required. In chronic diseases, once or twice daily.

k The effects are almost instantaneous and the effects are seen with the very first dose.

V. Krishnaamurthy