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What would you get by learning and using these remedies?

What would you get by learning and using these remedies?

A Tamil saying tells that what all we have so far learnt/ studied is only the size of a handful of sand; what we are yet to learn is the size of our whole earth. Unfortunately, even out of the handful of what we have learnt, more than ninety-nine per cent is incomplete or incorrect. Supposing even a two per cent of what we have learnt/studied is correct, we would by now be living the life of a maharaja (emperor).

Bach Remedies enable you know the meaning, value and significance of various things exactly and accurately. Precision is the culture of Bach Remedies. Thus, by taking suitable Bach Remedies all your difficulties dilute away and thus you are able to increase your income and lifestyle.

To illustrate our claim that 99% of what all we have studied/learnt is wrong, let us go to the following few questions and learn how exactly Bach Remedies give the correct answers to them:

  1. What is the use of encyclopaedias?
  2. How does a medical doctor get Midas touch?
  3. What is the right and only solution to cure addictions?

Use  of Encyclopaedias:

Almost all readers, even a college professor would say that an encyclopaedia is a reference book to know all about a particular thing. That use is a low-key approach.

The correct answer is something different. To prove this, let us quote some medical cases here:

A middle-aged Westerner with pain in his left knee for two years came to me for treatment after trying various specialists in vain.  After listening to his complaints and looking at him  I

directed him to a dentist to remove any decayed tooth because that particular knee pain of his was due to that.

He insisted that I should see the X-ray and clinical laboratory test reports taken on the advice of chief ortho doctors in the city. I refused and so he went away. He continued with drugs, physiotherapy etc. Six months after this, he got retirement and went to his motherland Canada. There he consulted his family physician for his knee pain. That doctor too, after looking at him, directed him to a dentist.

When he went to the dentist, after examining the teeth the latter asked him whether he had been having knee pain for two years. Telling that the knee pain was due to a decayed tooth, he removed it; the very next day his knee pain vanished permanently.

Now the question is why it was possible for the author of this book as well as the Canadian doctor to diagnose that the decayed tooth was the cause for his knee pain, while the doctors in Chennai were giving drugs, recommending physiotherapy etc. The answer is very simple. That Canadian doctor and I have studied British Encyclopaedia of Medical Practice (12 volumes) as a textbook. So, there is no chance of our making wrong diagnosis; also no need to send a difficult case to a so-called senior physician etc.

How did the author of this book come to know the exact use of encyclopaedias?

The Bach Remedy called Cerato enabled the author know and learn the correct use of encyclopaedias.

From the Bach Remedy Cerato we learn  that

Real causes of diseases/sufferings of men is known by the use of Bach Flower Remedies alone; nowhere else do we get correct answers for our problems and sufferings.

Let us examine one of the social evils viz., ‘addiction’ and learn as to how Bach Remedies reveal the only right solution:

Walnut is the name of one of the thirty-eight Bach Remedies and it is for all types of addictions and bad habits i. e., where the patient is doing one and the same bad thing repeatedly over and over again with his fingers/hands— chain smoking, drinking alcohol daily, tobacco chewing, taking several cups of coffee/tea, thumb-chewing in children or nail biting in elders.

Wherever we prescribed Walnut for addictions the addicts not only gave up the habit but also soon started learning instrumental music (or painting) and soon started performing in stages earning one or two thousand rupees for each two-hour performance as compared to their earlier income of mere 5-7 thousand rupees that too working as an office staff for 8 hours x 30 days.

The question now before us is, “What has ‘playing instrumental music or painting’ to do with addiction?”

In both cases, the person does one and the same thing repeatedly over and over again with rhythmical movement of his fingers/hand.


From the above we infer that mighty Nature tells all addicts: “I sent you on earth to learn and play instrumental music (or painting) and earn one or two thousands daily. But you did the mistake of studying science or accountancy to earn a mere few thousand rupees once a month only. To remind you of your job on earth I made you an addict. At least now realise your mistake, take Walnut and start learning instrumental music and earn a few thousand rupees for each 2-3 hour performance.”

Addiction is not a punishment given by Nature but a chiding only.

Thus, Bach Remedies DO NOT ‘TREAT’ OR ‘CURE’ human beings but change them from ‘negative’ to ‘positive’ types. On one hand Walnut enables addicts completely give up the bad habit; on the other, it simultaneously enables them learn and master instrumental music/painting, irrespective of their age.

We, therefore, call Sitar Ravishankar of North India and Veena Gayathri of Tamil Nadu as “POSITIVE Walnut-type persons.” Had the parents of these instrumentalists done the mistake of discouraging their learning instrumental music and insisted on their becoming a graduate, they would have ended up as a diploma/degree holder working in an office for a mere 5-10 thousand rupees per month and later becoming the worst addicts to alcohol, drugs etc.

From the above, we get the lesson (by the study of Bach Remedies) that in de-addiction centres we must employ teachers of instrumental music/painting and this alone is the only and correct solution to cure addictions. Will the concerned authorities wake up at least now?

Now to another Bach remedy called Cherry Plum:

This remedy is to be prescribed for the following symptoms:

  • mind giving way; or fear of loss or reason;
  • irresistible temptation;
  • suicidal disposition (mind giving way).

‘Uncontrollable’ anger, unbearable thirst, insatiable appetite, cannot wait for food when hungry.

A diabetic patient with Cherry Plum negative mentality cannot avoid sweets on seeing it when served in dinner parties.

Suicidal disposition: “Person commits suicide because of unbearable chronic abdominal pain that resisted treatment by the best doctors.” Cherry Plum, cures the underlying pathology and so the pain is cured completely and permanently. Not only colic. For that matter any disease that makes the sufferer cry or weep with pain.

“Man commits suicide due to poverty.” This also appears occasionally in dailies.

Again, in the case of suicidal disposition due to poverty, when Cherry Plum is prescribed, it gives the victim sufficient mental balance to find ways and means of earning sufficient money; so the suicidal disposition disappears.

Persons who weep with ‘unbearable’ pain in body (whatever may be the name of his disease).

Cherry Plum is not a painkiller but it cures the underlying pathology and so the pain stops.

The best place to illustrate the use of Cherry Plum is the labor ward in any maternity hospital.

(Bach Remedies are thirty-eight in all. Every person would be of one remedy-type only at a given time. Thus, roughly three out of every hundred persons would be Cherry Plum type). Go and stand in the veranda of any labor ward at midnight and you would be hearing the shouting, crying or weeping of three out of every one hundred expectant mothers. The child wants to come out but the mouth of the uterus does not dilate. Thus, it causes “unbearable” pain making the mother cry. We give Cherry Plum at this time to these ladies (say, 1-3 doses every 5-15 minutes). Soon they have normal delivery. At this point please do not note that Cherry Plum is for “easy delivery.” Not only painful delivery but in all diseases or problems in life where the affected person cries/weeps with ‘unbearable’ pain (or resorts to suicide) Cherry Plum is to be prescribed and it cures him. In the case of life problems making them resort to suicide, the remedy enables them to automatically find ways and means to solve their problems.3

I called aside the above ladies to whom Cherry Plum was prescribed for ‘unbearable pain’ and advised them to take daily one dose of the same remedy. They said, “Sir, we have delivered the baby. Why more medicine?” I advised them that this remedy would enable them to know as to why they got such ‘unbearable’ labor pain for hours together and also to prevent all future sufferings (be it bodily diseases or problems in life) making them weep or cry. They started taking the remedy. After a few weeks it was noticed that all of them started learning vocal music (irrespective of their age) and after a year or so were performing in music clubs and stages and their income multiplied several-folds.

3When  his  reputation  is  at  stake  a  person  commits  suicide.    This

symptom is covered by another Bach remedy     viz., Agrimony.

Mighty Nature indirectly tells the above ladies: “I sent you on earth to learn vocal music and earn several thousand rupees. But you did the mistake of choosing an unsuitable profession to earn a few thousand rupees once a month. To remind you of your work on earth, I gave you that unbearable labor pain. At least now realise your mistake, start taking the Bach Remedy Cherry Plum which not only reduces your prolonged labor pain, but also simultaneously enables you learn vocal music and earn several-fold of your previous monthly income.

The question now before us is: What is the connection between ‘vocal’ music and ‘crying with pain or problem in life?

In both instances, ‘voice’ is used continuously in high pitch.3

From the Bach Remedy CHERRY PLUM, we learn that those weeping/shedding tears should start learning vocal music.


We may, thus, call Michael Jackson or Madonna of the West and M. S. Subbalaxmi, Sudha Raghunathan, Sowmya of South India and Latha Mangeshkar of North India as positive Cherry Plum type personalities. Suppose, parents of these vocalists had insisted on bank job, academic education etc., by now they would have developed problems in life or diseases making them weep or cry with pain.

3Tongue/throat is used to make noise/voice as well as to taste delicious

food. Therefore, another use of the Bach Remedy Cherry Plum is “irre- sistible temptation” or “unable to observe food restrictions.”

Let us now look at some more Cherry Plum negative type persons (who too would become No.1 singers after a course of Cherry Plum).

  1. Those taking more soft drinks every time they go in the hot sun; (‘unbearable’ thirst)
  2. Those short-tempered persons who shout and scream in ‘Uncontrollable’ thirst, ‘uncontrollable’ anger, appetite etc. are the symptoms of Cherry Plum.
  3. Those who cannot observe diet restrictions. “Irresistible ’’
  4. Those resorting to suicide, g., to put an end to their pain in abdomen when the best doctors failed to cure them with their medicines.
  5. Persons committing suicide due to
  6. Parents beating their children in
  7. Teachers and masters beating their students in anger because the latter is not learning in spite of repeated

By now, the reader would have learnt what we mean by ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ types. We find that there are thirty- eight types of persons only in the world. If a person is positive, he need not take any Bach remedy. Negative type may take his respective remedy to become positive. This is the secret of Bach remedies and that is why it is able to cure gently, quickly and permanently that too without any side effects.


Thus, we call Bach Remedies as human medicine because every victim/patient is individualised.

Again, let us reiterate, here we are not doing any psycho- analysis of addicts, but in the above table, we have just and only given the classification as it exists and found by every one of us, from time immemorial.