Leucorrhoea Therapeutics

homeopathic medicines for Leucorrhoea have been discussed here with specific indication of their use in the book Chronic miasm by J.H Allen. …


Acute, simple vaginitis; vagina hot, dry, sensitive; urine scanty and scalding; fever with restlessness; discharge is white or yellowish, even bloody, coming on after taking cold or getting wet. Tendency of blood to head and chest, with fear of death; sanguine, plethoric women of sedentary habits after acute febrile conditions. Aconite is one of the best remedies for retarded or suppressed menses.


Vaginal or cervical leucorrhoea in rheumatic women; sensation of weight and bearing down in pelvis; prolapse of the uterus in nervous, sterile women. Sensation as if top of head would fly off. Constantly full of forebodings and fear of future happenings. Leucorrhoea watery, with weight, and torpor in uterus and lower extremities.


Dark yellow, sticky discharge which is worse after menses and after walking. Constant backache across the hips and sacrum; worse from walking or stooping; stiffness in lumbar region (Rhus) or sore, lame feeling in small of back, as if back would give out when walking. Leucorrhoea corroding labia and surrounding parts; very uncomfortable feeling in rectum with dry, hard stool; hemorrhoids purple, like grapes that burn and have a full and aching feeling.


Profuse, dark colored leucorrhoea; accompanied with aching and sensitiveness along the entire spine; great sensitiveness of spine. Titillation in sexual organs with strong sexual desire. Trembling of hands; itching, burning, and redness of fingers and toes. Leucorrhoea from inordinate coition, spinal irritation; women of light hair, lax skin and muscles. dribbling of urine, dragging down sensation in uterus (Fluoric acid).


Transparent leucorrhoea, yet it stains the linen yellow; complete obliteration of sexual desire. Indicated often in women who prostitute themselves; in premature old age, mental apathy, impotence after attacks of gonorrhoea; sexual organs relaxed with coldness.


Leucorrhoea following general debility from loss of fluids; defective nutrition; profuse between the menses; prolapse from muscular atrophy; weakness of mind and body; sterility from uterine atony. General debility with weight and heaviness in the uterine region. Suitable to chlorotic girls (Helonias, Senega).


Leucorrhoea excoriating, producing soreness of the thighs and pustules, with bright red spots on the labia majora and vulva, which sting and bite. Herpes with itching and burning.


Leucorrhoea bloody, mucous, slimy, preceded by colic. Bearing down sensation when standing; heaviness and fullness in the groins; sensation as if a plug were wedged in between the symphysis pubis and coccyx. Hemorrhoids that protrude like small bunches of grapes and are relieved by cold bathing. Fear as if a stool would escape with flatus, heat and burning in rectum.


After menses great exhaustion both mental and physical with copious discharge of mucus from vagina during menses. Leucorrhoea profuse, yellow, corroding or acrid, creamy or transparent, and worse after menses. Leucorrhoea like cream, causing itching in the pudenda, copious only in the daytime; sensation as if everything would fall from the vagina, with much weakness. leucorrhoea chronic, painless, from the cervix: copious, running down the limbs (Medorrh.). Leucorrhoea relieved by cold douches, worse when walking. Pain in back as if iron was thrust through lower vertebrae. Burning in the spine; sensation as if a tight cord were around the body. Numbness of the head, trembling in limbs, and great exhaustion. Gonorrhoea and leucorrhoea of long standing; a whole week passes before she gets over the effects of menstruation which is prolonged by leucorrhoea.


Discharge thick, or bluish white mucus, or in lumps; stitches in the vagina before the discharge; violent itchings; soreness and swelling of labia; discharge of blood in between menstrual periods. Adapted to thin aged people, and those of a nervo- bilious temperament. Aggravation, evening and warm room.


Leucorrhoea watery, profuse, acrid, causing much burning and smarting; smells like ammonia; much fatigue of whole body especially of the thighs; suitable to sickly, weak, delicate women. Leucorrhoea with swelling, itching and burning of perineum; sleep in day time and not at night. Cholera-like menses with exhaustion; hysterical women who faint easily and who always carry a smelling bottle. Sensation as if inner parts were raw, as if soreness were deep in; averse to walking in the open air.


Leucorrhoea like white of eggs, preceded by griping pains around the navel; leucorrhoea constant, painless, brownish, slimy, albuminous, great distension of abdomen and violent backache at night. ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE

Leucorrhoea with itching and soreness of the perineum; greatly aggravated by scratching or rubbing (Rhus tox.) Very irritable and full of strange notions, ideas and impulses. Alternation of moods; skin burns and itches wherever the discharges touches it.


Leucorrhoea fetid, thick, light-colored, or clear and watery, or milky with a bad odor. in gonorrhoea it is thick, purulent, greenish.


Leucorrhoea acrid, producing a smarting and biting sensation down the thighs. Profuse discharge of acrid water mixed with lumps of pus. Thick milky coating on the tongue; desire for pickles, eructations tasting of food; tendency to grow fleshy; leucorrhoea due to chronic Sycosis or to gastric disturbances and gouty states of the system.


Leucorrhoea profuse, yellow or green and acrid, attended with stinging sensation in the perineum; frequently painful; urgent desire to urinate; ascites; cutting and stinging pain in the right ovary; eruption like bee stings on the body. Puffiness and swelling of the ankles; absence of thirst; scanty, dark urine; adapted to frivolous and jealous girls, who, though generally cautious and careful, drop things or let them fall while handling them.


Leucorrhoea is acrid, foul smelling; pressing down pains in the uterus; great debility and feeble states of the nervous system, together with chronic catarrh.


Leucorrhoea like pus, ichorous, bloody, offensive, scenting the whole room. Leucorrhoea of a mucous nature with much pain in the back and great debility of the lower extremities. Aggravated by riding in a carriage or car. Often indicated in sterile women and young widows. Pain in uterus as from sticks or slivers; induration of os uteri; cervix bleeds easily; prolapsus uteri; she is always in a hurry, time passes too slowly; desire for sugar; debility of the lower extremities is characteristic; much flatulence in abdomen of a nervous origin.


Leucorrhoea after difficult labor, after injuries, falls, etc. Sore, bruised feeling over the whole body; head hot; extremities cold. Bruised feeling in uterine region and sacrum. Heaviness of the limbs; tendency to boils that are exceedingly sore and sensitive. Bad effects from falls, contusions, and other mechanical injuries.


Leucorrhoea acrid, excoriating, thin or thick; producing erythema of the parts it comes in contact with; leucorrhoea worse, while standing. Often under Arsenicum we have leucorrhoea in place of menses in very anaemic women. Indicated in women of a pale waxy complexion, who have the tubercular cachexia well marked, who are always chilly and easily fatigued. The least exertion causes exhaustion; oedematous swelling of eyelids or a puffiness about the face; bloody, offensive, watery discharge, often menses cease and leucorrhoea begins; flow profuse; she is easily exhausted, desire to lie down all the time; lips and mouth dry, always thirsty for small drinks which usually disagree with her stomach. She is nervous, sad, anxious, irritable, fears death, and is worse about I a.m. or I p.m. Leucorrhoea in scirrhus of the uterus with burning pains, which are worse after mid-night.


Indicated in syco-syphilitic individuals (Nitric acid, Thuja, Mercurius sol., Cinnabaris), leucorrhoea profuse, thin greenish- yellow; urine offensive. Ulceration of the cervix; ulcers have a hard edge and are painful and very sensitive; bleed easily in malignancies and Syphilis. Bearing down in genitals when riding in a carriage. leucorrhoea producing swelling and inflammation of the genitals; nervous affections follow suppressed discharges; turgidness of the mammae during the menses with milk in breasts. Globus hystericus; spasm of the oesophagus, as if a ball were rising from the stomach; gas forms so rapidly that she cannot belch it fast enough (arg. nit.).


Leucorrhoea, long, yellow strings of mucus, with dreadful backache low down as if it would break; no other remedy has a more severe backache than Asarum; lumbar backache, scarcely can breathe because of it; leucorrhoea tenacious and yellow, food tastes bitter; exceedingly nervous, cannot bear the rustle of paper; much lassitude in lower extremities; great nervous irritation, the least unpleasant noise thrills every nerve. It is often indicated in women who are addicted to stimulants.


Leucorrhoea profuse, yellow or white, thick, corrosive, with burning and smarting of the vulva. It often excoriates the whole perineum and inner surface of thighs; it constantly runs from vagina; scrofulous and syphilitic leucorrhoea in despondent and melancholy individuals, whose minds are constantly turned towards self destruction; leucorrhoea from prolapsed uterus; leucorrhoea with redness and swelling of labia majora; burning and pricking in the vagina; large red pimples on labia. Adapted to despondent, suicidal, sanguine temperaments; muddy complexions; light haired women or girls at puberty. Aggravated at night, and from getting cold.


Leucorrhoea, thick, white, copious, passive; worse before menses; slightly bloody, with a continuous troublesome weight over the pubes; indicated in scrofulous girls whose development is greatly retarded by the excessive tubercular element present; young girls of slow development; mind and body dwarfed by the tubercular element; usually the tubercular element hurries the development; usually the tubercular element hurries the development too rapidly as seen in Calcarea carb., but under Baryta it retards it. Leucorrhoea in these cases often prevents lung difficulties. We find the glands hard, knotty, and indurated all over the body; abdomen and head large, and limbs usually emaciated; children or young women who look prematurely old; they are bashful and timid, and grow worse by thinking about their case. Dwindling of the glands with sterility or induration and hardening of the glands.


Leucorrhoea sanious, mucous, always before menses, followed by more or less congestion; leucorrhoea with colicky pains and bearing down in the uterus. It appears and disappears suddenly, and is more copious in the morning. Leucorrhoea after acute febrile states (Aconite) Great dryness of mucous surface and sense of constriction. Discharges feel hot, as they pass from the body. Leucorrhoea after acute inflammations of uterus or sexual organs. Congested feeling in uterus. Better when sitting or lying down, and much worse when standing, parts affected very sensitive to touch. Leucorrhoea white mucous attended with colic. Worse in the morning.


Leucorrhoea white, albuminous; feels hot like warm water while passing over the parts; appears midway between the menstrual periods; like starch or white of egg; bland and without pain; between the menstrual period it may be corrosive. While she has the leucorrhoea she is very nervous, is easily startled, cannot bear a downward motion, such as descending stairs or going down in an elevator. Even rocking affects her. Adapted to lax, sensitive, nervous women. She is subject to aphthae in the mouth during the menses, or to herpetic eruptions about the mouth (Nat. mur.); urine hot, burns like fire. This remedy has cured some cases of leucorrhoea, especially in children where there was an aphthous condition of the mouth and external genitals.


Leucorrhoea following the menses, thick, slimy, tenacious acrid and corrosive. It, like Borax, has a leucorrhoea like the white of an egg. It comes out coagulated when walking, or it is of a yellowish-green color and leaves a green stain on linen. it excoriates the labia, perineum, groins and thighs by its acridity. The menstrual flow is only at night.


Leucorrhoea albuminous and worse before the menses; region of the vagina sensitive, and hot. Leucorrhoea is accompanied with intense burning on urination with much soreness in the urinary canal. A yellow mealy sediment in the urine. There is much prostration while the leucorrhoea lasts; grayish, mucous leucorrhoea which is very acrid; stitching and shooting pains in kidneys.


Leucorrhoea purulent, fetid, or it may be clear and without any odor; sometimes it is thick, yellow, cream like, or like the wastings of meat. Leucorrhoea from polypi of the cervix. It produces pruritus vulva, burning heat and stitches in the ovaries (Cactus grand). The leucorrhoea of this remedy has nothing characteristic about it, so we have to confine our study to the general symptoms. A sense of constriction seems to be the guiding symptom in this remedy. Constriction about neck, chest, heart, as if uterus or heart were grasped by a hand or in a vice; rush of blood to chest and heart. It is quite decidedly a sycotic remedy as seen in its rheumatic, gouty and cardiac symptoms. Her menstrual pains cause her to scream. This remedy is adapted to young plethoric women who are subject to sudden congestions. The heart symptoms usually call your attention first to the remedy. Aggravation II a.m. (Sulphur, Nat. mur.)


Leucorrhoea after menses like mucus or milk; worse after urination; albuminous leucorrhoea from cervix with lassitude and debility; leucorrhoea of little girls; the least excitement brings on the leucorrhoea or menses. The leucorrhoea is thick, yellow, acrid or bland. This remedy is indicated in pale, blond, light-haired anaemic women Tubercular leucorrhoea in pale, fleshy, soft-muscled blonds; perspiration about the face or head; hands and feet cold and damp always. Thinks she will lose her mind; much anxiety with fear of death. Leucorrhoea is thick yellow, acrid, continuing from one menstrual period to another. Leucorrhoea following copious long lasting menses.


Leucorrhoea looks like the white of egg, odor sweetish, worse in the morning on arising, also worse after stool or urination (Calcarea cab). Feeling of great weakness in the sexual organs. She takes cold at every change of weather. This remedy is indicated in school girls, who develop too rapidly and who suffer with rheumatic pains in their extremities. Albuminous leucorrhoea comes in gushes, worse from walking, or running sewing machine.


Constant sense of weight and fullness in pelvis; leucorrhoea profuse, offensive and watery; cancer of the uterus; discharge causes much exhaustion.


Very forgetful; absent minded; forgetfulness induced by onanism or sexual excesses. It cures a white mucous discharge from the vagina, that is induced by onanism; violent sexual desire with complete loss of sexual power, and gonorrhoeal in old debauchees. The discharge produces intense pruritis; the patient is compelled to scratch or rub the parts; the discharge produces pimply eruptions.


Leucorrhoea watery, causing burning and bring and biting; yellowish leucorrhoea; discharge stains linen; worse when walking or standing; offensive, bloody in cancer; quite often it is thin, watery and dark. Induration of the cervix uteri malignant ulceration with foul discharges; venous plethora in elderly women.


Leucorrhoea often accompanies the menses and continues after they cease. It produces aphthae, itching, burning, swelling, soreness and smarting of vulva; sore spots on vulva like little ulcers. Leucorrhoea a milky mucus, or thick, yellow or yellowish green; < in the morning, before menses and after urination. Flatulent distension of abdomen; great debility from least exertion; low state of vital power; knees and joints remote from the center of circulation are cold; all discharges are offensive; desire for cool air and to be fanned.


Leucorrhoea thick or watery, with burning; great weariness in thighs.


Leucorrhoea profuse, mucous, acrid or bland, with congestion of the uterus and bearing down pains, often indicated in little girls. Leucorrhoea with aching and dragging in the small of back, and rheumatism in the small joints; spasmodic dysmenorrhoea in young girls; upper eyelids heavy; moth spots on forehead; very similar to Pulsatilla. Leucorrhoea with uterine congestion or sensation of congestion; articular rheumatism of the small joints.


Indicated in women with a yellow, sickly complexion; leucorrhoea flowing only at night, like the menses and is of a similar odor. Leucorrhoea preceded by colic or abdominal cramps, with emission of flatus; weariness in thighs, and soreness in the small of back; great aversion to sweet things. (Reverse to Sulph., and Arg, nit.) A feeling as if the scalp were too tight; much melancholy and sadness and threatening paralysis.< in fine, clear weather: ((>)) in damp, warm weather. Appetite vanishes as soon as she begin to eat.


Leucorrhoea yellowish, corrosive smarting, burning in vagina as if excoriated; leucorrhoea acrid, watery, gonorrhoeal leucorrhoea, crampy, pains in back and abdomen. She is whimsical, snappish, irritable, fretful; flies into a rage in a minute; over sensitive to pain and impressions of every kind; constantly criticising and finding fault. Adapted to cross, irritable, black-haired women. Aggravated by heat, evenings, open air, and anger.


Indicated often in the leucorrhoea of little girls suffering from pin worms; much itching about genitals; hemorrhage from uterus before the age of menstruation; masturbation of little girls due often to the irritation of ascarides; urine turbid, and milky; fat globules on the urine; appetite very ravenous or changeable; breath smells sweetish or like new corn on the ear; spasmodic dry cough, < in the evening; temperature rises about three in the afternoon and lasts all night; the child is peevish, fretful, irritable, impulsive, and cannot bear to be touched; picks and bores in the nostrils with fingers. Leucorrhoea bloody serum alternating with pus.


Leucorrhoea often bloody and attended with spasmodic, uterine contractions which supercede the menses; leucorrhoea purulent or bloody; bloody serum alternating with discharges of pus; countenance pale, yellow, sickly, pointed, after abortion or childbirth, after hemorrhages; < at midnight, in least draft of air, and every other day; debilitating night sweats; congestion of the uterus with a feeling of fullness; aversion to exercise; bitter or sour taste in the mouth, after severe hemorrhages ringing in ears; black spots before the eyes; desire to be fanned (Carbo veg.).


Leucorrhoea between the menses or in place of them; flesh- colored leucorrhoea which gushes out when bending over; leucorrhoea bloody or like the washings of meat; bloody serum; distension of abdomen with cutting colic; much vertigo with spinal irritation; great nervous exhaustion aggravated by riding in a car or carriage; nausea, vomiting. great vertigo or sick headache caused by riding in a car or carriage. Headache in occiput or at base of brain and cervical region as if tightly bound by a cord; time passes too slowly (Argentum nit.).


Leucorrhoea mucous in its character and accompanied with constriction in the abdomen or drawing pain in the inguinal region. Sweet metallic taste in the mouth; she passes great quantities of ropy mucous during the day from the vagina; catarrhal leucorrhoea worse in the winter time; jelly-like mucus (Kali bich.). The mental symptoms are depression, anxiety, and sadness; inflammation or congestion of the vagina or uterus with copious discharges of thick, white, ropy, jelly-like mucus; worse from excitement.


Adapted to plump, fleshy, flabby, sandy-haired or red faced people, who are sensitive to cold and have no physical endurance. Leucorrhoea thick, yellow, cream like; tenesmus of bladder with strangury.


Leucorrhoea mucus-like, milky, more profuse while urinating; occasionally it is bloody with great hyperesthesia and sensitiveness of the external genitals; hyperesthesia of all the senses, hearing, taste, smell, sight and touch; full of fanciful imaginations and ideas; all the physical and mental faculties seem exalted and carried far above the normal pain; great excitement of the genitals and excessive itching of the vulva; cannot keep hands from genitals (both sexes); trembling of hands; does not know what to do with them; bad effects on the whole nervous system from the use of coffee; has no appetite until she partakes of a cup of coffee; eats nothing to speak of. Diseases brought on by over-joy or excitement (“The nervous system is in a fret.” Kent).


Leucorrhoea jelly-like mucus, bloody and stringy (Crocus, Kali bich., Coccus cacti.). Leucorrhoea during pregnancy with nausea and loathing of food; dreads the smell of cooking food or odors of the kitchen in general. Soreness and tympanites of whole abdomen; numbness oedema, and swelling of limbs; gouty joints, finger joints enlarged; urine like beer, very strong and acid; sudden suppression of menses followed by dropsy.


Leucorrhoea with obstinate constipation and pruritus; stools are dry, hard, light-colored balls; hemorrhoids; pruritus vulva; loss of appetite; violent itching of the genitals; parts are badly swollen; dysmenorrhoea; stubborn constipation; hemorrhoids; pruritus and uterine displacements.


White, acrid leucorrhoea causing a burning sensation; mucous leucorrhoea with great weakness and paralyzed sensation in small of back. It sets in a few days after menstruation, ceases, then alternates with a fresh flow of the menses; this is apt to occur in malignancies. Leucorrhoea in old maids; foul, bloody, or brownish discharges from the uterus in fibroid or cancerous growths of the uterus; carrion-like odor from cancer in early stages, no pain, and indeed a lack of any general symptoms, simply the dirty brown offensive discharges from the vagina, vertigo when lying down or when turning over in bed. Face is sallow, earthy; breasts painful, hard, sensitive with shooting pains in them. Nipples sore and tender with a tendency to retraction. I have made many cures of uterine cancer and malignant disease of the breast in women of a tubercular diathesis who had acquired and suppressed Sycosis, appearing as a malignancy at the beginning of the change of life.


Leucorrhoea dark colored, even black or bloody viscid, stringy; smells badly; sometimes it drops out in viscid strings of mucus. It is aggravated by the slightest motion. Sensation as if menses would return, or as if something were moving or were alive in abdomen (Cocculus).


Leucorrhoea with ovaritis or ovarian neuralgia; leucorrhoea offensive and bloody; discharges from malignant growths about cervix or uterus in puerperal states, which are dark and even black, very offensive; pruritus vulvae; large dark vesicles on external genitals that burn severely, very sensitive, cannot rub or scratch the part; vicarious menstruation from any orifice of body (Lachesis).

John Henry Allen
Dr. John Henry Allen, MD (1854-1925)
J.H. Allen was a student of H.C. Allen. He was the president of the IHA in 1900. Dr. Allen taught at the Hering Medical College in Chicago. Dr. Allen died August 1, 1925
Books by John Henry Allen:
Diseases and Therapeutics of the Skin 1902
The Chronic Miasms: Psora and Pseudo Psora 1908
The Chronic Miasms: Sycosis 1908