This is the introduction of the second volume of chronic miasm by J.H.Allen where the main emphsis has been given to sycosis….


J.H.allen described the miasm sycosis, its development, course, symptoms and treatment….

Sycosis Complications

various stages and Complications of sycosis at every stage if suppresed had been discussed here by j.H Allen in his book chronic miasm and pseudopsora….


J.H.Allen discussed how suppression of secondary lesions by surgery pushes the disease into sycosis. here he presented few cases in favour of this statement….

Tertiary stage

Here J.H.Allen discussed the factors to be considered as influencing the vital force in bringing about the tertiary stage of Sycosis….

Tertiary Lesions

J.H.Allen in his book chronic miasm, described when tertiary lesion does not manifest itself on skin can cause malignancies….

Chronic Miasms

Dr. J.H.Allen elaborated the theory given by Hahnemann in regards to chronic diseases, role played by miasm as an obstacle to cure and different varieties of miasm with their representation as a symptom….


J.H.Allen suggested and discussed the eliminative and suppresive approach of treatment for the sycosis cases….


Gonorrhoea, its history, origin, suppression, progression and homeopathic view point by j.H.Allen….


All about investigation and research about micro organism responsible for gonorrhoea….

Disease Source

Gonorrhoea-Disease Source and how it spreads in this chapter of book chronic miasm by J.H.Allen….


Symptoms. Like all severe virulent processes, as that of scarlet fever, diphtheria and smallpox, Sycosis has its period of incubation, invasion, advan…

Female gonorrhoea

Female gonorrhoea, its presentation, course and homeopathic treatment by J.H.Allen in chronic miasm vol. 2….

Bacterial Origin

Bacterial Origin or micro organism responsible for gonorrhoea and sycosis….


homeopathic Therapeutics on various various urinary disorders and gonorrhoea….

Materia medica

Homeopathic Materia medica for gonorrohea and sycosis by J.H.Allen….


Dysmenorrhoea and its miasmatic correlation discussed by J.H.Allen in his book Chronic Miasm….

Dysmenorrhoea Therapeutics

Homeopathic medicines for Dysmenorrhoea and some cases of these medicines had been presented by J.H.allen in his book chronic Miasm….


Leucorrhoea. The word leucorrhoea, like many of the old pathological terms, does not express its meaning in fullness. The word really means a white flow …

Leucorrhoea Therapeutics

homeopathic medicines for Leucorrhoea have been discussed here with specific indication of their use in the book Chronic miasm by J.H Allen. …