homeopathic Therapeutics on various various urinary disorders and gonorrhoea….


In the early stage of the disease, when there is fever, thirst, a hot, dry skin, much restlessness with burning in the neck of the bladder when not urinating; urine scanty, dark; feels hot when passing. Painful, anxious urging; gonorrhoeal discharge of a thin, transparent, or white mucus; acute gonorrhoeal orchitis; testicles hot, hard, swollen; much fear; great restlessness and anxiety of mind. AGARICUS

Indicated sometimes in old chronic gonorrhoea or gleet; organs cold, shrunken, relaxed; chordee very painful; itching and tingling along the urethra; urine flows slowly or dribbles, and is often milky; a single drop of the discharge appears in the morning (like Sepia). Loss of sexual power even to complete impotency. Indicated in old sycotics, who are a mental wreck from over-indulgence, and sexual debauches; (Angus castus), genitals cold, shrunken; suffers from spinal irritation, from self abuse; violent sexual excitement with chordee, chronic gonorrhoea or gleet, where all kinds of local treatment have been used. Discharge of white mucus, or bloody discharge with itching and tingling in the urethra; a single drop often appearing in the morning (Medorr., Sepia). Twitching and trembling of the limbs; awkward movements; paralytic heaviness and weariness in the lower extremities; burning and tingling in spine.


Chronic gleet in old men who are debilitated with the disease, as well as with old age; urine bloody or having a clay-like deposit; the urine is very slow to start, and he urinates better while standing. Discharge yellowish, painless, bland, gleety; discharge always yellow or pus-like; prostatic enlargement; feeling of fullness in the perineum; great weakness of the sexual sphere; voice low and weak; skin dry, no perspiration.


Indicated in all stages and especially in the pseudo-psoric diathesis. Burning and stinging when urinating; frequent hurried calls to urinate; cannot wait a minute; sometimes the desire is incessant; urine colorless, or dark and smoky-colored; violent burning, scalding, stinging; frequent emissions of small quantities of colorless urine; urination slow, must wait and strain a long time; great irritation with burning and stinging in the neck of the bladder; strangulation with stricture; urine copper colored; smoky or bloody; great swelling of the fore skin; discharge copious, thin mucus, with burning and stinging pains; great oedema of the scrotum or prepuce; tissues greatly swollen, pale, translucent erysipelatous-like swelling of the penis with much Oedema.


Sexual excitement very marked; urine very offensive; sticking pains in the urethra or sides of the penis; fine stinging in the meatus; with a sensation after urination as if something was still passing; lithic or greasy deposits on sides of vessel. Frequent but scanty discharge, with a sensation as if something was sticking in the urethra; swelling of the penis, with erections and urging to urine; urine of a stinking odor; cutting in the urethra.


Dysuria, inflammatory stage of gonorrhoea. Frequent desire to urinate, with smarting, burning, tenderness and general inflammatory condition, as seen in the first stage of the disease; copious or scanty white mucous discharge, with burning, cutting, smarting and tenderness while urinating. Compare with Cap. and Cantharis


Pain in testicles, and spermatic cords; violent erections, worse in the morning; urine excoriates the parts passed over, causing biting and itching; it has an ammoniacal odor (Benz:ac.) Gonorrhoeal discharge thin, scanty, acrid, producing itching, swelling, and burning of parts passed over.


Much tenesmus on passing urine, (Like Nux or Cantharis), confined to neck of bladder; the urine copious, strong smelling, moldy, musty, or ammoniacal, discharge like white of egg, or brownish and slimy; worse after urination.


Indicated in all stages of the disease, especially in tubercular patients, and when complicated with chancroid or suppurating bubo; frequently indicated in these cases. Discharge thin, white, acrid; producing erythema on the parts over which it passes. Gonorrhoeal cachexia well marked; face pale; puffiness about the eyes, face and lips; mouth dry; thirst for frequent but small drinks of water; rapid loss of strength and failing of the vital forces; fear of death, with great anxiety; < at 1 P.M.


When mental symptoms predominate as a result of suppression. Gonorrhoea in young boys who look prematurely old. Impotency after repeated attacks of disease (Agnus castus); tendency to sycotic growths, warts, and polypi; meatus very red, raw, puffy (Medor). Discharge copious, yellowish-green, bland, (like Pulsatilla), turns green when exposed to air; bleeding of the urethra; erections very painful, severe; urine often passes unconsciously; desire for sugar or sweets which aggravate; craves fresh air; chilly when uncovered; urine passes too slowly.

Patient feels tired and exhausted; sensitive; easily confused; no desire to talk; forgets the words he should use (Sycosis); gonorrhoeal discharge, thick, copious, greenish-yellow; epididymitis or orchitis following a suppression; much pain, hardness, swelling, with burning and stinging; gleety discharge, thin, yellow, follows the copious, thick, bland, greenish-yellow discharge of gonorrhoea, bearing down or dragging sensation in testicles; chest and voice weak, hoarse; rheumatism worse in damp or changeable weather.


Urine copious, frequent and light or orange colored. Voluptuous itching of the tip of the glans, causing rubbing; much itching of the scrotum; drawing pain in the left spermatic cord; papular eruption on the genitals, which burn and itch (Rhus tox); a bruised pain when urinating with tenesmus.


Pressing and burning pain in the bladder, with urging to urinate every minute; sensation as if the kidneys and bladder were full; bladder can hold only a small quantity of urine. (Caladium) Retention of urine, with retraction of the canal; urine discharged in drops or in little spurts, thick and full of mucus; catarrh of the bladder; strong odor to urine, with an iridescent pedicle. Gonorrhoeal discharge, white mucus in the beginning of the disease, but later on it becomes thick, yellowish green, with burning in the urethra; burning and deep seated pains in scrotum and testicles; during coitus sufferings relieved, but greatly increased afterwards. Venereal appetite greatly increased while patient has gonorrhoea. Aggravated in the morning, with change of weather, wine and coitus.


Dark blue spots about the orifice of the urethra, with biting pain when urinating. The discharge agglutinates the orifice, with smarting pain on urinating or burning and tension in the glans penis; severe urging and even after urinating urging continues; screams when urine is passed as it is hot as fire (in children and young people). Gonorrhoeal discharge white mucus and pasty.


Gouty symptoms following a suppression, gout of the bladder, especially in children who have the sycotic taint from their parents; urine very offensive, foul smelling, pungent like ammonia; dark brown strong like beer, and very offensive, smelling like hartshorn. Indicated often in the tertiary stage of Sycosis, asthma alternating with gouty or rheumatic complaints. Indicated principally in women and children with the sycotic taint well marked. Gouty concretions and nodes are found in the joints with the above described urinary symptoms.


Sickly looking pale-faced individuals with blue circles about the eyes, stabbing or shooting pains in the kidneys, with mucus distress in the renal region after suppression of the discharge; enlarged prostate after suppression; sensation as of a lump or pressure in the perineum; much soreness and aching in the lumbar region after suppression; bladder very irritable with pain on urination; aching in the spermatic cord and testicles or a burning sensation along the cord; thick, dark, copious reddish sediment in the urine.


A wonderful remedy for the symptoms that follow the suppression of the gonorrhoeal discharge. The symptoms and diseases following are often sub-acute. Gonorrhoeal arthritis; many cases are cured. Orchitis worse on the right side always. It is indicated usually in fibrous-tissue inflammations, in those of the serous membranes and in the ligaments of the joints. Pneumonia following suppression. Pains are sharp, shooting or dull pressing; parts always feel too heavy, as of a dead weight; motion aggravated greatly, also heat. Patient very thirsty for cold water; drinks large quantities; frontal headache. Patient morose, irritable, with constipation; stools large, hard and dry. Craves things yet has an aversion to them when obtained; craves acid drinks. Stitches in right testicles and spermatic cord; gleet with greenish discharge and some burning. Suppressed dis-charge usually followed with rheumatism, acute orchitis or sub-acute rheumatism. Testicles swollen very large; marked induration, worse on right side; urine diminished, hot and dark colored.


Sticking pains in the urethra when not urinating; frequent urination during the night; urine clear by scanty; with a peculiar resinous odor; drawing pains in the right; tibia and severe pains in the arch of the palate and uvula.

BONDONNEAN (A Mineral Water)

Urine has a strong odor; pricking in the urethra when urinating; much mucous discharge from penis with itching; gonorrhoeal discharge copious white mucus; frequent morning erections; great and continual hunger, with abundant saliva from the mouth; taste clammy and sour.


Chronic gonorrhoea in a marked pseudo-psoric diathesis. Calcarea cures fig warts that have the typical herring-brine odor. Chronic gleet in lymphatic individuals that perspire profusely about the face and head, who have cold feet or perspire in the palms of the hands on the least physical or mental effort. Calcarea has excessive sexual desire and lascivious fancies; cutting in the urethra with burning at the meatus at night; burning before urination and a cutting pain while urinating; worse while drinking. Induration of the testicles, with general Calcarea symptoms; scrotum hangs relaxed. Sterility from the pseudo-psoric diathesis or from long suppressed gonorrhoea. Discharge bland and light yellow, of a stinking odor; warts round, soft at the base, same color as the skin; itch and bleed easily.


Inflammatory gonorrhoea with intense sexual erythism, strangury and intense vesical irritation, discharge mucous or bloody with urging and straining to urinate, frequently only passes a drop at a time with much pain and suffering. Irritation of the neck of the bladder with violent cutting and burning at the neck. Chordee violent and painful. Sits and strains but gets no relief. Urine burns like fire; screams or groans on passing urine. The penis is very much inflamed and painful, sometimes with fever, violent delirium and sexual frenzy.


Indicated in the beginning of the second stage. Quite often the remedy in those having a tubercular taint, especially indicated in light haired, blue eyed, red faced, plump, plethoric individuals, who are chilly and sensitive to cold; prepuce swollen; meatus red and puffy; often pain in the prostate gland; discharge thick, yellow, copious, and of a creamy consistency, coldness of testicles is sometimes present. Burning and biting after urinating, or a hot peppery feeling at the meatus, or itching at the urethra; burning pain with urging to urinate.


Indicated in the early stage of the disease; symptoms acute, painful, inflammatory; sexual desire greatly increased even to satyriasis; violent chordee, worse when moving or walking. Forgets what he intended to say, (sycotic), thoughts crowd on brain. Sharp, pricking, like needles in the urethra; slight burning on urination; discharge yellowish-white, profuse; strains to urinate the last drop, bladder will not fully empty itself; has to wait before urine flows. Uneasy sensation in urethra with frequent calls to urine.


Indicated in the first stage and beginning of the second; symptoms painful, inflammatory (Cann. ind., Cantharis), copious, mucous discharge. Dark redness of the glans penis. Later in the disease the discharge is thick, yellow, purulent; urethra very sore, sensitive to touch, walks with limbs wide apart; sticking, shooting pains from the orifice upwards in all directions. Spasms of the urethra; urine ceases to flow at times. Sticking and jabbing pains when urinating; much swelling of the urethra and orifice, gland covered with bright red spots. Sticking pains with burning at the meatus when not urinating; urine turbid, red and full of fibre (Cantharis, Caps., Gelsemium, Petros., Cann. ind.); coldness of the genitals with warmth of the rest of the body. The whole penis is swollen, painful as if burned and worse when walking.


Burning and itching in the urethra; strains to pass urine, urine dark, olive-green; discharge white or purulent, acrid, offensive, corrosive, produces erythema of parts touched, longs for stimulants, especially whisky, desire relieved by drinking lemonade.


Anti-sycotic. A good remedy to give in a high potency after allopathic doping with crude drugs; nervous excitement followed by depression; languid, heavy, and depressed. He complaints of a heavy pain in the region of the kidneys, frequent ineffectual desire to urinate (Nux); discharge thin, whitish, gleety, with a feeling as of a drop were passing from the urethra (Kali bich., Medorr., Thuja).


Urination very severe at the commencement, a few drops pass with much pain then the spasm subsides and he urinates with comparative ease; stream interrupted. Discharge suppressed with orchitis; testicles painful, hard, swollen, inflamed, tender to touch, with drawing and shooting pains extending up the spermatic cord. Swelling and induration after suppression (Bryonia, Pulsatilla).

Violent emotions and sexual desire constant; urethra sore, swollen, painful, with biting, burning and itching on urination, indicated in an early stage. Discharge yellow, purulent, or muco- purulent; urine foamy, turbid, with odor of violets. Frequent calls to urine with tenesmus and pressure on the bladder; tickling sensation at the orifice of the urethra. Stream thin, twisted (Cann. sat., Medorr.); antidote for its abuse nux vomica. It is often the Aconite of gonorrhoea; think of it in connection with Gelsemium.


Sensation of the constriction and cutting in the urethra. Indicated in the early stage of the disease; discharge copious, white, mucous or tinged with blood; scalding or cutting pains or sensation of heat in the urethra. Later on in the disease the discharge is profuse, pus-like, and glutinous; and still later in the disease it is thick, yellowish-green, obstructing the flow of urine. Ropy mucus escapes from the urethra as the last drop of the urine is voided. After urination a sensation in the bladder, as if all the urine were not passed. A nettle rash often accompanies the gonorrhoea.


Urging to urinate even after voiding urine (Nux., Mercuriuscor., Cantharis); cutting and scalding pain while urinating; passes in drops or the stream is forked and thin; urinates better standing with limbs wide apart. Gonorrhoeal or catarrhal discharge copious, muco-purulent, even ropy and bloody; gleet with stricture and strangury; lithic diathesis very marked; smarting pain in the neck of bladder, extending the whole length of the urethra.


Urinary Organs. A sensation of fullness in the bladder is a constant symptom in both sexes; full to bursting it seems, yet only a small quantity passes; fullness with very little desire to urinate, or fullness with urging. Region of the bladder sensitive to touch. Urine offensive, and burns like hot water when passing or drawing from bladder to penis. Impotence in the male.

Gonorrhoea with the corona glandis covered with very red points or spots (Thuja, Medorrhinum); glans dry, red and itching; erection painful, or perhaps imperfect, with no sexual desire. In the female violent itching on the external genitals, often inducing onanism. Complementary to Nitric acid.


Great irritation of the neck of the bladder with strangury and frequent urging to urinate; urethra much inflamed with severe burning; discharge thick, bright yellow and purulent. Copious secretions of thick pus over the glans penis (Farrington), chordee with violent and prolonged erection; slow pulse, intermittent, with sensation as if the heart would stop beating.


Its rheumatic element and sensitiveness to climate changes are indicative of Sycosis in the third or chronic stage. All its symptoms are greatly aggravated by a falling barometer, kidney troubles that are induced by Sycosis may need this remedy, sometimes during the treatment. Gonorrhoeal discharge muco- purulent, yellowish-white and copious. Mucous discharge may be bloody and offensive in renal difficulties; urine scanty, turbid, offensive; Worse in damp weather.

DORYPHORA (Colorado Potato Bug)

The whole body has a feeling as if swollen; great weariness and heaviness with desire to lie down; a feeling of heaviness in the rectum; difficult urination, with retention. Dark, dirty, red colored urine, voided with much pain. Glans penis swollen and bluish red; itching and burning in the glans. Desire to urinate but cannot pass urine; pain in the back and lumbar region with trembling of the extremities; aggravation from eating, drinking and smoking. Dysuria with burning and stinging pains (Canth, Apis.). General dropsy, but it does not “pit.” The face has a besotted look as if the patient had imbibed freely of intoxicants. He is very irritable as in Nux.


Deep, dull or cutting pain in the kidneys, passing urine every ten minutes, with aching in the bladder; gonorrhoeal smarting and burning in bladder and urethra, very marked when urinating, stream very small; chronic forms of catarrh of bladder from various causes.


Gonorrhoea in the acute stage; acute inflammatory; frequent desire to urinate, passing a drop at a time (Cantharis, Cann., sat., Mercuriuscor., Nux vomica); stinging pains on urinating, in the urethra and behind the glans penis; tired feeling in the lumbar region; sexual desire greatly depressed; heavy pain in left groin and testicle; thick yellowish, tenacious mucous discharge; intense itching of the skin.


Urine quite scanty and painful in passing; scalding and burning at the meatus on passing urine; specific gravity very high; urine very acid in its reaction, smoky colored, scanty, dark and often mixed with blood; hemorrhage from kidneys or bladder; urine has a milky appearance on standing; aching tenderness and swelling of the right testicles in suppressed gonorrhoea; dull aching in the small of the back; erection with dreams and emissions toward morning, similar to Cubeba.


Acute gonorrhoea (inflammatory) with much tenesmus of the bladder; burning in the neck of the bladder when urinating; urine pale or with a bloody sediment; gonorrhoeal discharge with much mucus and pus.


Dysuria in teething children; the child cries when urinating; urine of a very strong color, and it irritates and inflames the parts passed over. Gonorrhoea; urging to urinate with but a few drops; sharp, stinging pains in the region of the left kidney; pain in the right kidney, extending down to the testicle; much distress in the bladder with frequent urination. Symptoms all worse in rainy weather.


Burning pain on urination in gonorrhoea; obliged to sit down and keep quite, violent desire to urinate (Cann., Cantharis)


Urine scanty, pungent, fetid with burning after urinating and aching in the bladder; strong sexual desire at night with a violent desire for coition. Gonorrhoea in old men with greatly increased sexual desire; penis swollen, with pain in the spermatic cord; chronic or sub-acute gonorrhoea when but a single yellow drop appears in the morning. (Sepia, Medorrh.)


Acute gonorrhoea in early stage; dysuria with great difficulty in voiding the last drop; cutting like a knife at the close of urination or during urination; (Sarsa.) pain in bowels after urinating; much lassitude and weariness with yawning and stretching; ameliorated by motion, eating and open air; aggravated in afternoon and evening.


Acute inflammatory gonorrhoea with fever, general aching, headache, and backache. Headache relieved by passing large quantities of urine; much relaxation and prostration of the muscular system, very irritable, nervous, sensitive, with trembling of the extremities, with desire to lie down. In its febrile stage, he is torpid, drowsy and hates to move. Dull pain in the back with a basilar headache and fever (acute state). Heavy, flushed, besotted appearance of the face. Gonorrhoeal discharge of white mucus, scanty, with heat, smarting, and redness at the meatus, and slight burning; gonorrhoea suppressed soon after the appearance of the discharge with threatened orchitis. Gonorrhoea at the beginning of the attack, with slight burning on urination, fever with drowsiness and general aching of the limbs and back. Gonorrhoea suppressed with medicated injections; high fever, pain and much swelling in the testicles; no discharge; urine copious and painful; very nervous, trembles when he attempts to move. Face flushed, pulse slow, soft; confined to his bed. Many other expressions of this valuable remedy might be given, but what has been given is sufficient to see its action in gonorrhoea.


Sensation of fullness in bladder even after having emptied it (Caladium); sexual desire very great on awakening; severe pain in the prostrate gland or an intense pain along the right sciatic nerve with a feeling of numbness; dull heavy expression of the countenance; face appears bloated; vertigo on rising with dull pain in back of the head.(Nux vomica)


Acute or chronic gonorrhoea with very little pain or soreness in the urethra; discharge, copious, thick, viscid, ropy, yellowish or greenish yellow mucus; indicated in old sinners who are addicted to alcoholics or other stimulants; much debility and general nervousness; chancroid and gonorrhoeal ulcers, with indolent granulations and yellowish discharge; ulcers bleed easily and the discharge is copious, thick, yellow and painless, with dragging in the groins and testicles and a cachectic expression of the face; urine has a decomposed smell. Gonorrhoea in the second stage after the acute inflammatory condition has subsided; discharge thick, yellow, fibrinous or ropy at times; gleet with thick yellow discharge; tongue coated a dirty yellow color; constipation similar to Nux.


Gonorrhoea in the acute inflammatory stage or mixed with chancroid and soft bubo; acute orchitis after suppression by injections. Discharge thick, white, slimy mucus. Induration of the left testicle after suppression; chronic catarrh of the bladder with a copious discharge of white mucus; chordee very severe; fibrous exudations with glandular infiltrations and indurations.


Indicated in the mixed venereal diseases like Syphilis and Sycosis, or Sycosis with a syphilitic taint, although it may be indicated in Sycosis with a tubercular taint, or where there is a glandular involvement. Burning pain in kidneys with a bruised pain in the small of the back; sexual desire diminished; testes atrophied or enormously swollen and indurated. Penis greatly swollen with constant semi-erection. Gonorrhoeal discharge muco- purulent or bloody with burning in the urethra. Gonorrhoea in old chronic cases with no pain and very little soreness. Chancroid with gangrene, accompanied with gonorrhoea. Bubo abscesses with fistulous openings and with an offensive, bloody, ichorous, corrosive discharge. Curdy discharges.

John Henry Allen
Dr. John Henry Allen, MD (1854-1925)
J.H. Allen was a student of H.C. Allen. He was the president of the IHA in 1900. Dr. Allen taught at the Hering Medical College in Chicago. Dr. Allen died August 1, 1925
Books by John Henry Allen:
Diseases and Therapeutics of the Skin 1902
The Chronic Miasms: Psora and Pseudo Psora 1908
The Chronic Miasms: Sycosis 1908