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Gonorrhoea-Disease Source and how it spreads in this chapter of book chronic miasm by J.H.Allen….

The main source of the disease in coitus with a woman so affected. That the disease cannot be contracted in any other way, is not true for a moment, for as has already been stated, it has many times been contracted in lavatories by the use of towels, clothing, and bed clothing. Gonorrhoea is generally classified by physicians as a “specific urethritis” in contradiction to a “simple urethritis,” which is an inflammatory condition, simulating the specific form, yet having no secondary stage and being self-limited. There are many other ways of contracting the simple form, such as from injury, from diseased states of the system, from leucorrhoea or acrid, vaginal discharges.

The gonorrhoeal process, as has also been mentioned, may attack any mucous surface as the urethra, vagina, vulva, eye, conjunctiva, ear, nose, posterior or anterior nares, throat, anus, or rectum.

Scott, the author of the “Sexual Instinct,” says gonorrhoea may attack individuals of either sex at any period of life, from infancy to extreme old age, if any of the poisonous substance is implanted upon a mucous surface in any way. We believe that the disease derived from such contact is of rare occurrence, yet is sometimes seen.

John Henry Allen
Dr. John Henry Allen, MD (1854-1925)
J.H. Allen was a student of H.C. Allen. He was the president of the IHA in 1900. Dr. Allen taught at the Hering Medical College in Chicago. Dr. Allen died August 1, 1925
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