Modern Diet

Modern Diet. THE agriculturist, poultry farmer and stock-keeper have come to recognize by bitter economic experience that the ground and stock are only a…

THE agriculturist, poultry farmer and stock-keeper have come to recognize by bitter economic experience that the ground and stock are only assets when the health of their production is maintained. The Agricultural Departments established and maintained at great cost in all civilized countries, owe their existence to the recognized necessity, if healthy production from the soil is to be obtained, for a scientific understanding of the agents necessary in the soil for the healthy growth of every seed planted.

In the realm of human health, the fact that the blood and tissue fluids constitute a liquid soil in which every cell of every organ, gland and tissue, is planted and growing, is seldom recognized.

The part played by inheritance in connection with the agricultural seed and the human body cell needs no stressing. One cannot obtain a healthy apple from a bad apple tree. In looking for the winner of the Derby one considers pedigree or inheritance. The human soil is the blood stream once the child is born and begins its separate existence. Until birth the human soil of the unborn child is its mother’s blood-Mother Earth from which the human race receives its start in the turmoil of life. How important then becomes the chemistry of the mother’s blood when consideration is being given to the human blood soil of the child upon which depends the healthy functioning of every cell of the new body. It is vain for medical science to preach that the woman, whose body is subjected to the blood borne toxaemia of such a disease as tuberculosis, does not pass on the effects of this toxaemia to her child. The actual tubercle bacilli may not be found in the new born child, but it is not the bacilli which count, it is the toxin production and its effects on the chemistry of every cell of the mother’s as well as of the unborn child’s body, bathed in the toxin bearing blood stream. The calcium blood deficiency of the mother must be shared by her child. Woman was created as the mother of mankind and on the blood soil of the mother depends the inherited blood soil of her child from which each and every cell of its body gains health or the outside evidences of abnormality-disease.

Much has been written and argued about the fuel supplied to the human machine – the complicated body. This complex machine-the increasing knowledge of whose workings only serves to increase reverence for Creation, is an internal combustion machine whose purpose is to produce power or vitality in its various forms of motion, heat, etc. Like the man made motor car, also an internal combustion machine with the same purpose, the human machine varies in its individual production and maintenance of power on its initial construction and upon air, liquid and solid fuel with which it is supplied and from which it obtains its power, vitality or motive-force. Strangely enough man gives consideration to the fuel which he supplies to his motor engine, but little or no consideration, from the point of view of health or vitality production, to. the food with which he supplies his greatest asset-his body. The similarity between the motor engine and the body with their same motive-power objective does not end here. A clogged exhaust in the engine soon causes disaster by the retention of the exhaust gases-mainly carbon monoxide, but the chief cause of the exhaust blockade depends on the nature of the fuel used. Similarly in the body, constipation has been cited by many brilliant observers as the cause of human disasters, but little thought has been apparently given to the cause of the constipation. In the midst of severe surgical extirpations of the large bowel to remove the so-called effects of constipation, the causes, themselves, of this have received practically no attention, and yet the motive-power, expressed as the intestinal function through nerve and muscle action, is dependent entirely on the fuel or food supplied. Every nerve and muscle cell of the gastrointestinal tract, whether required for digestion or motivation, is dependent on the liquid blood soil in which it lives. If mankind refuses, in spite of proven experience, to give thought to the fuel with which he supplies his motor car it will soon lose power, become clogged with carbon and then stop. If this everyday lesson is not applied to the human machine, the same end result is brought closer and closer-man dies through loss of vitality brought about by ignorance or what is less pardonable-neglect of knowledge.

Throughout mammalia-which includes mankind-the chemistry of the blood-the liquid soil for every cell floating in it or bathed by it is the same when health is present. This fact is a basic one of Creation, any departure from which, like any disregard of any universal law such as that of gravitation, ends in disaster.

One food faddist and the cults of unscientific food faddists have been and are legion says “cat no meat”. Another says, “don’t drink with your food”. One man cannot eat this, another cannot eat that! Yet the law of civilized countries demands that all meat supplied to the people be that of healthy animals-that is, flesh with the chemical combination requisite to maintain the animal in health and also requisite to supply the demands of another mammal-man. The diatribes against flesh food, as a fuel for human vitality production, do not take into consideration the basic fact that man is a carnivorous animal, provided by nature with digestive functions requisite to combust animal flesh internally to forms in which they become assimilable by the body cells as sources of vitality. This is fact, not fiction, but applies to healthy uncooked animal flesh as a human diet. But man does not, and will not, eat raw flesh, so consideration must be given to what occurs when raw flesh is converted to cooked food. And again, what does man do with the flesh of animals which he finally ingests between the killing of the animal and its intake into his internal combustion chamber-the gastrointestinal tract. When the healthy animal is killed, its flesh is chemically that of healthy mankind, that is, the chemical combination making up the animal is the same as is requisite for the maintenance of the normal chemical balance necessary to retain human health. Such a diet cannot derange the normal chemistry of the human blood soil requisite for the vitality of the body cells. The great question in regard to man and meat is not whether man should eat meat-there cannot possibly be any scientific negation to this-but when man eats cooked meat what has happened to the chemistry of the meat in cooking and what is done to the meat after cooking and before ingestion?.

The blood reaction of mankind is slightly alkaline. Any great departure from this chemical state whether it be towards acidity or alkalinity, is incompatible with the continuance of life. Fundamentally, the maintenance of the blood reactions within certain well defined bounds is a necessity. This not only applies in man but also in animals; if there is any tendency toward excessive alkalinity-a fatal condition-the body must have the means of protection at hand. The same applies when factors leading to excessive acidity endanger the vitality of the human machine. Normally the body contains its own defence-it fulfils the fundamental universal law of self-preservation. Man in making the motor engine has provided an exhaust-a source of excretion of those substances formed by internal combustion of the fuel or motivation agent. Mankind, by Creation, has been provided with three channels of excretion-the skin, the kidneys, and the lower bowel. If excretion is equivalent to the internal production of acid or alkaline agents, the normal blood chemical reaction is maintained. But when the excretory products, whilst in the circulating blood, interfere with the normal nerve and muscular functions of the excreting apparatus then excretion becomes deficient, and the production of the abnormal blood chemistry increases while the excretory functions correspondingly decrease. This is the fundamental cause of the almost universal complaint of civilized mankind- constipation-the name given to a deficient function of the lower or large bowel. When due consideration is given to this complaint, the idea that it is the basic cause of many complaints in mankind is irrational. The answer must first be found for the question, “What causes the loss of function of the muscles and nerves constituting the lower bowel and how can these causes, necessarily associated with the blood stream nutrition of the bowel, cause no effects on other tissues of the body dependent on the same blood stream for their vitality? There can be no rational doubt that many of the systemic abnormalities routinely ascribed to constipation or dysfunction of the lower bowel are not due to this cause but are the results on other organ functions of the same blood condition responsible for the bowel dysfunction or constipation itself. How can it be reasonably held that bowel dysfunction or constipation-a dysfunction of muscle and nerve cells due to disordered blood chemistry, can occur without accompanying disordered functions of other neuro- muscular organs provided with the same disordered blood chemistry. Blood chemical disorder must necessarily affect every tissue dependent for vitality on that blood source. Constipation, an almost universal complaint in civilization, is but the easily recognized signal of blood chemical derangement. It is a signal which is of vast importance, because, as has been pointed out, it interferes with the maintenance of normal blood chemistry by causing a deficient excretion of those abnormal chemical agents in the blood which are the fundamental cause of the constipation itself as well as of those systemic dysfunctions which are due to the same causes but which are usually ascribed to one of the effects of these causes-the constipation. Once deranged blood chemistry begins to cause deficient excretion, then the blood chemical derangement, provided the cause which has brought about this blood chemical abnormality is continued, must increase, with its natural sequela-an increasing systemic functional degeneration. Where excretion becomes deficient-when the vitality of the cells forming the excretory organs becomes deficient, the body has two protections against ever increasing blood abnormality- namely (1) chemical, (2) internal local deposition of the agents causing the dangerous blood chemical abnormality. Scientific man provides in his engines grease and other traps-local sites for deposition of agents which would, if allowed to circulate, destroy the vitality or power of his machine.

Edward Henty Smalpage
Edward Henty Smalpage (1895-1962), was an Australian doctor. He netered medical school at Sydney at age 16. He went into Military service after that. After leaving services on medical grounds (epilepsy), he cleared FRCS from England in 1921. In 1940 he published the book Cancer, it's Cause, Prevention and Cure.