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Homeopathic remedies for Diphtheria symptoms from Acute Conditions, Injuries, etc by Dr.M.Tyler.


Is almost specific. Especially where the mouth is foul, and there is a vile taste.


Mouth not foul, disease left side: may cross to right.

Face and throat look cyanotic. Choking.

Great sensitiveness throat; patient cannot stand touch of clothing.

Aggravation from heat: after sleep. The longer the sleep, the worse on waking.

Mentals: loquacity and suspicion.


Mouth not foul: disease right side, may go to left.

Warm drinks more easily swallowed: (rev. of Lachesis) but reverse sometimes the case.

Nostrils flap; frowning forehead.


Membrane grey or white, (?) starts on uvula.

May spread from right tonsil to left (Lycopodium). But, unlike Lycopodium, worse from heat.

Fauces dark red: complains of lump or red-hot ball stuck in throat.

Pain goes to ear in swallowing.


Nervous, imaginative, highly sensitive.

Skin hypersensitive (Lachesis) Membrane pearly. Milky coating on tongue.

Characteristic feature is alternation of sides: jumps from side to side, and back.


Membrane dry, shriveled: with anxiety, restlessness and prostration.

Worse 1 a.m.: 1-2 a.m.

Thirst for frequent sips of cold water.


Malignant from onset. Painless.

Dark-red swelling tonsils and throat.

Breath and discharge very offensive.

Temp. low, or subnormal.

Prostration and collapse from the start.

Patient, from the first, seems doomed.