THE HOME MEDICINE CHEST. Urtica is not at hand, use Spirits of Wine or surgical spirit; warm it by standing some in a cup in a pan of boiling water. Cover the burn with a thin layer of gauze or bandage soaked in the spirit, and as it evaporates re-moisten the dressing with the warm spirit.

BURNS. Burns may be superficial or deep, and if the latter, a considerable depth of tissue may be destroyed. The usual type of burns in the home are those occurring in the kitchen during the process of superintending the cooking of a meal, etc. Whether a burn is slight or severe at once apply Urtica urens 3x, or 1x tincture; do not wait to mix up a lotion but dab the tincture over the burn. If this is carried out immediately blistering is often prevented, the pain is soothed and healing usually takes place without any scarring.

Having applied the tincture as directed, then apply dressings of gauze or thin clean old linen dipped in a lotion made by putting a teaspoonful of the Urtica tincture to half a pint of warm water. As soon as the dressings become dry pour over them some of the lotion to moisten them without removing the dressing. Continue this at intervals until the pain has ceased. Give internally Urtica urens 3x, every hour, five drops in a teaspoonful of water, for six doses.

Urtica urens is a truly wonderful remedy and heals and soothes burns far better than the ordinary application, such as Carron oil, picric acid, etc. After the pain has subsided in a deep burn, local applications of Calendula lotion will heal the injury with very little scarring. The writers have in mind the case of a woman who went to take a hot pot out of the oven when by some mischance it overturned and both hands were saturated with the boiling liquid. When seen an hour after, the fingers had the appearance of bunches of grapes, so extensive were the blisters that had formed. Urtica relieved the pain and afterwards the application of dressings of Calendula healed the hands without leaving a mark.

If, however, Urtica is not at hand, use Spirits of Wine or surgical spirit; warm it by standing some in a cup in a pan of boiling water. Cover the burn with a thin layer of gauze or bandage soaked in the spirit, and as it evaporates re-moisten the dressing with the warm spirit.

Another type of burn is that where the flame of a gas-stove has blown into the face and scorched it. Apply Urtica dressing and if the eyes are affected bathe them with Euphrasia tincture (one drop of the mother-tincture to an eye-bath) in warm water, or use very weak Calendula lotion. Do not put oil or ointments in the eyes.

A variety of burn for which Urtica is invaluable is that of Sunburn. The lotion applied will soothe at once and the sufferer will get relief from the uncomfortable burning which is such a marked characteristic of an overdose of the suns rays. If Urtica is not handy get some fresh leaves of the stinging-nettle; pour over them some boiling water and make an infusion. Then apply this when cool or slightly warm, to the afflicted area.

INSECT BITES. For insect bites give Ledum internally. If the bites become stinging and painful give Apis, or if they are accompanied by a bruised feeling give Arnica 3. Bathe the bitten area with Urtica tincture.

During a ramble in the country the legs and ankles often suffer from the attentions of small insects and within an hour or two the bitten surface is inflamed, and over the red area blisters form. In such cases Urtica externally is useful, and internally Cantharis or Apis is of considerable help. If the part becomes unhealthy, painful and throbbing apply Calendula lotion and give Belladonna 6 every hour until improving, then continue it with longer intervals between the doses.

STINGS. If stung by a wasp apply Arnica tincture to the stung area, it will rapidly relieve the pain and swelling, and a dose of Arnica internally will assist the work of the external tincture. If Arnica is not available give Ledum internally and apply tincture of the same to the sting. With bee stings Urtica applied will remove the pain in a very short time.

BITES OF ANIMALS, DOGS, CATS, ETC. In the case of a dog bite do not rush off to a chemist to have the wound cauterised. Long before you have reached the chemist any poison from the animals teeth will have entered the circulation, and will be dealt with by the body-resistance. Wash the wound well with hot Calendula lotion, and afterwards apply Calendula compresses. Give a dose of Ledum 6 every hour for six doses. If in any doubt or fear go at once to your doctor who will give you prophylactic doses of homoeopathic remedies to prevent any after effects from the bite. The same treatment applies to bites from any animal.

If we now summarise the remedies mentioned in these articles for minor surgical casualties, the medicine chest should contain the following:.


Arnica Mother Tincture

Calendula Mother Tincture

Ledum Mother Tincture

Hypericum Mother Tincture

Urtica urens 1x or 3x.


Arnica 30

Hypericum 6

Ledum 6

Belladonna 3 or 6

Urtica urens 1x or 3x

Rhus tox. 3

Calcarea carb 6

Symphytum 6

Apis 3

Cantharis 12.

F J Wheeler
Francis James Wheeler 1877 – 1960 MRCS, LRCP was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. He came from Southport and who was a friend and colleague of Edward Bach, and he helped to prove the flower remedies as each was discovered. Author of The Bach Remedies Repertory, Some observations on primary carcinoma of the liver: with references to museum specimens, and co- editor of The Bach Flower Remedies: Including Heal Thyself, the Twelve Healers, the Bach Remedies Repertory, Samuel Hahnemann, his life and work: based on recently discovered state papers, documents, letters, &c, and A case of Appendicitis.