ACONITE. These verses were sent us by Dr. Blunt shortly before his death. As this wintery spring is prolific of cases requiring the remedy our late colleagues mnemonic doggerel is appropriate to the season.

IN vigorous cases and robust,

Through chills from dry cold wind,

Youll often trace upon the face

Anxiety of mind.

Complaints come on quite suddenly,

Start early that same night;

They moan and cry and think theyll die.

But give them ACONITE.

Though many sorts of fear prevail,

The fear of death comes first;

Cold drinks they seek quite greedily

To quench their burning thirst.

The pulse is bounding full and hard,

The skin as hot as fire;

A dose or two of ACONITE

Will cause them to perspire.

The pains they feel are most acute,

They cut and stab and burn;

From restlessness they feel compelled

To toss about and turn.

The shooting burning pains are such,

In most of these attacks,

The patients cant lie on their sides,

But only on their backs.

Along the nerves is tingling felt,

And numbness with it foes;

Both these sensations may be found,

In fingers and in toes.

A summer chill may bowels touch,

Or cause stomach pain;

The dry cold winds of winter will

Attack the lungs and brain.

Complaints that may arise from shock,

Or due to fear or fright

Will very rapidly get well

By taking ACONITE.

But ACONITE wont aid the weak,

Nor will Zymoses touch;

In sthenic cases lies its sphere,

And is not meant for such.

In haemorrhage from any source

If blood you find is bright,

With fever and anxiety,

Remember ACONITE.

Henry B. Blunt