DR WOODBURY ON GUNPOWDER. Dr. Woodburys covering letter is particularly important in the present crisis when deference to the professional “establishment” with its enforced ignorance of Hahnemann and Homoeopathy is depriving the public of any knowledge of the most important therapeutic method the world possesses.


NEWS AND NOTES. WE may remind our readers that if they wish to possess a copy of this most important work they should place their orders with our publishers without delay. The price is two dollars a copy, postage paid, if ordered from the American Institute of Homoeopathy, 393 Seventh Avenue, New York City. U.S.A.


ACONITE. These verses were sent us by Dr. Blunt shortly before his death. As this wintery spring is prolific of cases requiring the remedy our late colleagues mnemonic doggerel is appropriate to the season.


THE DOCTOR AS A DETECTIVE. The eminent specialists had not thought it worth while to find out these ghastly facts by putting a few questions. The poor fellow would, in course of time have been driven to the lunatic asylum by bromide and luminal, and if he had died of these dopes there would have been a certificate of natural death on the part of the doper.


ECHINACEA LOCALLY. Notwithstanding the fact that the so-called leading lights in the profession have ridiculed the claims made by many physicians regarding its use, both locally and internally, the sale of the product continues to grow, and, according to a statement made by Lloyd Brother, the sales are seven times greater than those of any other product of their make.


MORE ABOUT RENAISSANCE. The allopaths sole aim seems to be the total destruction of Homoeopathy. Turn to page 431 of the Universal Medical Records (British), May, 1941, and read what the allopaths say: “Homoeopathy is being quietly suffocated out of existence,” These words are their own, and evidently their line of action, which should be interesting to the general public.


VERBENA OFFICINALIS. Chronic lumbago and sciatica for six months. Only able to walk slowly for a quarter of a mile. General health suffered from lack of exercise. Had much treatment but obtained not relief. Chronic rheumatism in neck and shoulders follow influenza five months ago. Pain interfering with sleep and general health.A city man who has suffered much loss and anxiety owing to his philanthropic nature.