COMMUNICATION. Belladonna and Aconite are seldom indicated in cases where there is no fever. But the former has cured violent palpitation with stabbing pains coming and going quickly in the region of the heart, with no temperature at all; and Aconite, the after effects of a fright sustained twenty years previously.

Inside Out

The title of this is just two words, “Inside Out.” You remember from embryology that the skin and the nervous system develop from the same layer, therefore m case are going to be those of the skin and those of the mind–five skin and one mind.


UNLOCKING A SUPPRESSION. On tension most of the time; does not know how to relax. Sleep poor. Deep depression spells; blames himself for anything. During them; gets angry easily, but soon over it lately; used to be angry a long time. Remorse follows and then threat of suicide; this better recently. Headache severe for many years, various locations. Few night ago severe pain occipital so could not move, better gradually. This 3 times night. Next day soreness there.


THE WONDER DRUGS OR THE HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDY. The patients struggling vitality receives the maximum support from the indicated similar remedy, there are no unpleasant or harmful side effects, the convalescence is quick, relapses rare and the patient soon forgets the whole episode ! Is this not science? Natures laws discovered by science do not alter with the lapse of time.


EDITORIAL. Let the profession unite in vigorous efforts to save the Art of Homoeopathy from destruction by utilizing the tools for teaching now at hand, putting aside the past and the dreams it engenders for the brightness of a future which determination will make a sparkling reality.