THE WONDER DRUGS OR THE HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDY. The patients struggling vitality receives the maximum support from the indicated similar remedy, there are no unpleasant or harmful side effects, the convalescence is quick, relapses rare and the patient soon forgets the whole episode ! Is this not science? Natures laws discovered by science do not alter with the lapse of time.

The choice is by no means so easy as might appear on the face of it; nor can one conscientiously have both as each of the two alternatives has a definite outlook and philosophy diametrically opposed to the other. Considerable sifting and weighing will have to be done before definite conclusions can be arrived at. On the right hand, in conformity with the materialistic conception of disease, its causations and treatment, are arrayed grand laboratories, electrical, mechanical and surgical equipment, the germicides, analgesics, sera, vaccines, the sulphas, the “wonder drugs,” Penicillin. Aureomycin, Streptomycin. terramycin, Chloromycetin, etc., with the backing of elaborate experiments in vitro and in vivo, and the scientists busy forging more deadly weapons against the growing menace of resistant germs.

You find here nothing but war, violence, ruthless suppression of diseases, toxaemic reactions against which the struggling vitality is compelled to fight with its consequent dilapidation, long periods of convalescence, at times fatal shocks and often a paving of the way for severer acute diseases and many a chronic disease.

Here, you come across ever-shifting theories and hypotheses, the drugs once discovered becoming obsolete with lapse of time upon the discovery of their harmful effects, the next result being marching on feverishly with vague hopes without arriving anywhere. The caravan marches on shouting slogans and displaying placards of “MARCH OF SCIENCE.” But is this science? The dazzling glamour, the antiquity of the organization, and the irresistible impulse to follow the majority are enough to lure many to join the camp !.

On the left side, in keeping with the dynamic conception of disease, its causation and treatment, are arrayed the numerous dynamic forces abounding in natures flora and fauna around us, discovered by Hahnemann and his followers, with their potentialities scientifically brought out their being tested on healthy human beings and repeatedly confirmed by their being tested at the bedside according to natures therapeutic law of “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTUR” which is as unerring and immutable as Notions law of Gravity. Here the patients are restored to health gently, safely, quickly and permanently, on easily comprehensible principles.

The patients struggling vitality receives the maximum support from the indicated similar remedy, there are no unpleasant or harmful side effects, the convalescence is quick, relapses rare and the patient soon forgets the whole episode ! Is this not science? Natures laws discovered by science do not alter with the lapse of time. The laws relating to the earths rotation on its axis and its journey round the sun.

Newtons Law of Gravity, the law that to each action there is an equal and opposite reaction, Charles law and Boyles Law relating to gases, etc., stand unchanged and unchangeable in the annals of Science. The science of Homoeopathy would march on and on to discover the Clinical application of new remedies and to discover the new clinical applications and confirmations of old remedies; but whatever has been discovered or will be discovered will not change because the discoveries have been made or will be made on the basis of a fixed law of cure. This is science !.

A few case reports are presented below as illustrations.


Mrs. R, aged 29 years, had been an asthmatic for the last five and a half years. While she was emerging successfully from her last attack of asthma under Ipecac., Ars. alb., and Ammon. carb., she developed influenza with a temperature ranging between 100 and 103 degrees Fahrenheit and a relapse of her breathing difficulty. At the suggestion of a neighbor she now decided to give a trial to allopathic treatment, and for the first time in her life she received on the 1st of March 1953,a Penicillin (Procaine, G) injection of five lacs One lac =20,000-ED. units. The fever and the breathing difficulty were magically relieved but the same night she woke up at about 4 A.M.

With sinking of the heart, bade good-bye to her people as she was “going” and dropped down dead with heart failure within twenty-four hours of the Penicillin injection. Was it a case of Penicillin shock? The same morning there appeared in the press the report of a statement of Dr. Sheppard Seigal of New York at a panel discussion by American allergy experts on ” Allergies and penicillin” to the effect that Penicillin can be deadly.

The writer has seen a number of cases complaining about the heart depressing effects of Penicillin exhibiting symptoms calling for Ars, alb. which has actually relieved them of that feeling.


April 1949. A boy of about nine years was examined and the following history was elicited. In the springs of 1947 and 1948, he developed rheumatic pains in his knees and ankles from which he recovered with the help of Berin injections. When the trouble recurred this year, the treating physician thought of finishing off the septic focus responsible for the rheumatic attacks with penicillin once for all and it was administered to the patient in three hourly doses of one lac units each for about two weeks. The heart, which has never been involved before, was now attacked by rheumatism, with tumultuous action, anxiety, severe pains, dyspnoea and inability to lie down. The pains had left the joints altogether. In spite of the most careful homoeopathic prescribing, the child could not be saved.


October 27, 1952. Mrs. G., aged about 25 years, delivered a live baby about a fortnight ago. Got white leg. On the 5th day got high fever with rigors and the suspicion of malaria was given an injection of quinine which was repeated the next day. When the fever did not abate and the patient became toxic and delirious, Penicillin and Streptomycin were given in “heroic” doses. Urine became suppressed and uraemia developed with full intensity. At the time of examination the patient was totally unconscious with unequally dilated pupils insensible to light, uraemic convulsions, strong urinous odour from the body, and all the reflexes practically abolished.

At times she rolled the head from side to side. The temperature was 98.4F and the pulse was 130 per minute. The case has been pronounced to be in a hopeless condition by the treating physician and so the family wanted to try Homoeopathy as a last resort, as they often do in this country! Hoping against hope, the patient was put was put on Helleborus 30., three doses, a dose every four hours. Within twelve hours the patient started passing urine and showed other favourable signs and within three days she was in her proper senses and gradually convalesced to full recovery. Regarding treatment, only placebo was continued for a few days.


March 16, 1950. Mr. J. S., rather heavily built, aged about 37 years, gave the following facts about his illness. Six months ago he returned from tour with fever, pain in the body, sore and inflamed eyes. In two or three days the fever left, and in about 9 or 10 days the eye trouble also cleared up. Within the two months next following sore eyes recurred about eight times: redness, glueing of lids a little pain and lachrymation. Felt much below per and discovered he had been running a slow fever. Felt depression, disinclination for work, burning in palms and soles. With rise of temperature he felt heat in the eyes, increase in respiration and pulse rate, and also same palpitation, these symptoms becoming worse by walking or ever other moderate exertion.

Appetite a bit less than normal, thirst moderate, desires hot food and drinks, salty and spiced food. Passes mucus in stools and sometimes feels a little griping pain in the bowels (chronic) which move twice a day. Feels burning in bladder and in urethra during urination which subsides by taking alkaline mixtures. Sensitive to cold, dresses heavily and wants to cover himself warmly. Much yawning and lethargy. worse rise of temperature. Temperature ranges between 98 and 99.4 Fahrenheit. Tongue coated and flabby. Easy spraining of ankles which turn outwards when walking. Limbs “go to sleep” easily. Sometimes get sleeplessness.

Has had smallpox twice; has had external piles which were operated upon in 1943; had malaria for about a month three years ago; has had chronic dysentery. Family history was of no importance.

Physical Examination: Weight 162 lbs.; pulse 98 per minute; respiration 28 per minute; blood pressure 140/100. Throat, lungs, heart, liver, spleen, etc., revealed no abnormality. X-ray of the chest showed the pulmonary fields to be clear and normal. Kahns test negative; urine and stool examinations negative; urine culture negative.

Blood Examination Report: Total R.B.C. Count: 5.7 million per cu. mm. Haemoglobin 93 percent. Colour index 93/144. Total W.B.C. Count: 12,000 per cu. mm. Polymorphs 55 percent; Lympho. 43 percent; Eosinophils 2 percent.

M.F. positive. E.S.R.2/4 mm (Wintergreen method). No M.P. seen.

The elaborate investigations detailed above revealed no disease to the physicians who boast of these “scientific methods” of diagnosis, and so they were compelled to give treatment empirically, presuming the disease to be malaria, amoebic dysentery, para-typhoid, some sort of sepsis somewhere, etc. Courses of Quinine, Paludrine. Mepacrine, Atabrine, Sulfadiazine. Duracillin Forte, Emetine, Carbarson, Thalazol, Irgafen, Omnadin, Aureomycin, Streptomycin, vitamins and tonics were given but without the least benefit to the patient. In fact he felt weaker and worse after all this treatment.

Homoeopathic treatment. A three days course of Sulphur 30. in the morning and Nux vomica 30. at bedtime had been taken by the patient at the suggestion of some amateur homoeopath. He had watched the effect for about a week with no appreciable improvement in his condition.

The writer gave him a dose of Sulphur 30. in the morning of the 17th March, 1950, and two doses of Calcarea carb. 200. on the two consecutive mornings next following. On 26th March, 1950, the patient wrote a letter to the writer reporting his condition thus: “You will be surprised to know that I feel much better now. In this week my maximum temperature did not rise above 98.4 F. In do not have that feeling of depression of tiredness, and feel a lot better. The medicine has really worked wonders for which I am very thankful to you. “He wanted the cure to be confirmed by a blood examination, too. The report now showed: Total W.B.C. Count 8,800; Polymorphs 57 percent; Lymphocytes 35 percent; Eosinophils 6 percent; large Mononuclear 2 percent (as against 13 percent found in one of the earlier exams.).

Now it is for you to pronounce your verdict whether Homoeopathy is the answer to groaning humanitys demand for a system of treatment which should heal gently, safely, quickly, surely, permanently and on easily comprehensible principles.

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R. S. Rastogi
R. S. Rastogi
B.A., M.D.S.
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