A NEW LEASE ON LIFE. At the time of the first surgical work in about 1940, no biopsy was done. I found a mass about the size of an indoor baseball in the area of the transverse colon, and another in the illeocaecal area. There were no other lumps or masses found anywhere in the body. The scar on the left thigh was very sore and sensitive, quite red, with a white and dark-blue, mottled appearance to the surrounding tissues.

[This is the second of a series of authentic cancer case reports presented under the heading: A New Lease on Life-W.E.J.].

Melanosarcoma, Grade 2 Malignancy.

On July 30, 1945, Mrs. E.L. McP., age 25, presented herself for examination and treatment. She was a well-nourished, healthy- appearing young woman, married, childless, extremely nervous and worried; upset mentally almost to the breaking point, weight 134 lbs., blood pressure 120/70, pulse 96, respiration 24.

The left thigh showed a healed area over the middle one-third, left lateral side, quite red and inflamed. The scar was about 4 1/2 inches in length, longitudinally of the thigh, with closing sutures still in place. I removed the sutures at that time. The tumor mass, which had been removed, according to the biopsy, proved to be a melanosarcoma, grade 2 malignancy. The patient stated the tumor was about the size of an ordinary medium-sized, hens egg, and its surgical removal took place about two weeks previous to the time I removed the sutures.

The original mass, about 2 centimeters in diameter, was removed two or three years earlier, but re-developed from a very small nodule in 1944. This became progressively larger, as time went on, to the size above stated at the time of surgery again in July of 1945.

At the time of the first surgical work in about 1940, no biopsy was done. I found a mass about the size of an indoor baseball in the area of the transverse colon, and another in the illeocaecal area. There were no other lumps or masses found anywhere in the body. The scar on the left thigh was very sore and sensitive, quite red, with a white and dark-blue, mottled appearance to the surrounding tissues.

The sutures were beginning to cut their way out and left open, depressed, oozing craters. The inflamed area about the repair scar was about four by six inches in size. Vaginal examination brought to light a yellow, profuse, thick, mucoid leucorrhea. The patient said that it was bland at the time that is, not excoriating but she said it had been quite severely so in nature previously, with lots of itching and burning, and irritation of the pelvic external parts, and the skin of the inner aspect of the thighs.

The tonsils were enlarged and infected. There existed considerable thick, stringy, mucoid post nasal drip, and severe sinus infection of apparently ethmoidal source.

The menses, which were of five-day duration, were quite normal in amount and color. She stated there was slight pain or cramping at the menstrual time, and the periods were regular at twenty-one day intervals. Much very severe constipation, the stool being dry, large hard, difficult to pass, and quite painful.

When the biopsy report came through, the surgeon had given, as prognosis, a life-expectancy of not more than six months, of which two week was gone. The patient was very weak, exhausted, and seemed to have so little strength she could scarcely walk. Mentally, she had practically lost hope.

August 13, 1945- The patient appears and acts much better, and says she is better than for a long time. The bowel movement is about the same, very poor. Menstrual function starting.

August 27, 1945- Patient says her energy, strength and vitality are excellent, that the bowel movement is also much better, menses were quite normal, no pain, cramps, clots, or disturbance of any kind. Physically, she was excellent, though she had lost about one pound in weight.

September 10, 1945- Patient says she had intestinal “flu” with diarrhoea, cramps in the lower abdomen and pelvis, nausea, and vomiting. Felt very ill and exhausted, though better the last few days, and for the time being she has had very good action from the bowels.

The scar and surrounding tissue of the left thigh has been progressively better, less sore and sensitive, and much more normal in appearance and consistency. Some dizziness.

September 29, 1945- The last couple of weeks she has been quite weak, faint and nauseated. May have had an intestinal infection again so-called “flu” and much more and severe constipation.

October 1, 1945- Lost 21/4 lbs., but is feeling some better. Still dizzy at times, and very weak. Bowel movement somewhat better, but patient is very nervous.

October 13, 1945- Weak, nervous, jittery, dizzy, and so worried. As the constipation seems so much worse, she is sure the cancer mass is causing or will cause a complete bowel obstruction. Stool is yellow, small lumps, sometimes hard and dry, with some undigested food. She felt good only for a day or so in the last two or three weeks.

October 22, 1945- Dizziness, weakness, exhaustion, etc., somewhat less. But the constipation is very bad really severe and she will go one or two days without any action. Patient continues to be very nervous, and worries a great deal.

November 5, 1945- Her general condition is much better, but she doesnt believe she is going to get well. Dizziness is severe at times. She is so weak in the knees, she can scarcely stand. Constipation is still severe, and much gas. Mucous and yellow particles in the stool. Abdominal masses less than one-quarter their original size.

November 19, 1945- Slow, progressive weight loss. She is still severely constipated most of the time. Large, watery stools one day only. Abdominal soreness not constant moves from place to place. Scar on the left thigh is in excellent condition, soft and pliable, and patient seems less nervous.

December 3, 1945- Still some aching and pain which moves about from place to place. Constipation still severe.

December 17, 1945- Has a severe cold, sore throat, upper chest irritation and bronchitis, some head and nose clogging, rhinitis and bland coryza. Dizziness continues about the same, though is free of it for an hour or so each day. Patient is shaky, weak and trembly. Constipation about the same.

December 31, 1945- Patient is very weak, much cough which is loose and moist, and much aggravation from dizziness. Constipation very severe yet, though she had diarrhoea one day again. Abdominal masses all gone, no evidence at all now. Scar on the left thigh excellent, soft and pliable. Lost 41/4 lbs., weight now 125 1/4.

January 14, 1946- Somewhat less nervous, and bowel movement seems a very little better, but still bad. Hard, dry stools, with little or no urge. Dizziness considerably less, weakness less, and only a little cough in spite of much bronchitis. Feeling and doing much better.

January 28, 1946- Feeling of hot areas in the back, legs, etc., at times. Bowel movement is still bad, and has some dizziness yet, but not continuously. Says she is considerably better. Life- expectancy of six months has passed, and she appears, acts and feels so very much alive.

February 11, 1946- Bowel movement some better, very slowly but progressively. Dizziness seldom and slight. Says she feels much better.

February 25, 1946- Bowel movements better, though not too good. Mucous in stool at times when dizzy, which is seldom and not regular nor severe. Still quite nervous, but is much better. Scar on the left thigh is very good, only a small knot or two in stitch scars, and getting softer progressively.

March 26, 1946- Patient has had a severe cold, constipation is worse as is dizziness and unsteadiness at times. Her general condition is better, and she has gained weight- 133 lbs.now.

April 10, 1946- Has another severe cold, rhinitis, coryza, head clogged, and throat sore with some slight redness.

April 23, 1946- Better, though tired, and some dizziness yet, if overdoing. Still very nervous. Bowel movement much better, only the lower tip of the scar is slightly hard.

May 20, 1946- Weight is up, now 1371/4. Bowel movement still very poor. So very easily excited, and nervous, but says she is in every way better.

July 1, 1946- Some gastric and bowel aching and pain and much gas at menstrual time.

July 29, 1946- Says she feels fine- weight 138 3/4. Less nervous. Scar quite normal and soft, and no masses there, nor in abdomen. None found at all at any spot or location during the complete physical examination at that time. She has been under my care for one year.

September 9, 1946- Constipation and dizziness continues to be very aggravating, as does the nervousness and probably the sub- conscious fear of a return of the cancer.

October 21, 1946- General condition is and has been very good. Dizziness continues, but much less, and only at times when especially nervous. Constipation also is much or little, according to her nervous and mental condition. The scar on the left thigh is soft, pliable and in excellent condition, with no evidence of re-growth. No evidence of mass or growth of a malignant nature, nor otherwise, found at all.

It was my opinion that at this time. I could dismiss the patient as far as the treatment for the cancer was concerned. However, she has continued as a patient for general care ever since, and I have also examined her at more or less frequent intervals, or I should say infrequent intervals, and have found no other evidence of any mass at any place at any time. She does have a few small melanotic moles at various spots on her body. These I am not touching, nor trying to remove.

Wm. E. Jackson