INFANT GRANDPARENTS. In the northern climates, also in many places in the northern-eastern climates, we find things have to grow under normal conditions. Also, water which is irrigated into the plants or into the ground, usually will not give the same reaction that rain water does. Why this is, I am not prepared to say. Frankly, there are many things regarding this I do not know.

Allopathic physicians, apparently, are beginning to take cognizance of the fact that there are many things not recognized previously which can affect not only the individual, but the progeny of that individual or those individuals. It is recognized now that transfusion with blood from the husband to wife can, and ordinarily will, affect future progeny, affect them to the point that many times they are not viable-in fact, may even die in utero. This condition, perhaps, has not been recognized as such by homoeopathic physicians, but we do definitely know that not only that, but many other conditions, many other so-called treatments or diseases, can, and do, affect future generations.

These things, perhaps, have not been put into writing in as many instances as they should have been in the past, but it is evident-very evident, in fact-that anything as potent as the substances contained in anyone’s blood, as potent as vaccines, lysins, lysates, toxoids, antitoxins, or any other substance-in fact, any foreign substance-which is put into the individual’s system, whether that be by mouth, or whether it is by hypodermic needle, or by absorption through any membrane, is bound to have some effect, dependent entirely, of course, on the conditions present in that particular individual’s system.

These things may not have any evident effect at that time, but later may produce conditions which will completely inhibit the development of normal progeny, or, if apparently normal progeny do develop, then those conditions can be passed on to their progeny, or may affect their lives at a later date.

Heredity we have previously considered. Perhaps we have not considered it to the extent of covering all of these things. Any condition which can be passed from one generation to another, whether that be just a tendency, or whether that be just a tendency, or whether it be a disease or a poisoning, is of a hereditary nature.

Infants coming into this world, and for a number of years after their birth, are incapable of stating whether they want certain things, or whether they are willing to accept certain things. Grown folks take into their own minds, and on their own shoulders, the introduction of, or the doing of, things which not only can, but usually do, affect that individual for the rest of his life.

The prevalence, the increasing prevalence, of arthritis, cancer……rheumatic conditions, hay fever, asthma, skin eruptions, allergies – in other words, susceptibilities to many things – are, and increasingly are, definitely aggravated or produced by many of these things that we consider (most of us, perhaps, though not all) to be good for the human race.

It is a definitely indicated and known fact that plant life, grown under normal conditions to the point where it actually is completely healthy, automatically becomes more or less immune to insect pests; that is not offered by plants which are grown under false conditions, and when I say false conditions, I mean artificial or chemical fertilizers it is the lack of humus. Also, although they do contain, usually, needed minerals, it is not in the natural or organic form.

Humus, perhaps, is one of the most important things of all, and any plant life raised strictly from a chemical fertilizer standpoint contains, perhaps, some-in fact, many-of the things needed, but they are not in the form that can be accepted or utilized completely by any individual. Any child, or any individual, either raised or born under food intakes of that type, automatically, naturally, would be deficient or have a faulty chemical make-up.

Another thing that happens, also, which affects materially the individual, perhaps particularly so in Southern California and regions naturally where this is possible, is this climatic condition which will raise normally two crops of garden produce yearly. It is warm enough so that can be done. But your market gardener usually uses chemicals in order to speed the growth of those plants, making them appear and taste good, but the speeded up growth does not allow the plant to have normal content, chemically. Also he speeds it up to the point where maybe he can have four or five crop rotations or crop growths during the year, in which, ordinarily, two should be the limit.

In the northern climates, also in many places in the northern-eastern climates, we find things have to grow under normal conditions. Also, water which is irrigated into the plants or into the ground, usually will not give the same reaction that rain water does. Why this is, I am not prepared to say. Frankly, there are many things regarding this I do not know. Some of them, perhaps, I will live long enough, and will be able to study sufficiently, to get a fair idea about.

If the food intake of individuals, especially prospective….

parents, during the procreative and the creative time – in other words, the development of a fetus-naturally is normal and contains the proper things, the child in its development will be in much better condition to handle such things in later life. Also the normal development will proceed, and injuries – that is, in utero-or other types of troubles are much less likely to develop.

Susceptibility is the thing, perhaps, that we obtain from heredity, not the actual trouble itself. In other words, we do not, apparently, develop cancer through heredity, but we certainly do develop the susceptibility to it, and that susceptibility automatically comes from lack, or deficiency, of certain things which limit the amount of glandular activity, or make it develop in a perverse order – out of balance,or whatever you might call it.

Further than this, when these individuals in their development after birth still carry on and eat the things which are deficient, then automatically those things enhance, or aggravate, the things or troubles which are present at birth.

Further, when these children develop into adulthood, marry and procreate in their turn, those susceptibilities are brought in from both sides, or both parents, and if they are similar, automatically, then, the child’s condition from that union would be much greater in its deficiencies and its susceptibilities than that of either parent. If this is kept up for any great length of time, automatically, then, of course, the deterioration in the family line is so great that you can imagine the result. It is my opinion that that is the reason why in-breeding,or so-called cross-breeding, of families is so vital to avoid, because particularly, not only are the susceptibilities and the things to which this family is allergic greater, but they are definitely of the same order, not just similar.

It is my opinion that heredity carries these susceptibilities definitely, and the more they can be avoided, the simpler would be the family line, the better would be the individuals, and the Nation at large.

Wm. E. Jackson