GNAPHALIUM. Looseness of bowels with passage of pale-colored faeces. Diarrheal discharge in the morning and during the day with irritable temper. Pain in bowels of children; dark colored liquid offensive stool in morning followed by pain in bowels all day. Vomiting and purging like cholera morbus in the night and all next day.


HOMOEOPATHIA TRIUMPHANS. As an exponent of such treatment, it mattered little, except to one’s pride; the damage to homoeopathic practice is distinct, however, and serves as another sign of the increasing decadence of our school. If we are to uphold our sectarian name, especially where our national and state organizations are concerned, such instances are serious and a threat to our future.


INFANT GRANDPARENTS. In the northern climates, also in many places in the northern-eastern climates, we find things have to grow under normal conditions. Also, water which is irrigated into the plants or into the ground, usually will not give the same reaction that rain water does. Why this is, I am not prepared to say. Frankly, there are many things regarding this I do not know.


THE MENACE OF PENICILLIN. We are here not concerned with the merits or demerits of this now universally prescribed antibiotic, a question on which much can be said. It is the threat to the practice of Hahnemannian homoeopathy which disturbs us; for the more often the antibiotics are resorted to by homoeopathic physicians, the more will their ability as prescribers deteriorate, until a point is reached at which homoeotherapy is likely to vanish altogether.


REMEDIES AND TREATMENT DURING MENOPAUSE. The multiplicity of life of these modern times has added to these increased needs. Many women are of necessity placed in a position to bear the burdens of others; the added strain and shock have apparently made their own complaints very difficult to relieve. They often have hidden worries, which they seem unable to talk over with anyone.