CANCER OF TONGUE. Warty-spongy growths pockets in mouth filled with exudates. Sycotic manifestations. All body fluids degenerate, become sour. digestive disturbances; gangrenous conditions. Vaccination(!) and syphilis. Epithelioma, bleeding and spongy; naevi; mucous tubercles; eruptions uncovered surfaces. perspiring where not covered,but where skin is covered it is dry and hot.

Alumen:Dry tongue (also black ) with burning pains evenings;sour taste; stitches toward tip; scirrhus. Inclination to hardening around infiltrated spots. Cancerous infiltration of glands; intolerable pain.

Apis: Swelling,induration with stitches and burning pains. Tongue dry, inflamed making swallowing difficult. Ulceration (especially on left edge). Fissures or vesicles.

Arsenicum: Thickened edges,white coating, read in middle and toward tip. Or the tongue has a whitish, yellow white or brown coating with red edges,as if painted thick white. Ulceration o anterior part or edges,purple. Arsenicum has cured lip cancer,and suits exactly the cancer diathesis. If the subjective symptoms are present, higher potencies should be chose; otherwise the lower potencies are preferable.

Arsenicum hydrogenisatum: ?Tongue thick and has irregular deep ulcers with knotty swelling. Mouth dry and hot; little thirst.

Aurum metallicum: Metallic taste; Light-brown coating of tongue. Taste bitter,or lost. Dry sensation in mouth;tongue like leather and stiff. Tongue hard after biting it in sleep. Melancholia. Sanguinics with dare hair and eyes; patient is lively, always in motion; full of fear, worries about future. constitutions weakened by syphilis and mercurialism. Suicidal moods; despair. Patients who get red race from mental emotions. Nocturnal aggravation.

Aurum metallicum; Tongue flat; halitosis. Cancer of hard leather like tongue difficult to move. Induration remaining after glossitis. Tongue red,dry, ulcerated; cancerous swelling of glands. Results from abuse of mercury.

Benzoicum acidum: Tongue slightly purple and as if veiled, sponge,deep fissures,diffuse ulcers. Ulcerated swelling at angle of a jaw. Fungoid, mapped tongue. Urine dark, of strong odor.

Calcarea carbonica: Tongue fissured,especially after abuse of mercury. Coating white or dirty;bad taste. Tongue, hands and lips turn pale, purplish. Pain under tongue when swallowing. Swelling of sublingual glands. Ranula-like tumor presses tongue upward. Syphilitic ulcer, ragged ulcers; swelling of one side of tongue.

Calcarea fluorica: Hardening and ulceration threaten. congenital syphilis with destruction in mouth and throat. Heat in affected parts; tongue as if lacerated,with or without pain. Induration after inflammation; digging pains.

Carbo animals: Burning in mouth with vesicles on points and edges of tongue. Palace and tongue dry. Nodular hardening, also in glands, generally with burning and cutting pains. Scirrhus. Polypi and cancer.

Carbonicum acidum: Fetid discharges. Ulcerated plaques on inner surface of lips and cheeks. Burning from mouth to stomach.

Chromicum acidum: Tumours in posterior parts of nose. Painful symptoms come and go suddenly, periodically.

Crotalus horridus: tongue red, yellow, stiff, numb. Swelling and inflammation to such an extent that there were not room enough in the mouth. Strong inclination to haemorrhages.

Eosin: Burning in tongue which is red like beet. Tongue feels as if bitten; swelling, salivation, and the on inner surface of lips;swelling near root of tongue. general burning and redness; vertigo; patient feels very big. Burning under fingernails. Pruritus; palms red.

Gallium aparinum(goose grass): Some cases were improved or cured by internal and external use of the tincture.

Hoang-Nan: It overcomes fetid odor of cancer discharges, follows well after arsenicum; favours healing.

Hydrastis; Tongue and lips as if burned, red, dry, vesicles on the point. Coating yellowish-white, dirty thick. Tongue enlarged,soft, broad,showing imprint of teeth,as if raw; papillae prominent Hard,firm cancers with wrinkled skin. It relieves pain and improves general health. Is most suitable in the beginning and when an adjacent gland is involved. Has frequently been valuable.

Kali chloricum: Tongue white in middle. Two symmetric ulcers on edges. Stitching and burning in tongue. Stomatitis. Mucous membrane of tongue red, swollen and ulcerated. Ulcers with gray base, extend to cheeks and lips. Tanned appearance of mucous membranes.

Kali cyanatum: Lips and mucous membranes pale; taste as from alum, astringent. Cancerous ulcers on right side of tongue. Tongue dark with white coating. Patients who are used to liquor (whisky) Can only swallow fluids very painfully. One such case improved quickly after Kali cyanatum 5c. In another case where the base of tongue was involved the cure was complete.

Kali iodatum: Rancid taste in mouth and throat. Imprint of teeth on swollen tongue. Very valuable after abuse of mercurials. Burning in point of tongue;vesicles,m ulcerations of tongue and month. Severe pain at base of tongue.

Kali chloricum (Schussler) Suppuration in mouth (leading to perforation of cheek) with white coating. Pre-cancerous degeneration of mucous membrane. Cancerous ulcers. the swollen tongue fills month, shows imprint of teeth. Deep ulcers with fetid discharge. ?small superficial ulcers one edges of tongue. Dark, hard plaques; some thick white coating of tongue, yellow in middle. Burning, stitching vesicles, inflammation prevents speaking; mapped tongue, yellow in middle. sensation of pressure on tongue.

Causticum: Intolerable sensation of boiling and burning in mucous membrane. Painful vesicles at point of tongue; pain as if bitten. Paralysis of tongue. Sore sensation.

Condurango; Slight pain in left half of tongue; painful pustules on right side of point of tongue. Cancer of tongue. Commissurae of tongue deeply cleft; warty growths;tongue very sensitive. Condurango hastens granulation and cicatrization. Open ulcerative cancer; it lessens burning and shooting pains also painless ulcers with hard, margins and ichorous discharges. Crampy stomachache. It is indicated when it seems that a small cancer node is located in tongue, which is sensitive and pains nights.

Conium: Speech is difficulty. Mouth and tongue are deformed lips and sticky. tongue swollen, painful and stiff. Swelling with stitching pain in glands. Ulcers with ichorous. fetid discharge.

Necrosis. Cancer of lips extending into face,following contusions.Severe shooting and stitching pains.,.

Lachesis: Acrid taste;heavy tongue; speech distorted. Can not open mouth sufficiently. chancre-like appearance of tongue edges. ?Tremor of tongue and motion hindered. Vesicles become ulcers;l threatened suffocation. tongue stiff as leather. Tongue swollen, white with raised papillae;dry red tongue, lacerated, brown in middle;dry black,stiff,trembling tongue.

Muriaticum acidum; Sweetish taste,or sour, fetid., tongue heavy alike lead, interfering with speech. Atrophy of tongue. purple color. deep ulcers with white base and vesicle. Almost entire month and tonsils covered with white-gray membrane. Ulcers margins and surrounding area purplish. Painful, blue tongue.; deep ulcers with inverted margins. Warty ulcers of bean size, fissured. Hardening around center point making expectoration and speaking difficult.,.

Nitricum acidum; Taste bitter and sour with burning in Mouth. Tongue sensitive even to soft food,is bitten in chewing.The tongue is red or whitish-yellow; dry mornings, also green; salivation;l dry and fissured. Sensitive white spots and points. Burning vesicles, One edge smell nodules ulceration with thick, tenacious mucus. Deep ulcers with irregular margins., Syphilis., glossitis aggravated by quick silver. Takes could easily. Hydrogenic constitution. Lip quicksilver. Takes cold easily. hydrogenic constitution,. Lip commissurae lacerated as in Condurango. ulcers need easily like raw flesh with jagged margins and proliferations at ground.

Phosphorus: Weak and difficult speech; can only mumble. Taste bitter, acrid, salty or sweetish; bad taste mornings as of spoiled eggs; burning interpolate. Point of tongue swollen with burning pain. emaciation rapid and severe, almost to skeleton. wounds bleed easily and copiously. Mucus; fatty degeneration Open cancer. Scirrhus; papillae bleed easily. Hematoid fungus.

Phytolacca; Unpleasant metallic taste. Severe pain at base of tongue, as also in tonsils,burning sensation in posterior past of tongue. Tongue thickly coated yellow and dry; tip very red and hot,raw sensation and sensitive; Small; ulcers as after abuse of quick silver. Lips and tongue dry with much pain,also in tonsils; patient feels hot. emaciation;chlorosis;inflammation of enlarged glands. It favours suppuration. Tongue thickened.

Radium bromatum: Stitching as from needles at tip of tongue; salivation; metallic taste;heat in esophagus extending into stomach. Tongue dry at root. Craves cold water on account of dryness.

Chilly, better from warm covering. Very tired; weak in afternoon. Pains in muscles and joints during thunderstorm and on motion; better in open air and on continued motion. Nocturnal pruritus. Very excited.

Sempervivum: Deep ulcer of tongue with high margins.Cancer at or near root of tongue. Can be used internally and externally. entire mouth sensitive and painful.

Sepia: Taste better, salty, unpleasant,acid. Mouth dry and hot. Burning at tip of tongue and is if torn. Small vesicles with painful margins. tongue painful as from a scar. Cancer of lips. Swelling of submaxillary glands.

Emil Schlegel
Emil Schlegel. Doctor (1852 - 1934), was a German Jewish homeopathic physician in Tubingen, Germany. He fled Nazi persecution in World War II to find refuge in America. Emil Schlegel knew Samuel Hahnemann and he was a colleague of Pierre Schmidt and a friend of Rudolf Steiner.
Emil Schlegel was father of Oswald Schlegel. He taught homeopathy to Elizabeth Wright Hubbard.
Emil Schlegel wrote Occular Diagnosis, Fortschrifte Der Homöopathie in Lehre und Praxis, and he also wrote for homeopathic journals, and he is widely quoted in homeopathic books.