Both remedies are indicated in the irritable type of individual. The Nux Vomica patient is of a quarrelsome, spiteful disposition and doesnt care who knows it. The Coca patient is not dependable, is exceedingly nervous and anxious, but not so quick on the trigger.

I have had occasion of compare the action of Nux Vomica and that of Erythroxylon Coca, and have been surprised how the action of one complements that of the other.

Both act on the Cerebro-Spinal System, but Nux Vomica is very much more active there than is Coca. Coca does not produce Cerebral congestion, which Nux Vomica is a Cerebro-Spinal irritant, with most of its influence on the spine.

Coca exerts an even stimulation of the brain and, in consequence, produces increased respiration and pulse rate. Because of this constant increase we can look for a rise in temperature and blood pressure.

Nux Vomica also raises the blood pressure by increasing the hearts action, but it is uneven and spasmodic in its effect.

Everywhere Nux Vomica exerts an uneven action, always spasmodic, thus showing its action on the brain is not complete, but that the Spinal system is heavily affected and carries messages through in a jerky, spasmodic manner.

Coca exerting most of its influence on the brain is not spasmodic in effect, hence is complementary to Nux.

Both remedies are indicated in the irritable type of individual. The Nux Vomica patient is of a quarrelsome, spiteful disposition and doesnt care who knows it. The Coca patient is not dependable, is exceedingly nervous and anxious, but not so quick on the trigger.

Both types of patients may suffer from excesses, in eating, from stimulation of tobacco, alcohol or even over exertion mentally.

The Nux Vomica patient wakens at 2 or 3 A.M., and lies awake until nearly morning and goes to sleep about the time he should be getting up.

The Coca patient cant sleep at all…Wants to sleep, but is too nervous and restless.

The Nux Vomica patient is very irritable and fault-finding, but the Coca patient just cant bear society; he too is irritable, but does not want to fight.

The headache of Nux vomica is worse in the morning; it is in the occiput and forehead. In fact, his whole head feels as large as on the morning after. He also has dizziness.

Coca headache may also be in the occiput with a feeling of a band in the forehead, and he too has vertigo. His hangover comes at any time and lasts longer.

The Coca man gets so much stimulation form his drug that he can stand high mountain climbing. Poor old Nux Vomica will take a dare and climb too, but his breathing gets short and heart irregular. He has to sit down pretty often and he may not make the summit. Do you see the difference? Coca exerts a sturdy influence on the brain and through it on the spinal nervous system. In time of course it will lose its effect and depression and melancholy follow.

Nux Vomica exerts its effect mostly on the spine, hence its stimulation is intercepted or impeded and is spasmodic.

It is in the digestive tract that I have particularly noted differences.

The Nux Vomica sustains its action on the musculature of the walls of the stomach and bowels, and hence we would find its usefulness in delayed digestion, flatulent distension and even spasmodic colic.

Coca I believe acts on different tissue. In my opinion its action is one the mucus lining of the stomach and bowels and probably delays the digestion by inhibiting gastric and intestinal secretions. There is not the gluttonous eating, followed by complete loss of appetite as in Nux Vomica, but it does have distension, burning sensation in the mouth and a coated tongue.

Nux Vomica is a remedy eulogized for constipation. It is very useful, but if you are a low potency prescriber, you will find that after several days the bowers are over stimulated, and move inadequately several times daily. Only in the higher potencies do you get the correcting action of Nux in constipation.

Coca is a milder medicine, but is much better as a laxative in the lower potencies, as it seems to increase the mucus secretion in the bowel.

So frequently in patients requiring Nux, who are subject to rheumatism, develop rheumatic twinges even in the higher potencies. Nux seems to lack action on the converting organs which should direct the wastes through the kidneys.

Coca is just so much better. Patients can take it for indigestion and it seems to be almost as good as Bryonia in directing the acids through the kidneys.

Coca was proved by Doctor Mueller in 1856 according to Hom. V.J.Schrift Vll-443: B.J.Hom, XV-229. The leaves were used in the preparation.

Personally I have overlooked a medicine which I now feel may be as useful in my practise in chronic digestive troubles as Nux Vomica. Perhaps I have failed to make some cures I might have, had I prescribed Coca.

Each remedy of course has its distinctions. For instance we are having a peculiar epidemic of influenza cold just now. Head colds with earache and sinus troubles. Aconite handles the early stages, but after the nose stuff up at night, and they develop cough with a scraping feeling in the throat. The cough causing soreness in the stomach region. This is a Nux Vomica condition, and Coca would not be indicated.

Do not overlook Erythroxylon Coca in your digestive disturbances, especially the digestive disturbances of advancing age.

I think you all know that the age of man is gauged by the condition of his abdomen. if it is flabby and sags down over the pelvic bones, then his digestion is slow and much blood is held there; blood which should be recharging his brain and revitalizing his tottering legs.

Nux Vomica and Coca together with Sepia are often needed in conditions like this.

R C Bowie