Columbus, with no adequate conception of the vast field before him, set out to find a new path to the Indies. He took an exactly opposite course from that pursued by all former navigators, he sailed off into the unknown west, and was rewarded by the discovery of a continent, a consummation unsought for, undreamed of-but its importance was a thousand-fold greater than if he had accomplished his original design.

So with Hahnemann, who set out to reduce his doses and discovered potentization, an entirely new principle in posology, a whole continent in the world of therapeutics; a discovery of such transcendent importance as to be sufficiently alone to immortalize its discoverer; a principle inseparately connected with advanced and intelligent homoeopathy; a principle which correlates the dynamic forces of the lower with the life-forces of the higher spiritual kingdom of nature; a principle without which it is absolutely impossible to account rationally for the action of highly potentized drugs. A.R. MORGAN, M.D. 1892.

H.A. Roberts
Dr. H.A.Roberts (1868-1950) attended New York Homoeopathic Medical College and set up practrice in Brattleboro of Vermont (U.S.). He eventually moved to Connecticut where he practiced almost 50 years. Elected president of the Connecticut Homoeopathic Medical Society and subsequently President of The International Hahnemannian Association. His writings include Sensation As If and The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy.