An interesting sidelight in these days of economic pressure is that many of our gifts are coming from points outside of the United States. Some of these gifts are small, and some are coming from far distant, isolated places where The Recorder has a peculiarly heightened value, in that it is the only link between homoeopathic pioneers and their homoeopathic background.

Homoeopathy is a great science. It is a greater art. No one of the many practising homoeopathists knows all of the science or all of the art of applying the homoeopathic philosophy in actual practice. The Carriwitchet Department is run for the benefit of the many who have questions arising in their study and practice every day in the week. A failure? Why not send in your case, remedy selected and why, potency and application of remedy with result? Consultation in the form of re-analysis or wrong application of philosophic principles may save many an error in the future.

A bit of philosophy not understood? There are masters always willing to expound such.

Inability to choose a remedy? Let us help solve the problem.

Have you certain subjects you would like to have discussed in the form of a definite essay? Such suggestions will be gladly received and acted upon.

Would you like to open a discussion on some subject? Our pages are always open to such discussions.

The Recorder is designed to be your journal. It is designed to be a teaching organ with practical applications to the every day problems of homoeopathy. Let us hear from you. Criticism, questions, discussions, papers, pointers from your clinical work, suggestions.- E.B.L.


Mileposts are set by human hands to mark off distances. Nations have set periods of time to mark distances from certain events, or in which to accomplish certain tasks. Physicians mark off periods in preparation for their work, and after the work is once established, they give themselves certain times to accomplish still more in the way of their development.

This month ends the first five years of the International Hahnemannian Associations publication of The Homoeopathic Recorder.

During these five years we have learned much. In the traversing of these five years many viewpoints have been brought to bear upon the work of the Editorial Board, but always we have kept in mind the development of a teaching journal that should teach unwaveringly the principles and practice of the homoeopathic art. How well we have accomplished our aim has been voiced by many Recorder readers.

We have tried to bring vividly before those interested in homoeopathy the fundamental principles laid down by Hahnemann and his true followers, and we have tried to renew interest in these precepts in those who have faltered by the way, and to rouse the interest of those who have not previously known the benefits of this art.

During this period, and to this end, we have given a striking strong course in the principles of homoeopathy by Doctor Elizabeth Wright Hubbard. Articles upon the nosodes by Doctor Margaret Burgess-Webster, that correlated much hitherto scattered information into practical materia medica, have been published in The Recorder. The work of Doctor Webster in making the scattered fragments of Sanicula provings into a perfect whole and available to the profession was exceedingly valuable.

The work of Doctor Gladwin in the corrections to Kents Repertory, the Additions to Kents Repertory by Doctor Boger, besides many very valuable articles that have been prepared especially for The Recorder by leading homoeopathic physicians; valuable articles presented before different homoeopathic groups; these and many more have contributed to the attested value of The Recorder as a practical handbook for the homoeopathic physician. The Carriwitchets have produced many question and answers that have been of the greatest help; the department of Pointers has given timely suggestion from many members of the profession. The journal reviews have been quite complete.

During the first part of this period we were able, through the work of Doctor Lyle, to publish a comprehensive index of The Recorder and all homoeopathic literature. This we have been unable to maintain because of the expense, although its value is inestimable.

Thus with the co-operation of our co-workers in the homoeopathic field we have been able to produce a journal full of scientific thought and valuable help to the real students of homoeopathy.

For the future which lies before us we have some very choice things in store. We hope to maintain the standard of excellence as the years go by, and that we may make each journal better than the one which went before.- H.A.R.

The Business Manager has been greatly encouraged during the past month by the fact that our appeal for assistance in carrying on the work of the journal has brought to this office many very encouraging letters, some of them enclosing a fifty dollar pledge or payment toward the endeavor, and some a part of that amount.

H.A. Roberts
Dr. H.A.Roberts (1868-1950) attended New York Homoeopathic Medical College and set up practrice in Brattleboro of Vermont (U.S.). He eventually moved to Connecticut where he practiced almost 50 years. Elected president of the Connecticut Homoeopathic Medical Society and subsequently President of The International Hahnemannian Association. His writings include Sensation As If and The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy.