Stitches in left chest better lying on the right side. Oppression of chest, must sit up in bed, when coughing or expectorating anxiety and pressure of chest. Heaviness of the chest as if a weight were lying on it. Great tightness across the chest; Burning and piercing soreness and constriction in chest: Chest is sore, bruised, with great weight and tightness over chest; Burning, rawness and dryness of the air passages of upper chest.


Movement in the abdomen as if something alive, as if the abdominal muscles were pushed outward by the arm of the foetus, but painless. Swelling of the pit of the stomach. Soreness of the navel. The upper part of abdomen is drawn in. The fluid which he drinks falls with a noise in the stomach. Induration of the stomach. Induration of the abdomen. Taste of putrid eggs in the mouth in the morning.

Headache Repertory

Agar; Anac; apis; Arg-m; Arn; Ars; Asaf; Asar; Bar-c; Bell; Bism; Bov; Bry; Bufo; Cact; Calc; Cal-p; Canth; Caps; Cham; Chel; Chin; Cic; Coloc; Ferr; Gels; Glon; Graph; Ign; Kali-bi; Kali-s; Lac-d; Lach; Laur; Merc; Mez; Nux-vom; Phos; Phyt; Psor; Rust-t; Rob; Sang; Sep; Sil; Sulph; Syph; Thuja; Verat. Aco; Am-c; Am-m; Ant-c; Aur; Cann-i; Cann-s; Carb-v; Caust; Cina; Cycl; Dulc; Ip; Iris; Kalm; Kreos; Led; Mag-c; Mag-m; Meny; Nat-m; Selen; Stann, Etc.

Rheumatism – 2

In the lower limbs bruised pain and heaviness. Muscles of the thighs, painful while sitting down. Drawing tearing pains in thighs. Pain in left thigh better rubbing. Rigidity and stiffness in the knees. Tension of knees. Tendons feel too short. Shooting pain in knees. Bruised feeling in the limbs. Drawing tearing pains in the limbs better external warmth, worse cold.

Why Failures In Homoeopathic Prescribing

As a fruit detached from the tree must fall to the ground, so recovery must follow when a patient is treated according to the homoeopathic laws provided recovery is possible. The homoeopathic laws cannot make a man immortal as immortality is against the laws of nature. So also, where the disease has advanced so far as to lead to the destruction of organs and tissues, it would be futile to expect a cure. The limitations of homoeopathy must be understood, and the laws applied rationally if success is to be aspired for.


Every part of our body that possesses the sense of touch is also capable of receiving the influence of medicines, and of propagating their power to all other parts. Intermittents after abuse of quinine, living in damp regions or near newly turned ground. Sensation as if something in the chest prevented exhalation when talking and coughing, coldness of hands. Intussusception of the bowels, with singultus, violent colic, stercoraceous vomiting and great agony.