Now these evidences of nervous excitement are accompanied by excessive prostration; the back and limbs ache; the back feels stiff; the patient feels tired and bruised all over; he complains of the bed feeling too hard; this makes him restless, and he tosses about the bed to find a softer spot. Weakness develops, progressing so far that he becomes unable to walk: he suffers from an indescribable weak faint feeling with or without vertigo.


Aggravation: Morning on waking. Evening 7 p.m. night. About midnight. Bending head backward. Fasting, if hunger is not appeased at once. Mental exertion. When the desire for food is not immediately satisfied. 1 a.m. to 10 a.m. Amelioration: After eating. Description: Violent headache when the desire for food is not immediately satisfied, better after eating. Severe pain in vertex as if the brain were shaking, with nausea, which prevents her from keeping the head quiet. Lancinating pains first in one side, then in the other occipital headache after mental exertion.


Cholera Infantum is not a real cholera but is a dangerous type of summer complaint of children. It is characterized by frequent purging and vomiting in association with a rise of temperature. The stools are watery and copious. Dehydration and consequent weakness are always obvious accompanying factors. Hand-fed and bottle-fed children upto the age of two years are its more common victims than the children at breast and the elderly ones.


Perhaps I have spent too much time on unimportant symptoms to the neglect of more useful ones. However, I have spent too much time on unimportant symptoms to the neglect of more useful ones. However, I have attempted to cover in some detail those pertaining to the female organs of generation, for it is here, I believe, that this remedy exhibits its greatest powers.


The oldest was fourteen years old; they all died from some suppurative condition, one from an appendix, one from a mastoid I dont recall what the others died from. They all died in hospitals. This child would have gone on the same road after a while if they hadnt had him taken care of in time by the proper homoeopathic remedies. The inordinate desire for cheese. I believe, is a guiding symptom for Cistus canadensis. It seemed so prominent in this case that I gave it on a stab.


Heartburn after meals of fat food. Milk sours on stomach. Sensation as if something turned over in stomach. Scraped sensation in pit of stomach. Region of stomach sensitive to pressure. Tension in pit of stomach and in back between shoulder blades. Pressure over solar plexus brings on spasms. Tension and fullness in epigastrium. Throbbing in region of stomach.


Hot Calendula compress applied to painful abscess, boils, carbuncles, whitlows, and to all painful swellings and suppurations will subdue pains and discomforts and aid the healing process. In all cases of carbuncles I advise Calendula compress (Calendula plants are boiled in water which becomes greenish in colour) and Calendula dressing along with the indicated remedy. Ulcers with foul discharges invite the use of Calendula.