Heartburn after meals of fat food. Milk sours on stomach. Sensation as if something turned over in stomach. Scraped sensation in pit of stomach. Region of stomach sensitive to pressure. Tension in pit of stomach and in back between shoulder blades. Pressure over solar plexus brings on spasms. Tension and fullness in epigastrium. Throbbing in region of stomach.


Causes: Acid things. Loss of animal fluids. Brandy. Bread. Coffee. fermented drinks (beer. Emotions. Anger, chagrin, etc. Milk. Over-loading stomach. Over study. Pepper. Sedentary habits. Sexual abuse. Spirits. Watching. Water. Wine. Tobacco. Abuse of alcoholic drinks. Abuse of drugs. Beer. Cheese. Debauchery. Dietetic indiscretion. Egg albumen. Excesses. Vegetables. Defect of nerves. High living. Animal food. Mental exertion. Farinaceous food.

Type: Flatulent. Acid. Atonic. Nervous. Catarrhal.

Desires: alcoholic drinks. Beer, Brandy, Whisky, Coffee, Cold drinks. Highly seasoned food. Milk. Sweets. Tobacco. Tonics. Fats. Spices. Chalk.

Aversions: Acids Alcoholic stimulants. Ale. Beer (Morning). Bread. Brown bread. Coffee. Drinks. Food After eating a little. Aversion to food with hunger. Meat. Milk. Tobacco. Water. Cold water.

Taste: Bad (in the morning). Bitter. (Morning). Bread tastes bitter. During eating. Bitter taste. Metallic. Putrid (morning) selfish. Sour (morning). Bread tastes sour. Sour taste after drinking; after eating. Food tastes sour. Milk tastes sour. Sulphur-like taste. Sweetish taste. Loss of taste. Tastelessness of all food. Sour taste in mouth, Sour odor of breath. Sour taste esp. in the morning or after eating and drinking.

Appetite: Diminished Easy satiety. Increased Ravenous Wanting Ravenous hunger, especially about a day before an attack of dyspepsia. No hunger. Ravenous hunger after drinking beer. Hunger, sometimes with dislike to food or prompt satiety. Hunger with aversion to food, especially to bread, coffee and tobacco. Great hunger soon after eating. Ravenous hunger in afternoon.

Thirst: Thirst in the morning, with aversion to water and beer. Thirst in the afternoon, in the night. Thirst with dread of liquid. Extreme thirst.

Tongue: Fissured; Black; Black with red edges. Brown; Red; White; yellow. Dryness of mouth and tongue. First half of tongue clean, posterior covered with deep fur. White, yellow, cracked edges. Tongue coated thick, dirty yellow, white.

Nausea: Continual nausea, and inclination to vomit, worse in morning or during a meal or after eating or drinking. Nausea, particularly when patient feels very sick at the stomach, feels “If I only could vomit, I would be so much better.” Wants to vomit but cannot. Nausea and vomiting with much retching. Nausea in the morning and after dinner. Nausea with retching after meals. Nausea with syncope.

Nausea and vomiting every morning with constipation. Nausea after meals. Nausea during meals. Nausea in evening. Excessive thirst for beer, followed by nausea. Nausea in morning; from tobacco. Nausea; heartburn; waterbrash; after eating. Sinking in pit of stomach, suddenly, with nausea or vomiting. Chronic nausea. Deathly nausea if head was raised from pillow.

Vomiting: Constant nausea especially in open air. Vomiting of food; of blood; of clotted blood; of sour matter; vomiting with cold legs. Vomiting of water, then of food. Vomiting after meals. Vomiting with congestion in chest. Vomiting with abdominal pain. Vomiting with trembling. Vomiting of sour mucus; of food and drink; of bile, of blood. Frequent vomiting. Nausea and sour. bitter vomiting; or rising of sour, bitter fluid from stomach. Violent vomiting. Chronic vomiting. Sour vomiting early in morning. Nausea with or without vomiting. Vomiting of glairy mucus.

Vomiting with cold legs.

Pyrosis: Worse after taking acids or fat food. Waterbrash.

Accumulation of water in mouth; nocturnal salivation; bloody saliva, Colic with waterbrash.

Heartburn: Before breakfast; after acids, in drunkards; after eating, after fat food, waterbrash after eating.

Accumulation of albuminous mucus or of water in the mouth.

Eructations: Morning; at night; ameliorates; During a chill; Difficult; after drinking; after eating; while fasting; Ineffectual and incomplete. Painful; Acrid; Bitter (night). Eructations of food. Eructations tasting of food. Foul eructations. Putrid eructations. Salty eructations. Sour eructations. (Morning after walking); sour eructations after milk. Sour, bitter eructations. Difficult belching of gas.

Stomach and Abdomen: Colic, with fullness in stomach and abdomen, cannot bear clothes tight. Aching in stomach. Heartburn of acid things. Pain in stomach from acidity. Great hunger soon after eating. Pressing pain in epigastrium, as from over-loading stomach, immediately after eating. Respiration short after meals. Pain in stomach after meals. Cramps in stomach after meals. Breath obstructed after meals.

Chilliness after meals. Syncope after meals. Weakness after meals. Sleepiness after meals. Uneasiness after meals Tightness of chest after meals. Bloatedness and pressure as from a stone in stomach; especially after eating Nausea, heartburn, waterbrash after eating. Soreness in scrobiculus relieved after meals. After eating (two or three hours) epigastrium bloated with pressure in stomach as from a stone.

After a meal qualmish, anxious, nauseated, debilitated and sick (or a violent cathartic). Pressure in stomach an hour or two after a meal, with dullness of head and hypochondriacal mood. Flatulency after meals. Qualmishness after eating. Debility after eating. Ravenous hunger in afternoon. Bad effects of coffee, a drink; debauchery, Cardialgia, with clawing constriction in pit of stomach extending to small of back or anus. Clawing cramping pains in stomach, with pressure and tension between scapulae; pains extend to chest or down back to anus with urging to stool in gastralgia. Aversion to all food.

Region of stomach very sensitive to extreme pressure, cannot bear tight clothing. Longing for brandy, beer, fat food, chalk, Heartburn, waterbrash, worse before breakfast also with drunkards. Burning at pylorus, in stomach. Desire for earth, chalk, lime. Longing for brandy and chalk. Hiccough from overeating or from cold drinks. Indigestion with distress in stomach immediately after eating and feeling as if stomach knotted up. Flatulent distension after eating or drinking. Disordered stomach from overeating; from debauchery; from high living from drugs; from sedentary habits. Perspiration on forehead during meals Syncope during meals.

Heartburn after meals of fat food. Milk sours on stomach. Sensation as if something turned over in stomach. Scraped sensation in pit of stomach. Region of stomach sensitive to pressure. Tension in pit of stomach and in back between shoulder blades. Pressure over solar plexus brings on spasms. Tension and fullness in epigastrium. Throbbing in region of stomach. Tastelessness of all food. Painful soreness of the abdominal muscles when moving pressing on them, coughing or laughing.

Sour taste and nausea in the morning, after eating, weight and pain in stomach, worse eating, sometime after. Flatulence and pyrosis. Epigastrium bloated, with pressure as of a stone, several hours after eating. Desire for stimulants. Loves fat and tolerates them well. Dyspepsia from drinking strong coffee. Colic from uncovering abdomen. Colic with upward pressure, causing short breath and desire for stool. Rumbling and rolling in bowels. Drinks oppress the stomach and cause nausea with inclination to vomit. Animal food aggravates.

Colic from indigestion with waterbrash.

Flatulent colic with pressure upward, causing dyspnoea, and downward coughing urging to stool and urination. Colic with cold hands and cold feet worse by walking, relief by bending double, by rest, sitting or lying.

Bread, acids, milk disagree, but all food aggravates.

Liver swollen, hard and sensitive to pressure of clothing. Jaundice provoked by violent anger, abuse of quinine, stitches in hepatic region worse from contact or motion. Hepatic affection in good liver.

Stool: Diarrhoea alternating with constipation. Diarrhoea, pain and tenesmus cease, after the stool but leave a feeling as if some were yet to come. Ineffectual urging. Constipation, large, hard, difficult stools, frequent urging without effect; sensation as if much remained after stool to discharge.

Urine: Retention of urine. Strangury. Painful in effectual desire to urinate. Painful emission of thick urine. Reddish urine, with brick dust sediment.

Accompaniments: Anger. Fiery, excited temperament. Over sensitiveness to external impressions. After anger chilliness. Laziness. Head symptoms are worse in the morning, in the open air and from mental exertion and from motion; better in a warm room. Coryza fluent during the day worse in the warm room, better in the cold air, dry coryza during the evening and night. Pale, yellowish and earth color of the face. Yellowness around the mouth and nose, or around the eyes.

Backache in lumbar region; must sit up in order to turn in bed, cold sweaty hands with cold nose. The veins on the hands and arms are prominent, enlarged. Great inclination to lie down or to sit, with aversion to move about and to the open air. Thin slender persons. Persons of sedentary habits. Persons who dissipate at night. Cannot sleep after 3 a.m. until towards morning, awakes feeling wretchedly. The morning sleep aggravates all his complaints. Perspiration which relieves the pain in the limbs. Rheumatic pains especially during windy weather.

Aggravation: Morning. Mental exertion. After eating or overeating. Touch. Noise. Anger, spices, narcotics dry weather, in cold air. Uncovering.

Amelioration: In damp wet weather. Rest. Lying down.

Prabir Kumar