Pulsating throbbing headache; throbbing headache worse from music, brainfag from mental overwork and constant strain of eyes, sudden shooting pains in head especially vertex, worse walking fast, when lying down, better open air, crampy pain on whole left side of head. Weight and throbbing on walking in forehead, worse stooping, better cold washing.


In acute diseases the diet should be according to the nature of the disease. Solid or liquid diet is to be allowed according to circumstances. The rules of diet given in all books on practice of medicine should be our guide. Here common sense plays an important part. Some patients cannot tolerate milk. In such a case a milk diet will only aggravate the symptoms.


Sometimes the Arsenic thirst though very intense, may equally put the physician off. Usually in the burning thirst the child very frequently drinks in small sips just to keep the mouth moist. But water aggravates the neuralgic pain, and causes vomiting immediately after drinking. Hence the Arsenic kid sometimes refrains from drinking, although he has intense thirst.


Well, any neophyte homoeopath can easily see which drug picture I am arriving at. It is a perfect picture of Lachesis. Lachesis 200 one dose was given. Pt suffered no more from the attacks. He used to examine his urine every day and it always contained a trace of sugar. After Lachesis this sugar also disappeared. He has gone on two months leave and I have not yet heard anything from him.


The material organism, without the vital force, is capable of no sensation, no function, no self preservation; it derives all sensation and performs all the functions of life solely by means of the immaterial being (the vital force) which animates the material organism in health and in disease.


So many severe aggravations appeared following the use of the indicated remedy in crude form that he was led to the procedure of dilution in an attempt to eliminate these untoward phenomena. Yet even in the higher dilutions the indicated remedy will show an accentuation of the disease manifestations, though in a mild degree, within a short while after its administration.


Arteriosclerosis, or to give it its full title Diffuse Arteriosclerosis is a condition commonly found in cases of high blood-pressure, and consists of a thickening and degeneration of the arterial walls, with a subsequent hardening and loss of elasticity. This hardening primarily affects the arterioles and smaller arteries, especially in the muscles, kidneys and brain.


Infection is carried by discharges from the mouth, nose and feces. These therefore should be disinfected. Water, If not chlorinated, should be boiled, before drinking. Children should not be permitted to bathe in streams, lakes or swimming pools. Over-crowded places like cinemas and bazaars should be avoided, particularly by children. As much time as possible should be spent in the open air.

Abdomen & Pelvis – Homoeopathy & Surgery

Many and varied are the conditions that may affect the organs of this portion of the body. A proper differential diagnosis of an existing condition is necessary to ascertain whether the individual condition can be cured by homoeopathic remedies. The differential diagnoses in this region may be most confusing, though in the light of present day diagnostic methods there is much to simplify our conclusion.