A Case Of So Called Kala-Azar

A Case Of So Called Kala-Azar.
Bose N C


A Lady, aged about 34 or 35 years. She was suffering from Malarial ty…

A Lady, aged about 34 or 35 years. She was suffering from Malarial type of fever and had taken quinine and specific injections in plenty for about two months-the fever paroxysm which was of quotidian type not leaving her even for a day. When she began to have night sweats, and spit blood, her physician, a competent allopath, directed her to go o the General Hospital at Patna.

At this time she came to me, and her condition was as follows:-

She was very weak and could hardly walk even 20 yards without taking rest. Her fever paroxysm began in the evening. During the chill she had thirst and her left foot was colder than the right. During the heat she was not so thirsty, but wanted very hard fanning inspite of the fact that sweat kept her drenched all along the febrile stage. Intense bone pains and headache accompanied the fever.

Her abdomen was bloated in the right side. Had not menstruated during these three months. At present at the time when the menses should appear, she gets cold and coryza and bloating of the upper eyelids. She was very sleepy. Bowels loose and a very large spleen and liver.

She got 2 doses of Carbo veg. in 200th potency. and the fever stopped from the next day. A few days after a slight fever came in the evening, and a few doses of 1000th were given, after which the fever never appeared. After Carbo veg. has done all it could do, Kali Carb. 1M, was given and the spleen and lever was gone. At this time scabby symptoms came out on her body together with tympanitic abdomen in the evening and constipated bowels. She had Lycopodium 10M and was cured. It is 4 years since and she had no relapse.

N C Bose