Clinical Cases

Clinical Cases. Vivian R P


CASE. I. Man, 64. Has been treated for rheumatism for about twelve…

Science Vs Medical Sense

Science Vs Medical Sense.
Bose N C


The type of mind which homoeopathy needs and which is susceptible to …

The Use Of The Repertory

The Use Of The Repertory.
Maurice Worcester


No one thing in the method, practice and armamentarium of th…

A Mistake Of The Past

A Mistake Of The Past.
King J B S


There are two ways of getting ideas, one way is from objects; the o…

Paralysis – 1

Paralysis – 1.
Das N C


Selection of appropriate remedies in the treatment of a disease like p…

Relata Refero – 1

Relata Refero – 1.
Bose N C


The following excerpt is taken from Amrita Bazar Patrika of Wednesday……

Veratrum Album In Malaria

Veratrum Album In Malaria.
Bose N C


A child aged 3 or 4 years. He was suffering from malaria. It was rain…

The Etiology Of Eczema

The Etiology Of Eczema.
Junkermann C F


The etiology of eczema as given by many authors. One author sta…