Clinical Cases

Diarrhoea stopped, child not near so thirsty or irritable. Continued Cham. four times a day for another twenty- four hours and child was all right. Child carried in mothers arms, only thing that relieves. Thirsty, terribly cross, hot wet head, particularly when sleeping, thirsty, stool about every forty minutes, green, watery and very irritative, a good deal of colic.

Science Vs Medical Sense

Our mission should be to clarify our own vision, to show homoeopathy as we see it and know it in its higher psychic and mental form, to attract those susceptible to principles rather than to represent it in the form of a scientific manikin devoid of flesh and blood and vitality. We have no quarrel with any who feel a call to descend into the realm of science for the purpose of verifying and presenting homoeopathic truth and perhaps we should be somewhat grateful for the sacrifice; but that it exalts homoeopathy or adds anything to the artistry we doubt very much.

The Use Of The Repertory

The word repertory means to find again, and it is, the dictionary tells us, an index or treasury in which things are disposed in an orderly manner, so they can be easily found. This is all that the first repertories of the homoeopathic materia medica were-indices or reference books-and while they were needed in the early days of Homoeopathy, we need them much more on account of the greatly increased size of the materia medica.

A Mistake Of The Past

The result in my own case and in all my classmates that I have been able to follow was that we practiced a ram-shackle, knock-kneed, erratic, accidental, hap-hazard, strabismic, astigmatic, myopic, ineffectual, despairing, lame, important, pigeon-toed, confused and unscientific Homoeopathy. Its inherent tendency was to deteriorate. It carried in its bosom the seeds of its own degradation and death.

My Experiences With Homoeo Medicines

Totality of symptoms indicated Phosphorus, which reduced diarrhoea and temperature. His excessive desire for food subsided. After two days fever came to normal and stools became dysenteric. Before I was able to decide any other medicine, some one advised the parents to give a little juice of certain green herb very useful in dysentery. It was used and the fever shot up, cough was produced, diarrhoea ensued with more vigour.

Relata Refero – 1

Six doctors have already been appointed and eight lakhs of rupees have been received from private contribution and double the amount has been promised. The situation appears to be hopeful. But we do not congratulate Dr. Roy now. It is too early to do so. Promises, schemes and plans we have had enough in the past. At times we had been flooded with them. But how many of them have been actually carried into practice?

Veratrum Album In Malaria

Later it was observed that the extremities were very cold and the child “chilly”. Menyanthes 200 was given, still no effect. The mother came to me one day and asked me the reason of his sons forehead also being very cold and sweaty at the same time. Of course, I gave her no reason, but handed her ever 3 powders of Veratrum Album 6. The child got well from the next day and had no relapse uptil now-3 years since.

Editorial – The General Council And State Faculty

There is no reasonable ground to keep the matter hanging fire month after mouth and we hope that the Ministry of Public Health & Local Self Govt. will now stir in the matter, that Homoeopathy will take its lawful share in the scheme of health amenities, hatched in the West Bengal Secretariat.

The Etiology Of Eczema

The constant scratching of the skin will produce eczema and is always a perpetuating factor. Eczema may follow other eruptive diseases such as dermatitis, erythema, herpes, psoriasis, the paralytic diseases, urticaria or the various traumatic affections. The disease occurs at any age, in all seasons of the year, in all countries, under all conditions of life and in both sexes.

Paralysis – 1

This little volume is presented in two parts: The first part is a Homoeopathic Therapeutics of Paralysis, and the second contains a short but useful Repertory. The book begins with a brief description of paralysis for ready reference. It is my firm belief that this book will be of undoubted value in the treatment of paralysis from which so many people suffer in a state of utter helplessness. A physician must try his utmost to bring quickest possible relief to the unfortunate sufferers by his careful and infallible selections and I hope the present work will help him much in this direction.

A Case Of So Called Kala-Azar

A few days after a slight fever came in the evening, and a few doses of 1000th were given, after which the fever never appeared. After Carbo veg. has done all it could do, Kali Carb. 1M, was given and the spleen and lever was gone. At this time scabby symptoms came out on her body together with tympanitic abdomen in the evening and constipated bowels.