Clinical Cases

Clinical Cases. Vivian R P


CASE. I. Man, 64. Has been treated for rheumatism for about twelve…

A Mistake Of The Past

A Mistake Of The Past.
King J B S


There are two ways of getting ideas, one way is from objects; the o…

Science Vs Medical Sense

Science Vs Medical Sense.
Bose N C


The type of mind which homoeopathy needs and which is susceptible to …

The Use Of The Repertory

The Use Of The Repertory.
Maurice Worcester


No one thing in the method, practice and armamentarium of th…

Veratrum Album In Malaria

Veratrum Album In Malaria.
Bose N C


A child aged 3 or 4 years. He was suffering from malaria. It was rain…

The Etiology Of Eczema

The Etiology Of Eczema.
Junkermann C F


The etiology of eczema as given by many authors. One author sta…

Paralysis – 1

Paralysis – 1.
Das N C


Selection of appropriate remedies in the treatment of a disease like p…

Relata Refero – 1

Relata Refero – 1.
Bose N C


The following excerpt is taken from Amrita Bazar Patrika of Wednesday……