Howbeit, the whole code of regulations would be only futile if these are not rigidly implemented and carefully and frequently and personally investigated as to their devout observance, or their clandestine escape. Periodical publication of reports of the results of inspection of the affiliated institutions will certainly serve to enlist public confidence in the Homoeopathic system of treatment.

Homoeopathy – Law of Similars

Homoeopathy has its limitations, it is true, but this system is par-excellence in relieving illness. The Physician being broad- minded, will use any adjuvental measures that will aid in restoring health to his patients. The upset in the world structure as of today makes it doubly difficult to educate the people to anything so diametrically different from the so-called allopathic system as the law of similars.


Food passes undigested. Pain in lumbar region to along spermatic cords. Hard lumps in abdomen. Hands and feet cold and prickle. Painful contraction of limbs. Gnawing hunger and whining. Ill effects of suppressed conditions, especially in gouty subjects. Feels as if she would like to do something cruel. As of creeping chills along convolutions of brain, with pricking. Sharp pains here and there, but especially in ovaries and joints.


Kali nitricum has produced conditions simulating sinus trouble on the right side of the face with sense of pressure and hypersensitiveness to touch. The Aranea diadema patient has a sensation as if the hands and forearms were intensely swollen and heavy, and he will rise from his bed and get a light to see what happened to them.


Sudden attacks, come in rapid succession. Before attack: Nervous tremor; screams. During attack: Giddy; jaws fixed; bites tongue; trembles; makes facial grimaces; features distorted; foams at mouth; throws limbs about; bends backward; falls; irregular stertorous breathing; very restless; unconscious, partial or complete. After attack: Weak, great lassitude; stupid; lack of sensibility and loss of memory.


The discharge from one of the ears was still continuing. Sulphur 5c., one dose was given in the morning of 27-10-46. There was an aggravation of the fever at night but on the night of the next day there came a complete remission after sweat. The fever has not returned since then and the otorrhoea of the other ear also disappeared after five days. Thus a case of kalazar was cured.


In all three cases diagnosis played a very important part in the selection of the indicated remedy. Not only that, but the diagnosis also enabled the giving of a prognosis which was also important. How? Why? Because a correct prognosis often gives your patient confidence in you. Again, and illustration.


In atropining animals the pulse is not modified, neither by section nor by galvanism. According to the best authorities, Atropine increases the vascular tension, dilates the arteries and capillaries and increases the energy of ventricular contractions. Luchsinger attributes the enormous increase of the pulsations to paralysis of the intra-cardiac ends of the pneumogastric nerve.