The Ministry of Public Health, Bengal, are not unaware of the piteous condition prevailing in the drug market for want of adequate supplies even at controlled prices. It may not also be unknown to them that millions of suffering public are taking resort to Homoeopathy for its proved efficacy. How long will the Ministry withhold its clemency and conceal its tears of sympathy for the suffering millions.


How a remedy cures is not definitely known. With our present knowledge, one perhaps may say the remedy cures by producing an antitoxin, or an antibody, or an opsome, or by some as yet unexplained process. The remedy as stated above produces a substance that destroys the bacteria, the toxin, etc. Homoeopaths have cured diphtheria long before antitoxin was known.


PHLYCTENOIDES, on dorsum of left hand; vesicles on red swollen base, containing opaque yellow fluid, which forms thick yellow scabs : Carbur. sulph. ” with small white vesicles in groups, forming scab over whole face, especially above nose and around eyes : Sulph. ” CIRCINATUS; Red, elevated rings, distinctly marked, especially on lower extremities : Tellur.


Sulphur is particularly indicated in diarrhoea worse in the morning; early in bed; after midnight; after taking cold; in damp weather; after taking milk, after acids. In children: dentition: after suppressed eruption. After ale or beer. From artificial food. During sleep. During pregnancy. Its colic is worse after eating and drinking.


For some years it has been the popular procedure in many of our great clinics to put the patient to bed and fill him as full of digitalis as possible without producing an immediate lethal result. This is done in cases where digitalis is not the indicated remedy, and in cases where there is no organic heart disease. You may be sure that the patient will have heart disease when he comes home and will never fully recover.