Homoeopathy us par excellence the science of psychology as applied to the proper understanding of the disorders of mankind and their rational treatment. In thus having a back-ground of psychology Homoeopathy has no doubt taken an intelligent lead in the correct diagnosis of psychological ills which “human flesh is heir to.” But if Homoeopathy is to maintain and strengthen its hold as a superior therapeutic science the time has come when it must revise some of its conclusions and adapt them to the growing researches in the scientific world.


Plumbum metallicum 6x and higher: Similar to Cuprum, only the muscle atrophy of the afflicted side is more pronounced. Zincum metallicum 6x and higher: is indicated when Cuprum seems to be insufficient. Prominent indications are: formication, worse from rubbing and pressure; trembling vibration all through body.


Many are the circulatory disturbances: one time there is marked chest oppression with the sensation as if the heart were squeezed with an iron hand, in which case Cactus is the indicated remedy. Another time we find an irritable heart action and some- what trembling palpitation; here Crataegus in tincture or low potency should be given, which calms the nerves and sustains the heart.


Knowledge of drug effects, tonic, tolerated, and reactionary, informs us of the results to be expected from such habits. Furthermore, we know in detail of a finer-line syndrome manifested by sensitive patients who are peculiarly susceptible to a given medicine. Attention is being repeatedly called to the untoward effects of drugs on sensitive organisms, and the conclusion advanced that such are due to personal idiosyncrasy.


The subcutaneous test for tuberculosis, it is good to learn, has been generally dropped. In the digesters view it is distinctly dangerous as likely to light up quiescent focus, as appeared in a case quoted in a former batch of “digests”. It is also now known, Thompson says, that sensitivity to tuberculin bears no definite relation to present disease. Patients in the last stages of lung infection often entirely lose their sensitivity to tuberculin.


Incidentally he is bringing discredit upon medicine, the noblest of all professions. Let every physician, therefore, earnestly take these things into consideration, Let him regard it, if he pleases, simply as a business proposition, to be worked out in accordance with the principles which have been determined by the consensus of opinion of honorable and successful business men. In doing that he cannot go far wrong.


Found on washing off part of the dressing that red, glistening appearance, and Lac-can 30 was given in water, a dose every three hours, with immediate benefit. Lac-can, in different potencies, was the only remedy used in this case, except one dose of Ledum for syphilitic rheumatism of the right foot; the pains always shot up from the foot to the knee, never downwards. In two weeks the chancre had completely healed.