Homoeopathy and Pregnancy

Therein the author advised injection of Husbands blood to the wife as a treatment for vomiting of pregnancy. By analogy it might appear to be possible to help the wife with her husbands constitutional remedy, in her ailments of pregnancy. But above all, the womans constitutional remedy would be the paramount remedy for her ailments of pregnancy.

A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy

Most patients require medicine often, not only so that they feel that something is being done but so that they may have powders for emergencies and it is not only honorable but necessary to give plentiful Placebo. It is wise to train the patients to take powders or pellets as Placebo which are similar in appearance to the actual remedies, and not to give them the tempting brown, pink and green blank tablets.

Consumption and its real cause

So my view is that in treatment of Tuberculosis cases, the physician should always have in mind as how to improve the albumen in the blood of the patient. Each individual case should have. of course, distinct method of treatment but generally, the following course is advisable in the treatment of Tuberculosis.


In this country there is no law regulating and controlling medical practice, hence it is of little interest to other practitioners whether a Faculty comes into being or not. Their self-seeking interests form the biggest and worst clogs in the wheel of progress of Homoeopathy. The Ministry only can save the situation by promulgating the Faculty by its executive authority, now and without procrastination.


Remember that in a considerable proportion of the cases the convulsions may persist in the form of epilepsy and remember that nearly all or quite a large number of children who suffer from convulsions, manifest in later life nervous disorders of different sorts. Convulsions if frequently repeated may cause permanent mental impairment and they often leave behind, too, traces of cerebral damage in the form of stammering or a squint.

Some Infection Remedies

Many of us think of silica as a great constitutional remedy. We have seen, under its continuous use in different potencies; a weak, frail, pale body made over into a robust, disease-resisting person. When properly indicated, I have seen the same happen with hepar sulphur in persons who had been susceptible to infections of different kind for years.