Some Infection Remedies

Many of us think of silica as a great constitutional remedy. We have seen, under its continuous use in different potencies; a weak, frail, pale body made over into a robust, disease-resisting person. When properly indicated, I have seen the same happen with hepar sulphur in persons who had been susceptible to infections of different kind for years.

So MUCH has been written of late concerning the curative beliefs of sulfanilamide, sulfapyridine, etc., as a “cure-all” in different infections, that it might be well for us to review a few of our many remedies for infection.

There is no doubt that sulfanilamide and its derivatives have a very serviceable place in medicine when applied and used correctly. They seem to be of especially great benefit in pneumonia, gonorrhea, and other infections. In order not to be prejudiced without reason or knowledge, I purchased 1,000 each of sulfanilamide and sulfapyridine and in selected cases used them in pneumonia, gonorrhea, and some acute and chronic infections. Possibly my technic was not perfected, as it was fairly early in their introduction into the medical armature. In pneumonia I had fair results.

In gonorrhea it acted very quickly, but there was a recurrence. In other infections it reduced the severity, but did not bring about an absolute cure. Perhaps I am a coward perhaps I did not have the patients in a hospital where I could have them under good control but I made up my mind that if, in order to bring about a cure I must first poison or bring my patients to deaths door, I would let somebody else do the experimenting for a while, as my experience in bringing about cures with remedies has been much more pleasant, more normal, more permanent, and nearer to natures way.

Possibly some day when I tire of studying our many remedies, in order that I may know how to apply them according to “similia similibus curentur.” I may go back to sulfanilamide, etc., and see if I have better and more lasting results, but not until the “chaff has been separated from the wheat.”.

I wish to speak of hepar sulphur in respect to the sinuses : frontal, ethmoid, sphenoid, antrum, and mastoid. In reviewing the articles on treatment of accessory sinuses in the two leading homoeopathic magazines the JOURNAL of the American Institute of Homoeopathy, and the Hahnemannian Monthly including 1937, 1938, and 1939, very little appears on their treatment except surgically.

Most of the writers feel that drainage by physical means, local applications, or surgery are the leading requirements. One writer speaks of several remedies, but fails to mention one which I believe leads all others, and which in my hands during thirty-two years of general practice has saved me from ever having an operation on the frontal, ethmoid, sphenoid. maxillary, or mastoid; nor has there ever had to be drainage by puncture, and the best of all, there have been no deaths or even near deaths by this method.

I have seen frontal sinuses bulging half the size of an egg; I have seen the antrum of Highmore so swollen and tender that you would think pus was very near the surface. I have also seen the mastoid so painful, so swollen, and so tender that you would almost think the bone had decayed through, but with the persistent exhibition of hepar sulphur 2x, all bad symptoms had disappeared and the tissue returned to normal in a few days.

A few years ago when we were having quite an epidemic of mastoids, I w as talking with one of my old school friends who had just had one of his patients operated on for a mastoid, and I told him of my use of hepar sulphur and how I had avoided all operations. He said, “Some day you will have a brain abscess, meningitis, and death.” I told him that I would let him know when it happened. As yet I have not had to break the unfortunate news.

Always giving hepar sulphur may not be good homoeopathy, but in several cases I have given other remedies which seemed indicated, but I cannot recall a case being cured without hepar sulphur, especially in the acute stage. In a number of chronic infections of the frontal sinus and antrum, I have given such remedies as silica 30th to 200th, calcarea sulphur 3x to 30th, but at some time during the treatment have given hepar sulphur 6th to 200th so I cannot say which had the most influence. There is no doubt but that in the chronic cases the higher potencies should be used.

Robert L. Emery