Part 8 – Diabetes Mellitus Exercise Plan

Physical activity is recommended for everyone. It is suggested to be done when a person is able and willing to exercise and fasting blood glucose is below 250 mg/dl. The minimum time recommended is about 30 minutes; five times a week. Activity may include moderate walking and household chorus, such as gardening and cleaning as well as jogging, biking and other sort of exercises. However it is recommended to follow a programmed walking plan starting with 15 minutes; 5 minutes of slow walking at the beginning and another 5 at the end plus 5 minutes of brisk walking between the two fives.

Benefits of proper physical activity
-Improved blood sugar control
-Weight loss
-Lower blood pressure
-Lower cholesterol level
-Improved circulation
-Improved muscle strength and tone
-Improved digestion and appetite control
-Better sleep
-Improved mood, attitude
-Increases energy level

When starting an exercise plan, the patient should be sure to warm up, set a comfortable pace, wear good shoes and drink plenty of water. He should make it as enjoyable as possible without overdoing it. A good partner will make it easier to commit to it. He must be cautious about the duration and intensity of the exercise; then gradually increase the length of the activity by a few minutes every week.

When not to exercise:

  • If one is ill.
    • In extreme hot or cold weather.
    • During peak of insulin action times.
  • If one’s blood glucose is high, exercise will usually help bring it down; but if the blood glucose is over 250mg/dl he/she should prefer not to exercise.
Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi
Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D., Hom.: Graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services and Iran Homeopathic Learning Center. He is a Certified medical doctor in Iran, and Official member of the Iranian Homeopathy Association, and was granted RIHA certificate and LMHI certificate of membership. He also writes a health page as a journalist in the Tehran Times daily newspaper. Visit his website: