5. The progress of our patient is not always easy to analyze because these chronic cases will always have new symptoms and possibly old aggravations. Hering’s rule is always helpful to evaluate the significance of symptomatic developments. ” Symptoms should disappear from above downward, from within outward, and in the reverse order of their coming.” This means an orderly convalescence, though it be not obvious to the casual observer.

Also in these cases we distinguish between changes occurring in vital organs and those in superficial tissues and non-vital organs. Thus old skin eruptions and discharges may return or adenitis and previous rheumatic or joint pains are noticed – this is suggestive of true progress even though the patient may not realize it. But it physical symptoms disappear and vital organs show signs of advancing disease, then in spite of our medication we know that we have failed.

Thus in the prevailing treatment of syphilis-rash, angina, and malaise disappear to the patient’s great delight, but whether or not this is a true disappearance or merely a suppression which may return to do internal damage in later years by cardio-valvular and neuro-syphilis manifestations is a delicate question, especially with a persistent positive Wassermann.

Garth Boericke
Dr Garth Wilkinson BOERICKE (1893-1968)
American homeopath - Ann Arbor - Michigan.
Son of William Boericke.
A Compend of the Principles of Homeopathy.