In Calcutta and old Brahmin widow of seventy, as diagnosed by a prominent allopath, was showing signs of uterine tumour. Her suffering was unspeakable, she was constantly experiencing a burning sensation in her uterus for over four years. The writer gave Myristica Sebifera 3x (liquid). Within fifteen days of the application of the medicine, the patient began to show clear signs of improvement.


The numerous extraneous factors which may temporarily make one heart-conscious need to be considered and, if we treat properly, by endeavoring to remove the cause we treat not the heart but all of these factors. This is particularly true of private practice where such cases are seen much sooner than in the hospital wards and hence Homoeopathic medication is more applicable as it is in all cases where frank decompensation is not the rule.

The Homoeopathic Aspects of the Diabetic Case

The Homoeopathic Aspects of the Diabetic Case. IT HAS been said that every surgical case has a medical aspect. In a similar way, we might say that every diabetic case has a homoeopathic aspect. The indications upon which we prescribe homeopathic medicines for diabetes do not very from those which we employ in all other cases. It is true that with some drugs, notably phosphorus., arsenic, sulphur and uranium nitrate, we have a physiologic basis and a very pretty biologic theory upon which to justify their use.


The object of this pamphlet is to bring to the attention of the intelligent layman homoeopathic methods which can use himself without harmful effects for many of the common complaints and minor illness of everyday life….


HOMOEOPATHIC medicines are derived from the mineral, animal and vegetable kingdoms. The vast majority, however, come from live plants and herbs, and are classified under BOTANICALS. …


Homeopathic remedies for first and second stage of coryza. cough and bronchitis that come with cold and also asthmatic breathing….

Sick Child

Homeopathic remedies for common ailments of children like delayed or retarded growth, dentition, cough, cold, coryza, sore throat, diarrhoea and constipation…….

Skin Diseases

Homeopathy medicines for skin diseases like acne, herpes, recurring styes, boils, eczema, poison ivy exposure etc….

Muscle & Joints

Treatment of arthritis in homeopathy. Role of Sulphur, Rhus, Calcarea, Pulsatilla and Actea spicata in the treatment of joint pains….

Gastric complaints

Homeopathic remedies for gastric complaints like acidity, flatulence, pain in stomach, indigestion, constipation etc. …

General Consideration

Homoeopathy is a special form of using drugs. The practice of Homoeopathy is in conflict with nothing in the great field of modern medicine. It is purely additional and supplemental. …

Homoeopathy Science

Homoeopathy holds, first, that the cause must be removed, if such be known. If endorses surgery and emphasizes the fact that every surgical case has a medical aspect and, as such, may often be a candidate for a Homoeopathic remedy…

Evaluation of a Therapeutic Method

The Homoeopath, from his knowledge of drug proving, the application of the law of similars, and by virtue of the minimum dose, is able to treat all the symptoms at the same time without untoward effects.


When a healthy person takes a medicine for experimental reasons, certain effects are produced, which collective phenomena are spoken of as a drug proving. When arranged schematically and written down, it is known as a drug’s Pathogenesis….


In order to practically interpret a drug’s pathogenesis and apply this knowledge in a practical manner symptoms are divided into two great classes : (1) Basic, (2) Determinative or Characteristic or PQRS Symptoms….

Evaluation of Symptoms

A useful guide to the Evaluation of Symptoms as Mental and General Symptoms, Common and Uncommon, Subjective and Objective, Pathological and Clinical Symptoms.


Hahnemann first used medicines in the ordinary dosage but, when he started to prescribe according to Similars, aggravations followed in most cases. Hence, the necessity for using minimum doses which practice has been abundantly confirmed ever since.


Not every case shows all type of determinative symptoms, but it is good policy to keep in mind the little formula for their elicitation : “Mentals, modalities, common symptoms and rare.”…


A knowledge of pathology of the disease is necessary to interpret the symptomatology obtained and prescribe the true Homoeopathic remedy not merely the seemingly Homoeopathic one….


The classification of diseases adopted by Hahnemann includes acute and chronic. Acute diseases originate from deficient hygiene, dietary errors, physical agents, and bacterial infections. Chronic diseases as such, consist of infections from various sources and moreover, the vital powers unaided are unable to extinguish them.


Hahnemann, by introducing into medicine the method of experimentation on the healthy humans, in ascertaining drug action, founded the science of Pharmacology.


Drugs for homoeopathic use are taken from the three kingdoms of nature. To convert these substances into Homoeopathic medicines we choose one of two processes (solution /succusion or trituration) …


Hahnemann was born at Meissen, near Dresden, on the tenth day of April, 1755. His father was a painter of porcelain, a worthy and thoughtful man who from the very first endeavored to teach his son the value of thought. …