Skin Diseases

Homeopathy medicines for skin diseases like acne, herpes, recurring styes, boils, eczema, poison ivy exposure etc….

The skin should be considered as an organ of the body instead of a covering. Its appearance and texture reflects the state of health of the individual, as witness the clear, unmarked texture and smoothness of infant’s and children’s skin who are free from disease and with normal body functions.

The skin is closely related to the nervous system and many eruptions on the skin are caused by disturbances of the nerves and a functional or chronic nervous disease. The commonest example of this relationship are the various types of acne and scaly eruptions and also many types of itching which is the main complaint.

If we set aright the impaired assimilation and functional derangement of the patient by treating him internally with homoeopathic medicine many times the skin clears itself. in other words it is not only local treatment to the skin which should be used. The patient as a whole, together with his skin condition are prescribed for according to the symptomatology present.

In the infectious type with pus and spreading tendencies, obviously from contact, professional help is necessary so that appropriate local applications may be prescribed. The same is true of recurrent hives or eruptions following certain foods. This is of allergic nature and must be searched out by the physician.

There are certain common conditions which may not yield to local treatment, as for instance, acne, poison ivy, eczema, recurrent boils, herpes or cold sores, excessive sweating and itching and certain types of warts.


Acne is a condition of the skin, characterized by large unsightly pimples or pustules occurring in early manhood or early girlhood. It is never serious and has few subjective symptoms of discomfort but it is embarrassing to these individuals. It occurs almost exclusively on the face or on the back.

Various types of local treatment, x-ray, are used by the professional with inconsistent results.

From a homoeopathic standpoint, there are few symptoms upon which is to prescribe because these young people are usually healthy and often athletic. It is therefore a question of using the drugs mentioned below for a period and if one is not helpful, try another. Two weeks should be allowed before a change is made.

Berberis aquifolia: Should be obtained in the tincture and 10 drops of this in a little water which is given three times a day. Cases who respond to this drug are inclined to have some dyspepsia, coated tongue and occasional nausea after eating.

Kali brom: This drug is helpful where the eruption is on the chest, back and shoulders. Skin is rather thick, with some scaly desquamation.

Antimonium crud: Rather pustular, with large eruptions, some burning and dry skin. The mental state of the patient requiring this drug is apt to be characterized by excessive irritability and the skin condition is aggravated by heat. Other symptoms that go along with the skin condition are bloating and eructation together with a heavily coated tongue.

Sulphur: The sulphur child or adults has a dry, itching skin, lack luster hair and a perspiration which is rather offensive. Their appetite is capricious though they crave sweets. They are much aggravated by heat and the skin burns and is aggravated by scratching.

Poison Ivy

To prevent attacks and to desensitize the patient to this plant Rhus tox. 6x is recommended. Dose: Three times a day for a week before exposure.

For the itching, burning and eruption with a full blown attack it is recommended that Rhus tox. 6x three tablets a day be used.

Apis mell: Suitable where there is much swelling and stinging pain present, with little vesicles. Use the 3x tablets three times a day.

Recurrent Boils

Certain people are especially susceptible to local infections of the deeper layers of the skin and boils. Apparently they have little immunity to the bacteria which causes pus.

A “ripe” boil is surgical and should be poulticed and opened at the appropriate time by a physician. One can be subject to a series of boils and have a physician make an autogenous vaccine which helps in some cases. We have some helpful remedies to eradicate the tendency to boils and if the boils are already started they may abort them.

Hepar sulph: Tablets in the 6x potency taken every two hours may prevent their recurrence if taken at once on discovering the lesion.

Sulph. iod: The 6x has shown itself to be the most successful drug for recurrent boils and should be taken morning and night for several weeks.

Calcarea pic: This is a suitable drug for those boils which occur on the skin which is thinly covered by muscle tissue such as the shin bone, end of the spine and ear canal.

Recurrent styes

This condition may be due to eye strain and refraction is indicated. If the eye examination is negative, the following drugs may help eradicate this tendency.

Pulsatilla 6x: Tablets should be taken three times a day for weeks. Also any of the above mentioned drugs for boils may be tried if not successful.

Staphisagria: Three tablets, three times a day, for recurrent sties characterized by itching of the lids and a burning sensation in the eye.


Cold sores happen to everyone but there is an unfortunate few who suffer rather constantly from these eruptions.

Local treatment is not curative but merely ameliorates the discomfort and shortens the course.

For this purpose tincture of Capsicum may be painted on the area several times a day. Preparations of camphor should not be used locally if homoeopathic medication is contemplated, as this drug antidotes the internal medication.

Natrum mur. 30x: This drug used internally is often effective in eradicating this tendency. Three tablets four times a day for a week should be used as soon as the lesion appears.


This skin eruption may be acute or chronic. It is frequently seen in children and is usually due to improper diet or an allergy. Obviously professional help is needed to correct this but internal medication is important and effective though many skin specialists are not acquainted with homoeopathic therapy.

Our remedies are selected on the type of eruption and the contributing symptoms of the case-body-build, digestive system, location of eruption, sensations of burning, stinging, itching, etc., which are complained of.

Graphites: Persistent dryness of skin, unaffected by eczema. The eruption oozes a sticky, honey-like fluid. The area affected is thickened and often shows cracks and fissures, and is most prone to be behind the ears, on the face and the genitals. The patient is apt to be constipated. The child is fat and rather sluggish with glandular involvement. Use 6x tablets three times a day.

Rhus tox. 6x: For acute inflamed cases or exacerbation of the chronic variety. The skin is red and swollen with little vesicles and itching which is not made much better from scratching. Very restless and generally aggravated at night.

Natrum mur. 30x: Skin is chronically raw or inflamed and the eruption is especially worse at edges of hair or bend of the jowl. They crack and ooze fluid. Generally speaking the patient is rather weak and anemic with craving for salt which aggravates the skin. Suitable for chronic cases.

Petroleum: Eczema much worse is winter and which improves spontaneously in summer. Skin condition much like that for Graphites, cracked and leathery with thick greenish crusts with burning and itching.

Garth Boericke
Dr Garth Wilkinson BOERICKE (1893-1968)
American homeopath - Ann Arbor - Michigan.
Son of William Boericke.
A Compend of the Principles of Homeopathy.