Eyes Affections

**Natrum muriaticum. A fine remedy in asthenopia, there is weakness of the internal recti, the eyes feel stiff while moving them, letters run together. It is also a valuable remedy in scrofulous ophthalmia with acrid tears and spasmodic closure of lids, in ulcers with inflamed eyes agglutinated in the morning, and in fistula lachrymalis. It suits scrofulous children having eruptions on border of hairy scalp.

**Artemesia. Asthenopia due to muscular defects and errors of accommodation. Colored light produces dizziness.

**Cina. Asthenopia, on attempting to read, letters become blurred and a cloud over the eye.

**Ruta. Is also a most a valuable remedy for affections of the eyes from overwork, where every tissue of the eye is irritable. Eyes burn, feel hot like balls of fire.

**Onosmodium is a very useful remedy in eye strain, with dull, heavy, sore, aching eyes. No inflammatory troubles– but patient is troubled with headaches and weakness. Dr. A. B. Norton finds the remedy gives prompt relief to many annoying symptoms.

Santonine. Hyperaemic conditions from continuous fine work, as in seamstresses. Also to be remembered in cataract. Objects look yellow.

**Ammoniacum gummi stands between **Belladonna and Ruta in asthenopia; the eyes smart and burn, especially when used at night by light.

**Agaricus. Asthenopia from prolonged strain with great twitching of the palpebral and ocular muscles. **Agaricus 12 has, in the experience of Dr. E. T. Allen, of Chicago, cleared up several cases of cataract.

**Asarum. Eyes feel stiff and burn or feel cold, better when in cold air, or bathed in cold water, worse in the sunlight.

Graphites. [Graph]

      Phlyctenular ophthalmia. It is one of our best remedies in vesicles on the cornea and ulceration in scrofulous children; there is intense burning, lachrymation; the canthi crack and bleed. Scrofulous ophthalmia with tendency to wild hairs. According to Norton this remedy comes nearer being a specific in blepharitis than any other.

**Borax, also, with soreness along lids. **Graphites is the great remedy in “gummed up, photophobia eyes.” and it is most useful in blepharitis, especially in eczematous subjects or following measles.

**Petroleum is also a remedy in blepharitis when the lids are red, raw and moist.

Hepar sulphur has especially throbbing in and about the eye, formation of pus, hypopyon, styes, cannot bear the eyes to be touched, pimples, great photophobia and relief of pain of by warmth.

**Hepar is one of our most important remedies for conjunctivitis, especially in cases that do not yield to **Aconite or Belladonna, following these remedies well.

**Alumina. Asthenopia from irritated conjunctiva, granular lids, loss of power of the internal rectus; also **Conium, Ruta and Natrum muriaticum. Dryness of the eyes also, **Crocus, Berberis, Natrum carbonicum and **Natrum sulphuricum. **Alumina is a remedy for ophthalmia senilis; its well-known power of producing dryness of the mucous membranes is seen here. After Operations on the Eyes.

**Aconite. Principal remedy.

**Ignatia. Violent pains in temples.

**Rhus tox. Pains shooting into head.

**Bryonia. Pains in head accompanied by vomiting.

**Asarum. Jerking pains with vomiting and diarrhoea.

**Crocus. Hammering and jerking in eye.

**Thuja. Stinging pains in temples.

**Senega. Promotes the absorption of lens debris.

**Strontium. Objects appear as if tinged with blood.

W.A. Dewey
Dewey, Willis A. (Willis Alonzo), 1858-1938.
Professor of Materia Medica in the University of Michigan Homeopathic Medical College. Member of American Institute of Homeopathy. In addition to his editoral work he authored or collaborated on: Boericke and Dewey's Twelve Tissue Remedies, Essentials of Homeopathic Materia Medica, Essentials of Homeopathic Therapeutics and Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics.