Dewey gives the common homeopathy remedies for the treatment of Eye Disease of in an easy question-answer format. …

What are the characteristic eye symptoms of Apis?

Asthenopia and chemosis, a puffiness of the conjunctiva showing oedema. OEdematous swelling of the lids ad especially below the eyes.

How does apis compare with Rhus in eye affections?

There is less tendency to formation of pus with Apis than with Rhus. Rhus is relieved by warmth and Apis by cold.

What are the eye symptoms of ARgentum nit.?

Violent, purulent ophthalmia, with thick, yellow, bland discharge; the characteristic is the profuseness of the discharge.

Give the eye symptoms of Aurum.

Syphilitic iritis after he abuse of Mercury; ulceration of the cornea and intense photophobia;double vision and half vision, in which the lower half of objects can be seen.

What are the eye symptoms of Belladonna?

Sudden pains and violent symptoms, eyes feel swollen and protruding conjunctiva red and pupils very much dilated, eyes feel as if full of sand, desire to rub the eyes which relieves. Great photophobia.

Give the eye symptoms of Causticum.

There is paralysis of the eyelids; there is heat, burning and feeling of sand in. the eyes, muscular weakness and double vision.

What peculiar eye symptoms has Cantharis?

Objects look yellow.

What are the eye symptoms of Cinnabaris?

A pain in the eye, which starts from one canthus and goes around the brow of the eye to the other canthus, a ciliary neuralgia.

What drug has a pain in. the right eye as if it were pushed out of he head, worse near a a warm stove?

Comocladia dentata.

Give eye symptoms of Euphrasia.

Blepharitis, injected eyes, discharge thick and excoriating, the tears scald and irritate the cheeks, photophobia worse in artificial light. Traumatic conjunctivitis, Paralysis of the third nerve.

How is Allium cepa distinguished?

The discharge from the nose is bland, while the opposite is found in Allium cepa, nose excoriating and eyes bland.

Give the eye symptoms of Ferrum phosphoricum.

Eyes inflamed, red, with a sensation as if grains of sand we under the lids;l pain on moving the yes; photophobia worse from artificial lights.

How does Gelsemium dilated the pupils?

By paralyzing the third nerve, which supplies the circular fibres of the iris; thee being no longer any resistance to the action of he radiating fibres, the pupil dilates.

How does Belladonna dilate the pupil.?

By stimulating the sympathetic, which supplies the radiating fibres of he iris, so that they overcome the action of the circular fibres.

When will Physostigma contract the pupils?

As this drug contacts the pupil by stimulating the third nerve, it will only contact the pupil dilated by the action of Gelsemium.

What are some other dye symptoms of Gelsemium?

It causes paralytic symptoms, such as diplopia or double vision from paresis of the eye muscles. Ptosis and strabismus; all from its action on the third nerve.

What are the eye symptoms of Graphites?

There is inflammation about the lids, which is especially worse about the canthi. There is a tendency for the edges of the lids to crack and bleed, styes appear, the lashes turn in, and there is discharge from the eyes, which excoriates, and there are often vesicles on the cornea.

What are the eye symptoms of Hepar?

Purulent affections about the eyes, hypopyon, etc. :

Ulcers of the cornea, with tendency to deep perforation; look as if punched out.

What are the characteristic eye symptoms of Kali muriaticum?

Parenchymatous keratitis and ulcerations of a low type where the redness of the conjunctiva is not excessive; photophobia, pain and lachrymation are moderate or absent, the base of the ulcer is dirty yellow, and the discharge is white mucus, and it tends to spread from the periphery.

Give the eye symptoms of Kali sulphuricum.

In ophthalmias where thee is profuse discharge of pus; ophthalmia neonatrum, crushes on the eyelids.

Give there characteristic symptoms of Markers in the eyes.

1. Muco-purulent discharge, s which Caust soreness of the lids and ulceration.

2. Sensitiveness and soreness of eyes to touch, with burning.

3. Intolerance of eyes to firelight, with dimness of vision.

Give the symptoms of Mercurius corrosives. Burning pains; intense photophobia and excoriating lachrymation, making the cheeks sore, almost taking he skin off; tearing in the bones around the eye; ulceration of cornea with tendency to perforation; it is almost specific for syphilitic iritis.

What are the characteristic eye symptoms of Natrum mur.?

It is a remedy especially characteristic in muscular asthenopia and in ciliary neuralgia, which comes and goes with the sun. Also in blepharitis. There is a lachrymation and scalding and letters run together when reading.

What are the eye symptoms of Paris quadrifolia? Sensation as if the eye were drawn back into the head by strings.

What two conditions about he yes is Phosphorus useful in?

1. Cataract, the letters appear red; early in. the disease. 2. Degeneration, or gray atrophy of he optic nerve from overwrought nervous system; objects have a cloudiness about them by candle light; green halo about objects.

What is the remedy for Atrophy of the optic nerve from tobacco?


Give eye symptoms of Rhus tox.

Conjunctivitis and iritis, when of traumatic or rheumatic origin, with severe pains worse at night;l scrofulous ophthalmia and orbital cellulitis; Ptosis and stiffness of the lids in rheumatic subjects. Oedematous selling and acrid discharge.

What other drugs have this stiffness of the lids?

Causticum, Gelsemium and Kalmia.

What are the chief eye symptoms of Staphysagria which been have verified clinically?

Itching of margin of lids, nodosities, chalazae on lids, one after another, sometimes ulcerating.

Give eye affections indicate Silicea?

Styes or pustular affections about he eyes.

In what affections about the eye is Spigelia useful?

Ciliary-neuralgia, pains radiate, cold feeling in the eye.

What other drug has cold feeling in the eye?


What are the eye indications for Pulsatilla?

Conjunctivitis discharge thick, yellow and bland; ophthalmia after measles; ophthalmia neonatrum.

When would Zincum be indicated?

Opacities of cornea; pterygium; granular lids; amblyopia accompanied by headache with pain at root of nose; pains worse at inner canthus.

When is Ruta indicated is eye in eye troubles?

When there is irritability of every tissue of the eye from overwork sick as using eyes on too fine work. Asthenopia burning in the eye balls and over the eyes, blurring of vision, letters seem to run together.

Give two remedies in gun,.

When is Aconite indicated in Conjunctivitis?

When resulting from a foreign body in the eyes, or from exposure to dry, cold winds, there is heat, burning and a feeling of sand in the eyes. Much photophobia and violent aching in eyeballs, also in glaucoma.

When Aconite fails in Conjunctivitis resulting from foreign body what is the remedy?


Give the eye symptoms of Arsenicum.

Burning in the eyes like fie; phlyctenulae on cornea; excoriating discharge from eye.

Give indication for Asafoetida in Iritis.

Syphilitic iritis, burning throbbing pains, soreness of bones around the eyes, relief from pressure on eye balls.,

Give indications for Bryonia in glaucoma.

Tension of eyeballs increase hot tears slow from eyes; photophobia and dimness of vision.

Give indication for Bryonia in Glaucoma.

Tension of eyeballs increase; hot tears flow from eye; photophobia and dimness of vision.

Give indications for calcarea carb.?

Corneal opacities, scrofulous ophthalmia, pustules and ulcers on cornea, with general Calcarea symptoms.,

give symptoms calling for Kali hyd. in Syphilitic iritis?

After abuse of Mercury, when the symptoms are violent.

Give eye symptoms of Lachesis.

Dimness of vision, dim sight, evidence of heart disease and vertigo; retinal apoplexy.

W.A. Dewey
Dewey, Willis A. (Willis Alonzo), 1858-1938.
Professor of Materia Medica in the University of Michigan Homeopathic Medical College. Member of American Institute of Homeopathy. In addition to his editoral work he authored or collaborated on: Boericke and Dewey's Twelve Tissue Remedies, Essentials of Homeopathic Materia Medica, Essentials of Homeopathic Therapeutics and Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics.