Bone Diseases

Dr. Dewey discusses the homeopathy treatment of Bone Diseases in his bestselling book Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics….

Aurum. [Aur]

Caries of cranial bones and bones of the palate are especially met by this remedy.It is an antidote to mercury, and has violent pains at night. There is an offensive odor and discharge of small pieces of bone. Pains in the bones of the extremities. Given timely it may prevent caries, necrosis and exostosis.

**Platinum muriaticum. Caries especially of the tarsus.

**Mezereum. Periostitis before the stage of suppuration, worse from touch nodes, necrosis nocturnal bone pains. Exostosis of the tarsal bones.

Asafoetida. [Asaf]

Caries of bones with offensive discharges, intolerable soreness around the ulcers; caries of tibia with great soreness, so much so that dressings are intolerant. Pains are dull, drawing and boring, worse from rest.

**Strontiana carbonica. Caries of long bones with an exhausting diarrhoea. Ostitis discharging bone.

**Stillingia. Syphilis of the long bones, periostitis and otitis worse at night and in damp weather. It is of striking benefit in secondary syphilitic nodes.

Calcarea fluorica. [Calc-f]

Osseous tumors, enlargement of bones, with or without caries.

**Hecla lava. Osteomata of spongy nature are greatly improved and cured even by this remedy. Swelling of bones of jaw after extraction of teeth with violent pains. Caries of maxillary bones.

Mercurius. [Merc]

Ostitis, violent bone pains, swelling.

**Nitric acid. Mercurial ostitis, drawing, pressive pains with sensitiveness.

**Phosphorus. Non-syphilitic caries of vertebra and caries of lower jaw. in hip disease it is useful after **Silicea, burning in the spine. The proving of **Phosphorus gives the essential features of rickets. It is especially of use in cases marked by laryngeal symptoms. This is an important clinical observation and may be accepted as a guiding indication.

Silicea. [Sil]

Curvature of bones, rickets; here it is often the clearly indicated remedy; there is present offensive sweat. Hip-joint disease. Caries after inflammation, worse from cold. Potts disease. It is a slow acting remedy.

**Calcarea carbonica. Baehr claims that this remedy is superior to any in caries of the vertebra. Curvature of the spine. Rickets, sour sweat.

**Phosphoric acid. Hip disease and caries of the spine. Sensation in the bone as if scraped with a knife. It is a remedy which corresponds to the extreme debility found in rickets, and is a valuable remedy in that affection.

Flouric Acid. [Fl-ac]

Dental fistula; caries of the bone, especially of the long bones, with thin excoriating discharges relieved by cold applications. Caries of temporal bones and mastoid processes. The pains are burning and intermittent, and the discharge is thin and acrid. Caries from syphilis or mercury. It follows **Silicea well. **Silicea is worse from cold, **Flouric acid better. Dr. Luther Peck, of Plymouth, Michigan, relates a case of maxillary necrosis in which **Silicea followed by Flouric acid and then **Calcarea flour completely cured. These three remedies are excellent jaw remedies.

Calcarea phosphorica. [Calc-p]

A great remedy for non-union of fractured bones when due to ***impaired nutrition. In the lower potencies it stimulates the formation of callus. The remedy for rickets, especially for the fat rachitic infant.

**Symphytum. An excellent remedy for injuries of bone where there is an irritability at the point of fracture, nervous in origin.

**Ruta graveolens oftentimes in fractures renders good service in causing callus to form. Especially useful where non-union results, because of deficient callus.

**Sulphur. Rickets, defective assimilation, great appetite, but poorly nourished.

W.A. Dewey
Dewey, Willis A. (Willis Alonzo), 1858-1938.
Professor of Materia Medica in the University of Michigan Homeopathic Medical College. Member of American Institute of Homeopathy. In addition to his editoral work he authored or collaborated on: Boericke and Dewey's Twelve Tissue Remedies, Essentials of Homeopathic Materia Medica, Essentials of Homeopathic Therapeutics and Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics.