Repertory of Common Cold

Dr. Tyler short repertory of Common Cold symptoms. Learn how to cure common cold with homeopathy effectively using this unique repertory….

Easily chilled

Arsenicum Bryonia. Hepar Mercurius Nat m. Nux. Phosphorus Puls

Cold Worse, cold air

All c. Arsenicum Dulcamara Hepar Nux. Phos

Cold Worse, Cold dry weather

Aconite Bryonia Hepar Nux. Causticum

Cold Worse, cold wet.

Calcarea Dulcamara Rhus. Nat s.

Cold Worse, Inhaling cold air

All c. Hepar Phosphorus Rumex.

Cold Worse, draught

Arsenicum Belladonna Hepar Nat c. Nux. Sul. Dulcamara Mercurius

Wet, worse, wet

Calcarea Dulcamara Kali iod. Mercurius Rhus. Pulsatilla Sul.

Wet, worse, warm wet

Gelsemium Carbo vegetabilis

Wet, Better warm wet


Warm room, Worse

Pulsatilla Tuberculinum All c. Mercurius Nux. (more fluent)

Warm room, worse, entering


Open air, Worse

Nux. Nat m. Phosphorus Bryonia Hepar

Open air, Better

All c., Pulsatilla Acon ( Secale Arsenicum Dulc)

Uncovering head. Worse.

Hepar Nat.m.

Much sneezing

All c. Dulcamara Hepar Ipecac. Kali iod. Mercurius Nat m. Phosphorus Rhus., Sul

Catarrh, copious

All c. Arsenicum Kali iod. Nat m.

Catarrh, copious, Fluent

Aconite All c. Arsenicum Nat c. Hepar Nux

Catarrh, copious, Fluent, in warmth

Dulc, Sul.

Catarrh, copious, Fluent alternately dry

Arsenicum Nat m. Nux. Phosphorus Pulsatilla Sul.

Dry coryza

Belladonna Bryonia Nux (early), Dulcamara (in cold air) Kali bich.

Nux. Dulc Pulsatilla Rhus. Ipecac. Carbo vegetabilis

With lachrymation

All c. Bryonia Euphr (acrid tears) Kali.iod

Discharge acrid

All c., Arsenicum Gelsemium Kali iod Mercurius Nux Sul.

Discharge, bland

Euphr., Pulsatilla

Discharge, bland, with acrid lachrymation


Discharge, offensive

Hepar Mercurius Calcarea Kali bich. Nat c. Puls

Discharges, crusts

Calcarea Kali bich. Phosphorus Tuberculinum

Discharges, greenish

Kali bich, Kali iod. Mercurius Pulsatilla

Discharge purulent

Calc Hepar Kali bich. Kali iod. Mercurius phos. Pulsatilla Tuberculinum

Discharge blows out blood

All c. Arsenicum Belladonna Hepar Phosphorus Pulsatilla

With chilliness

Nux. Arsenicum Gelsemium Mercurius Rhus. Calcarea Bryonia Phos

With chills

Nux Gelsemium Ipecac.

With Shivering

Kali iod, Ipecac. Bryonia Nux. Rhus.

Alternate heat and chill

Kali iod.

Sweating. Better from

Nat c., Kali iod.

Sweating, Worse from,. or not better

Hepar Mercurius

With nausea

Ipecac. Ant tart.

Cold travels down

Bry Ipecac. Carbo vegetabilis Arsenicum etc.


Belladonna Phosphorus etc.

Begins in chest and goes up


Frontal sinuses affected

Mercurius Kali iod. Arsenicum Lycopodium Silicea

Larynx affected

Aconite All c. Belladonna Bryonia Carbo vegetabilis Euphr. Hepar Mercurius Nat m. Phos Rhus.

With pain in head from sneezing or coughing

Bryonia Natrum mur. Phosphorus

With pain in abdomen, from sneezing or coughing

Bry, Drosera

With sore throat

Mercurius Nux. Phosphorus

Drugs produce peculiar symptoms.. Where these agree in drug and patient, the ailment is canceled, and health results. (This is most strikingly seen in acute and uncomplicated sickness)

When you give to a patient a remedy that can produce his symptoms, you must give it in the small dose to which his sensitive condition will respond without undue aggravation and suffering.

Margaret Lucy Tyler
Margaret Lucy Tyler, 1875 – 1943, was an English homeopath who was a student of James Tyler Kent. She qualified in medicine in 1903 at the age of 44 and served on the staff of the London Homeopathic Hospital until her death forty years later. Margaret Tyler became one of the most influential homeopaths of all time. Margaret Tyler wrote - How Not to Practice Homeopathy, Homeopathic Drug Pictures, Repertorising with Sir John Weir, Pointers to some Hayfever remedies, Pointers to Common Remedies.