An excellent compilation of symptoms of homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album from the book Pearls of Homeopathy by M.E. Douglass, published in 1903….

Great prostration, with rapid sinking of the vital forces.


The disposition is: Depressed, melancholic, despairing, indifferent; fearful, restless, anxious, full of anguish; irritable, sensitive, peevish easily vexed.

Very violent delirium, especially at night, with great restlessness.

Her desire exceeds her need.

He despairs and weeps, and imagines no one can help him; that he must die; he is cold and chilly, and afterwards generally weak.

Anguish and despair drive him from one place to another for relief.

With great anguish he turns and tosses to and fro in his bed.

Violent anxiety at 3 A.M.; he now felt hot, now as if he would vomit.

Dread of death coming on suddenly when left alone.

The slightest paroxysm of pain is accompanied with an excessive sinking of strength.

She is faint, anxious, and weary early in the morning.

Burning pains; the parts burn like fire.

Great heaviness in the head, with humming in the ears; it goes off in the open air, but returns again as soon as he enters the room.

Burning in the eyes.

Eyelids oedematous, often completely closing the eyes.

Corrosive tears, making the cheeks and eyelids sore.

Excoriating discharge from the nostrils.

The watery nasal mucus causes a smarting and burning at the nostrils, as if they were made sore by it.

Face expressive of genuine mental anxiety.

Deathly color to the face. Pale, yellow cachectic look.

swelling of the face.

Face swollen; sunken; covered with cold sweat; hippocratic.

Tongue: Redness of the tip; dry and coated brown.

Feeling of great dryness in the mouth, with violent thirst; he drinks little at a time.

Burning in the mouth along the pharynx, and in the pit of the stomach.

Loathing of food.

Burning thirst, without special desire to drink; the stomach does not seem to tolerate, because it cannot assimilate cold water; it is wanted, but he cannot drink it.

Great thirst for cold water; drinks often but little at a time; eats seldom but much.

Teething children are pale, weak, fretful, and want to be carried rapidly.

Hiccough at the hour when fever ought to have come.

Violent vomiting, excited by eating or drinking.

Great anxiety about the epigastric region.

Intense burning pains in stomach and pit of stomach.

Water is immediately thrown off the stomach.

Vomiting every time after drinking.

Frequent vomiting, with apprehensions of death.

Distention and pain in the abdomen.

Burning pains in the abdomen, with anxiety.

Diarrhoea after eating or drinking; stool scanty, dark color, offensive odor, followed by great prostration.

The evacuations excoriate the skin about the anus.

Black, acrid, putrid stools.

Burning at the anus like fire, with discharge of a black fluid.

Considerable purging, and extreme coldness of the extremities.


Burning in the urethra during micturition.

Involuntary micturition.

Scanty emission, and burning during emission.

Frequent oppressive shortness of breath in every position of the body, causing anxiety.

Oppression; want of breath; a nocturnal asthma makes him spring up at midnight. Difficult breathing with great anguish.

Oppression of breathing on walking fast, or ascending a height.

Violent palpitation of the heart, especially at night, visible and audible, with anguish.

Pulse quick, weak, and irregular.

Irregular palpitation of the heart, but so violent at night that he imagines he hears it; accompanied with anguish.

Palpitation of the heart and tremulous weakness after weakness after stool; he has to lie down. Loss of strength in the the small of the back.

Excessive weakness and exhaustion of the limbs obliging him to lie down.

Uneasiness in the lower limbs he cannot lie still in the night, and had to change the position of his feet all the time or to walk about, to get relief.

Very great restlessness so that could not quiet a minute.

Restlessness throwing herself from side to side.

Rapid emaciation, with cold sweat and great debility.

Excessive exhaustion from least exertion.

Eruption around the mouth burning and painful.

Burning, itching, painful after scratching.

Bran-like dry, scaly eruption.

Ulcers with burning pain as from glowing coals in them.

Burning like fire around the ulcers. Startings of various kinds when falling asleep in the evening.

After midnight (from 3 o’clock on ) she tosses about, and sleeps only at times.

Shuddering without thirst, worse in open air.

Yearly return of complaints.

Sleepiness the night before paroxysm.

Feels as if burning up internally.

Chill better by external warmth.

Heat with insatiable thirst for cold water; drinks little and often, with vomiting after drinking several times.

During chill and heat aggravation of previously existing symptoms.

Sweat with unquenchable thirst for large quantities of cold water.

Cold clammy sweat.

Drinks large quantities in sweat; little and often in chill and heat.

Melford Eugene Douglass
M.E.Douglass, MD, was a Lecturer of Dermatology in the Southern Homeopathic Medical College of Baltimore. He was the author of - Skin Diseases: Their Description, Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment; Repertory of Tongue Symptoms; Characteristics of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica.