Nosodes & Isopathy

While the classic homoeopathic medicines drawn out of the three kingdoms of nature are used for curing the similar symptoms seen in a patient the nosodes and isopathy, suit not only to the patient himself but also to the morbid states….


The use of sarcodes in the treatment of various disorders. They are often used as adjunct to the homeopathic remedy….

Phlyctenular Isopathy

Phlyctenular Therapy is a form of Isopathy where serum from vesicles artificially produced, is used as an internal remedy. Other forms of Isotherapy are also discussed….


The Biotherapics are medicines prepared from products of microbial origin, of secretions or excretions which are pathological or not, of tissues of animals or vegetables and allergens. These include Nosodes and Sarcodes….


Organotherapics or Opotherapy remedies are extracts prepared from glands of animals and humans. The extracts are used to treat various disorders….


Opotherapy. The treatment of illness and disease with extracts made from certain glands of animals, as the thyroid or adrenal glands. Also called organotherapy. …