PYROGENIUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of PYROGENIUM…


      Pulse out of rhythm with temperature high, pulse not as rapid in proportion, or vice versa.


      Restless, amelioration first beginning to move, with short intermissions of amelioration, must keep moving, like Rhus, amelioration sitting up in a chair and rocking hard. Irritable. Fanlike motion of alae nasi, like Lycopodium Face and ears red. Carotids throb, like Amyl, Belladonna and Gloninum Breath offensive. Taste sweet, fetid, like pus. Tongue: smooth as if varnished; fiery red; cracked; large, flabby. Vomit water as soon as it becomes warm in stomach, like Phosphorus, but Phosphorus desires cold things, unlike Pyrogenium Urine usually clear as spring water. Tired sense about, and conscious of, heart, like Naja. Parts lain on feel sore and bruised, generally sore, bed couch or pillow on which one lies feels hard as a rock; the bruised soreness as pronounced as Arnica, aching in bones as pronounced as Eup., and the restlessness amelioration motion and heat as pronounced as Rhus. All secretions and excretions, sweat and breath have a carrionlike odor.



      As if one covered whole bed, knew that body touched pillow but could not tell where rest of body was, or one person while lying on one side, another if lying on opposite side, or crowded with arms and legs, or as if one would break if one lay long in one position. Restless; moan, cases dying from scarlet fever or diphtheria, often causes them to recover; or, nervous, desire to be covered or rocked, like Cina. Aversion to being washed, like Ant-c. and Sulph., cries. Delirium, sees a man at foot of bed, like Chlol. Confused about body and limbs, like Baptisia


      Throbs, amelioration tight bandage, like Silicea As of a cap on. Cerebro-spinal meningitis, automatic motion of right arm and leg, rolls head side to side, like Belladonna and Tuberculinum, turning body around from left side to right till feet get up on pillow or touch head board. Aches, throbs, eyes abnormally bright, pupils dilate fully, profuse epistaxis, nausea, vomits, aggravation motion and light, amelioration tight band and heat, fond of hot bathing, Belladonna failed.


      Photophobia, lay with fist pressed tightly in eyes. Balls sore to touch, like Bryonia and Gelsemium, and on turning them outward and upward.


      Purr and throb in, constantly, prevents sleep.


      Sneeze when uncovering hand, like Hepar and Rhus, at night. Fanlike motion of alae, like Lycopodium Rt. nostril discharge gluey, thick.


      Hectic flush, cheeks red, burning hot, 3 to 4 p.m., till midnight, then large drops of cold sweat on face. Pale, sunken, cold, cold sweat.


      Odor putrid. Tongue: cracked, clean, smooth as if varnished, like Kali-bi. and Lachesis; fiery red, like Apis; dry, cracked, articulation difficult; white in front, brown at back; dry down center; brown streak down center, Verat-v. red streak down center.


      Vomit: persistent; brownish; coffee ground; stercoraceous, bowels impacted. Haemorrhage from region of, to right hypochondrium, coffee ground vomiting and stool, all symptoms like Phosphorus, Crot. horridus and Phosphorus failed, but 2 doses of Kent’s Heath’s preparation (the very best preparation) of Pyrogen cured in 4 days. Craves chocolate.


      Sore, could hardly bear any pressure, or breathe, on right side.


      Constipation: obstinate impaction especially in fevers, stool small black balls like olives, like Opi. and Plb. Soft, narrow, difficult. Involuntary urine and stool in septic fevers.


      Urging presages onset of fever. Urine: yellow when first passed; cloudy, like orange peel; deposit hard to remove, like Sepia, looks like red pepper. Bright’s disease, traceable to septic poison.


      Lochia suppressed by cold. Bearing down pain only amelioration holding breath and bearing down. Retained placenta or foetus, decomposed, discharge horribly offensive; never well since septic fever. Lochia acrid, brown, fetid, thin, or suppressed followed by chills and fever and copious fetid sweat. Uterine haemorrhage, Ip. failing. Arouses activity of uterus enabling it to expel its contents. Menses last one day, like Sepia, then bloody acrid leucorrhoea, horribly offensive. Prolapsed uterus, amelioration holding head and straining as in labor.


      Aches at bifurcation of trachea. Voice hoarse, husky, weak.


      Asthma, cardiac, septic causes. Wheezing expiration.


      Causes pain in right lung and shoulder; rusty expectoration.


      Heart: whizzes, purrs, preventing sleep; conscious of it, like Naja; feels tired; as if enlarged; asthenia from septic states; threatens failure in septic and zymotic fevers; as if it pumped cold water; loud audible beats heard even by others. Sudden attacks of pleurisy with otorrhoea. Palliative in last stage of consumption.


      Knifelike pain in sides through to back, aggravation motion, cough and deep breathing, amelioration lying on affected side, groans with every breath.


      Pain in legs during chill. Hands: feet and, numb; cold, clammy. Toe nails feel as if they would fly off while riding in a storm. Feet bathed in cold sweat. Pain in thigh, knee and leg, amelioration motion and stretching out limbs.


      Whizzing and purring in heart felt constantly in ears prevents. Whisper. Dreams: of epistaxis, proving true; of business, like Bryonia and Nux. Cry out: as if in pain; as from a weight on one. Prevented by persistent thoughts, like Calcarea Will not sleep in bed, must be held on lap or kept in slight motion, wakes if motion is stopped or if laid down.


      From sewer gas. (L): Pain in legs during. That no fire can warm, sits by the fire and breathes the heat, at last causing the lungs to feel as if on fire, then must have fresh air for amelioration. Begins in back and is general in bones and limbs. Comes generally at 7 p.m.


      Fever: the Aconite of typhus and typhoid; knows it is coming on by urging to urinate; other remedies failing; septic, especially puerperal; difference between Pyrogen and Baptisia in low fevers is one of intensity of the heat, the greater the heat the more Pyr; never well since septic fever from abortion or after confinement; threatened heart failure in zymotic or septic fever; septic, after abortion; in all cases, beginning with pain in limbs; aborts puerperal fever in a few hours when clearly indicated; loquacious, can think and talk faster than ever; if temperature, say 106, with great soreness and aching, it will make a change in a single day, and if pains are amelioration motion and heat, it will abort the fever.




      Pale, cold, ashy hue, like Secale Ulcer, of aged, varicose, obstinate, offensive, like Psorinum Abscess: violent burning, like Arsenicum, Tarent. and especially like Anthracinum; great pain when flow becomes scanty. Fever sores, discharge putrid, thin, bloody.


      Anthracinum its nearest analogue. Patient pale, sickly, rheumatic, stiff. Disgust to nausea at effluvia from one’s own body, like Sulph. Haemorrhage resembling Ip., Ip. failing. For sapraemia or septicaemia, puerperal or surgical fever, ptomaine or sewer gas infection, or, during course of diphtheria, typhoid or typhus, or other remedies failing. Pulse rapid, irregular, flutters. Aggravation: motion of eyes, like Bryonia; sitting up, reverse of Arsenicum Amelioration: hot bathing, like Calcarea flour.; hot water drinks, like Arsenicum and the reverse of Phosphorus; tight bandage; stretching out limb; walking and changing position, like Rhus; and hard rocking in chair.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.