NATRUM MURIATICUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of NATRUM MURIATICUM…


      Sad, enjoys it, bids for sympathy yet anger when consoled, reverse of Pulsatilla, weeps if one thinks one is pitied, desire to be alone, reverse of Arsenicum (Suits people with watery bloated faces, tired, sleepy and inclined to weep, chilly, spine and limbs cold, crave salt).


      Irritable; impatient; anger at trifles; the ill humor increases with the constipation and is only amelioration when the bowels move. Excitement aggravation nd is always followed by melancholy; depression of spirits is characteristic. Extremely emotional. Face shiny, looks greasy. Mouth dry hot sticky p.m. Throat dry, hot. Taste bitter. Appetite ravenous; averse to bread; longs for salt, salt meat, fish, oysters and bitter things. Thirst violent, unquenchable. Constipation, stool dry hard crumbly. urine pale, watery. Chilly, restless, weak. Skin looks oily, especially of scalp and face. Pulse intermits. Characteristic discharges from mucus membranes are: primarily watery, secondarily thick white albuminous like white of egg. All mucus membranes dry, like Alumina Inclines to emaciate, especially about neck, even while living well. Weak. Aggravation: a.m. and especially around 10 or 11 a.m.; lying on left side and heat. Amelioration: sweat especially, though it may weaken.



      Presence of others intolerable during urination, Ambr. during stool; say what is not intended; weep when looked at, Lycopodium when thanked, also when thinking of past events, or, if believed one is pitied. (L): Delusion during chill; discontent and dissatisfaction with everything; dwells on past disagreeable occurrences; grief, sad, cannot cry; mistakes in speaking; haunted by thoughts of unpleasant subjects; thoughts torment; unconscious during chill. Where Ignatia only temporarily benefits. Jump up and down regardless of near objects. Easy slips of tongue. Raves in sleep. Weeps: in dreams; from laughing. Desire to be alone to cry; to indulge in secret vice: Bufo. Laughter: hysterical, sad; weeps; weep and, alternate, like Ignatia Child slow learning to talk, like Agaricus and Baryta carb., and learning to walk, like Agaricus and Calcarea Averse to men and to coitus, like Sepia Hurried, anxious, heart flutters. Melancholy: weeps, occiput pains, chilly, restless; during pregnancy, fear child will be marked; despair, hopeless of future, mouth dry, constipated, anaemia, palpitation; dwell on past events, weep if looked at; at puberty, headache, patchy tongue. Forgets, loses thread of conversation or what one reads. Hysterical girls who fall in love with coachman or married man.


      Chronic, one sided headache; periodical, nausea. (L): After coffee, fall to left side; looking out of window; during pregnancy. Walking, amelioration lying down. Straining eyes from close study.


      Impetigo, margin of hair; occiput heavy, draws eyes together; pain 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; hammering pain a.m. and over eyes on looking down; pain cuts darts stabs after menses; pains press in temples while writing; pains stitch to chest or neck, and in temples on looking at bright light; pulsating amelioration sweat. (L): Eruption white, scales; pain after chill, or while reading or writing; unconscious with pain; pain in forehead during chill, or, in a.m; pressing pain a.m. on waking, and in temples while reading; stunning stupefying pain a.m. on waking. Ache: as if it would burst on waking, aggravation cough; dull stupefying pressive a.m. on waking till noon; like a rope around drawing tighter and tighter; bursting, of anaemic school girls, like Calc-p.; one of the very best remedies for the chronic aches that come in paroxysms, throbbing as intense as Belladonna, but the patient is anaemic, Belladonna plethoric like Melilotus, and apt to occur at menses with Natr-m. whether menses are profuse or scanty; great soreness of eyes on turning them, like Bryonia; like little hammers on beginning to move; amelioration sweat and sleep, must go to bed and lie perfectly quiet, or, generally amelioration sweat except head, or, the greater the pain the more one sweats; amelioration moving about in open air if covered warmly; persistently frontal from straining eyes, especially school girls; Sick: ache begins before and continues during menses, desire to be alone and not spoken to, or, with creeping chilliness, vomit, blind, or, bursting, throbbing stitches to neck and chest, nausea, vomit, face hot, before and during menses, amelioration sweat. Hair falls when touched or combed, especially of nursing women, like Lycopodium and Sulph. Eruption: miliary on forehead perceptibly only to touch; eczema, thick scabs ooze pus and mat hair, like Vinca-m.; white scaly dandruff; especially on edges of hair and especially on occiput and behind ears, gluey discharge, like Graphites, skin sore, red. As of cold wind blowing on. Occiput heavy, draws eyes together. Brain – fag, irritable, impaired memory, unable to fix attention.


      Close spasmodically with headache, Aloe must make eyes small; eruptions on brows itch; lids everted after silver nitrate; pains burn while writing; muscles as if stiff and drawn; lids twitch before menses; sees lightning streaks. (L): As if drawn together; eruption on brows; hyperaesthesia of retina; cornea injected, dark vessels; pain on writing or looking steadily; as from sand in, a.m.; divergent strabismus, Alumina convergent; vision of black colors, or fiery zigzags, or dim while writing. Affections especially after abuse of silver nitrate. Itch severely in left side canthus. Burn severely p.m. Vision: dim and dark; fails on reading or writing; near sighted small fiery points or zigzags all around objects wherever one looks. Vesicles on conjunctiva clear as water. As if being torn open. Gluey oozing. Asthenopia: from straining eyes, like Arg-n. and Ruta; give out on reading or writing; affections from muscular after, aggravation using eyes, burn smarts as from salt, vision blurred after reading night before. Hyperaesthesia of retina, tears, burn a.m. Red. Itch. Strabismus, internal recti weak. Dermoid tumor edge of lid. Tears from laughing.


      As of bubbles in, of air; pains draw, to neck and shoulder. Discharge white. Itch behind. Discharge thick, white, gluey. Deaf, chronic, catarrh, noises, especially cracking when chewing.


      Catarrh after abuse of silver nitrate; one side numb; obstructed nights from uncovering during day; pains tear, root to forehead, reverse of Lachesis (L): Discharge albuminous like white of egg; scraping in, p.m. Catarrh: Pulsatilla failing; loss of taste and smell a.m., Pulsatilla p.m., profuse thick yellow mucus discharge, like Pulsatilla, but the complete absence of taste seems to be decisive for Natr-m.; chronic naso – pharyngeal, aggravation at sea – side. Coryza: copious tears, loss of smell; fluent or stopped, dry sense or sudden discharge of clear water, obstructed nasal duct, tears; or, dry cracked lips, especially swelling, vesicles or hydroa around mouth (said not to be characteristic in intermittent fever). Hay fever, taste lost, discharge watery. Discharge of clear transparent mucus like white of egg; expels coagulated blood. Disposition to colds. Lips, tongue and, numb, tingle, like Arum; formication in right side. As of a small worm squirming in.


      Blood blisters on upper lip; sore bruised pain on chewing. (L): Lips bluish during chill; herpes around mouth; vesicles on chin, lips, around mouth and on nose and wings; pain with paralysis, or after quinine or suppressed ague. Hair falls. Eruption: pimples; eczema on eyebrows and behind ears; painful vesicles below septum of nose. Left side cheek red. Sweats while eating. Sickly; dirty looking despite washing, skin greasy, shiny, sallow, yellow. Lips: crack, especially middle; corners of mouth and, dry, ulcerate, crack, like Ant-c. and especially Cundurango Blisters and pearls around mouth, especially in intermittents. Upper lip swollen, thick, non-erysipelatous, like Belladonna and Calcarea Prosopalgia, periodical, constipation, clear mucus slime on tongue with little frothy bubbles on edges, vomit clear phlegm or water; neuralgia, periodical, in place of ague paroxysm, like Nux.


      Tongue white, red vesicular patches; burns, raw, smarting pain in gums during eating; gums sore aggravation cold and heat; saliva bloody before menses; swells under tongue, pains sting. (L): Aphthae of gums; tongue heavy. Taste: lost; bitter; salty. Dry: throat and, hot, amelioration water; mostly a during sense; heat, catarrh of pharynx, heart flutters. Gums: swell, bleed, scorbutic, like Carb-v. and Merc; sensitive to heat or cold things. Spots ulcerate. Tongue: blister, pains burn; clean shiny, froth on sides; as of a hair on; blisters, sticks to roof of mouth, like Nux-m.; nose, lips and, numb, tingle, like Arum; mapped. like Tarax., red islands, the most frequently indicated remedy. Water gathers constantly, must spit continually. Child slow learning to talk, like Agaricus and Baryta carb.


      Sensitive to cold air and touch. Ache, salivation, like Mercurius Loose.


      Swallowing impeded, food reaches a certain point and is violently ejected. (L): Catarrh, mucus albuminous. Hawks mucus a.m., no other remedy being indicated. Food seems to pass over a sore spot on swallowing. Chokes while drinking; Lachesis while eating. After abuse of silver nitrate locally. As of a plug, in chronic sore throat. As of a fish bone on swallowing; Hepar with pain in throat on putting hand out of bed; nitricum acidum when urine smells like horse’s; Arg-n. wanting cold things. Extreme dryness of mucus membranes, like Alumina Very sensitive to weather change.


      Hiccup after quinine; nausea during thinking of salt. (L): Sour belchings after eating; indigestion from farinaceous foods; nausea during fever. Waterbrash. Weak, sinking of abdomen and, women sit down to prevent prolapsus, like Sepia which also crosses the limbs, sense of hunger but no appetite. Appetite: averse to farinaceous food, bread, wine and fatty things; desires salt; great, like Iodium, but grows thin especially about neck, gets weary and sleepy after food, while Iodium gets amelioration from food; salts everything one eats. Thirst for large quantities before and during chill. Cannot smoke, desire gone. Eructations: abortive; taste of food. Violent hiccup. As of a foreign body sticking in cardiac end, under sternum. Distended, amelioration tight clothing, like Fl-ac., reverse of Hepar and Lachesis Vomit whitish slimy mucus with amelioration. Amelioration when empty.


      Distended after beer; inguinal ring pains, to testes. (L): Sides distend; tense during menses. Weak, sinking of muscles and viscera down into pelvis, women have to sit down to prevent prolapsus apparently, especially a.m., like Sepia which also has to cross limbs. Colic: flatulent; after stool, as from incipient diarrhoea, with no result.


      Diarrhoea in the morning, till afternoon; stitching pain p.m. in bed; tenesmus after coffee. (L): Hemorrhage after a hard stool; tearing pain after stool. Anus dry cracked fissured from hard stool, sore, often bleeds, like nitricum acidum; may be confounded with Graphites, but Graphites is more associated with eczema. Natr-m. and Natr -s. are useful in old chronic army diarrhoeas. Constipation: stool hard dry crumbly, causing tearing and bleeding, rectum as if contracted, often anaemia, chilly, feet cold, chill down back. Flatus emitted too frequently. Cholera infantum, emaciated especially about neck, hunger, thirst. Diarrhoea, chronic, watery, fever, dry mouth painless, aggravation motion, fetid flatus, excoriates, aggravation during day, a.m. to afternoon, skin looks greasy. Piles sting, ooze a glutinous fluid.


      Crumble, hard dry, fissure anus.


      Unable to pass urine in the presence of others, Ambra, stool; urethra contracted before stool and urination, with the urging to urinate; urethral discharge spots linen, or is white, after injection of silver nitrate; pain burns in urethra a.m., after erection, also from discharge of thin liquid after urination and during menses; urine milky after menses, Ph-ac. before. (L): Chronic white discharge from urethra. Urethra: burns, cuts after urination, like Sarsaparilla, Cantharis: in neck of bladder; discharge of thin mucus or watery; smarts only after urination; violent stitches; gleety glutinous discharge, whole urethra sore, especially after silver nitrate locally. Urine: involuntary at night and on coughing or sneezing, like Causticum; copious, bloody.


      Spermatic cord pains during cough. (L): Hair falls; prepuce retracted; semen emitted after coition; vagina dry; uterus prolapsed a.m., like Sepia which must sit down and cross limbs, must sit down to prevent it, hard crumbly stools and especially hypochondriasis; aching in lumbar region amelioration lying on back, cutting in urethra after urination; amelioration lying on back on a pillow. Menses: in suppression use sitz baths; scant or checked; late; brings them on at once if due in a short time, and more profusely than usual; delay of first, often backache amelioration lying on something hard: difficult from getting feet wet, like Pulsatilla Corona glandis itches, tingles, compels scratching. Leucorrhoea; copious; acrid, greenish, itching, smarts. foreskin retracted behind glands. Vagina: dry, coitus pains; great weakness; as if stick pressed into walls; averse to coitus and to men, like Sepia Uterus: as of a string between sacrum and, in hind part of fornix. Labor progresses slowly, pains weak, sad. Vulva itches. Sterility, menses copious, early, prolapsus, abdominal muscles weak. Chlorosis, menses late or difficult, headache before and during menses, abdomen weak, sore, often diarrhoea, colic, thirst, dry mouth. Lochia prolonged, copious, white.


      Mucus a.m., often soreness. Child slow learning to talk, like Baryta carb., tongue and larynx muscles imperfectly developed. Catarrh: follicular; of pharynx and, mouth dry hot, heart flutters.


      Breathing anxious, oppressed, wheezing on exercising arms, and during chlorosis.


      Aggravation motion of arms. Dry. Whooping, tears stream down face. Day and night, makes one breathless.




      Region of heart cold during mental exertion; fluttering while lying; heart pains, amelioration pressure of hand; cuts sharp also in left side chest to scapula; pains press in heart p.m., amelioration pressure of hand and after urination. Bronchitis, tickles behind sternum to pit of throat, bursting headache from cough, like Bryonia, involuntary urine, tears, palpitation, often aggravation night in bed. Fluttering as of a bird’s wings. Palpitation: anxiety; wakes one, cannot go to sleep again from past unpleasant events occupying the mind. Excitement is always followed by melancholy, anxiety and fluttering of heart, limbs asleep and heavy, crawling in lips and tongue, especially anaemic girls, face yellow, skin dry and shrivelled. Heart: palpitates, flutters, intermits, violent pulsations shake whole body, aggravation lying on left side, like Lachesis and Phosphorus, trembles, cold sense about, especially on mental exertion; hypertrophy, especially valuable if aggravation lying on left side, faintlike sense, weak, needs to lie down often, hands cold, limbs numb; pulse intermits, like Digitalis Stitches, sides, cough.


      Numb and loss of sensation in lumbar region a.m. on rising; pain from prolonged stooping, or, in spine while lying down on back; sore bruised beaten pain on rising from long stooping, and in spine amelioration lying on something hard or flat on back with firm pressure; stitching pain in lumbar region to uterus before menses; weak aggravation eating. (L): Emaciation in cervical region; pain amelioration lying on something hard; pain cuts; weak from manual labor. spine and, amelioration lying on something hard and pressure, as on a pillow. Pain: in lumbar region as if broken; between paroxysms of intermittents. Eruption on nape itches, at edges of hair. Spinal meningitis, acute, nervous tension, chronic opisthotonos and jerking of head forward.


      Fingers chap about nail; convulsions in wrists, 8 to 11 a.m.; skin cracks between toes, itches violently; backs of hands brown as if bruised; red swollen vesicles on upper; urticaria on knuckles; hands itch after rubbing; lame ankle on sitting or walking; lower paralyzed after anger; restless feet amelioration walking; weak feet amelioration sitting and walking. (L): Shooting in corn; herpes on bends of elbows and knees; heavy legs on ascending; ulcerative pain in foot; tension in legs and calf. Arm: heavy, weary, sinks down; almost loses its power after a fit of anger. Hands and feet cold, cannot get them warm. Deep ache in left side shoulder down arm aggravation lying on right side Hang nail, skin around nail dry, cracks. Wart on palm. Tension in bends, cords seem too short, like Causticum and Guaic. Tetter on bend of joint, cracks, crusts over, acrid oozing. Eruption: eczema of hand aggravation water, like Sulph.; in bend of knee, itches, smarts, skin very sore from oozing of acrid fluid that forms crusts and cracks. Unable to keep, still, like Zincum met. Fingers almost scorched by heat during fever.


      Dreams of robbers during menses. (L): Dreams of being thirsty. Sleepless: from grief; nervous, falls asleep late, wakes with hammering headache; wakes from palpitation. Dreams: weeps during; of robbers, must have house searched. Talks. Raves.


      From exposure to freshly upturned soil; 5:30 p.m. (L): Begins in lumbar region, in hands, or in toes; forenoon, Pulsatilla p.m., time: 9 to 11 a.m. or 10 to 11 a.m.; violent, unconscious. Predominates. Thirst for large quantities before and during. Not amelioration heat or piling on clothes, yet wants cold drinks, averse to warm things.


      Chill and, alternate, twitches. (L): Burning heat forenoon; chill absent 10 to 11 a.m., or 11 a.m. Fever: intermittent; chill 10 a.m., thirst, fever with thirst but drinking does not amelioration, copious sweat amelioration all symptoms, throbbing frontal headache during chill and heat; or, onset characterized by intense itching all over, shakes violently during chill; sometimes chill begins in hands and feet, little shaking, headache before which grows worse during; cases spoiled by homoeopaths are often turned into order by Sepia, or in marked cases with congestion to head, backache and nausea, by Ip.; removes tendency to intermittents; Malarial: often copious watery stools, oppressed breathing, cold about heart, headache, great prostration, irregular pulse, or, if characterized by stitches in hepatic region during apyrexia.


      Amelioration all symptoms except head. Profuse.


      Itches after exertion. (L): Eruption crusty white; discharge thin; herpes in fever, Harsh, dry, like Alumina and Sulph. Greasy, like Plb., Silicea and Thuja, pimply, shiny, pale, waxy. Eruption: eczema, thick scabs ooze thick pus and mat hair, like Vinca-m.; Wheals itch intensely; vesicles clear as water; dry or moist; of front rank in urticaria, urethria in intermittents; surface shines after exfoliation; herpes circinata, like Sepia


      Paralysis after intermittents. (L): Worse 11 a.m.; pulse frequent, increased by motion; weak p.m. Dropsy: after malaria, when it acts favorably it usually brings back the original chill; acute, after scarlet fever, oversensitive, starts in sleep, rises up in night with confusion, albumen and casts in urine. Emaciation: especially about neck, weak, nervous, prostrated, irritable; skin looks dry, withered. Anaemia: bursting headache; school girls; from loss of fluids, like China and Ph-ac., or, menstrual irregularities, like Pulsatilla, or, loss of semen, like Ph-ac., or, grief or mental disease, pale, emaciated especially about neck though one eats good like Iodium, heart palpitates, flutters, often intermits; or, depressed spirits, palpitation, cold about heart. Marasmus: child, ravenous appetite like Iodium, especially emaciation about neck, thirst, dry mouth hard stool, anus fissured; of child born in malarious districts. Bad effects of anger, and especially excess of salt, like Phosphorus, and local abuse of silver nitrate. The chronic of Ignatia Chlorosis, girls have greasy skin, greenish yellowish complexion, menstruate every 2 or 3 months, menses copious, or scanty and watery, almost like leucorrhoea, pernicious anaemia, cut finger bleeds only water. Bottles filled with brine make excellent hand grenades. Salt sprinkled in haunts of bed bugs is said to end them. Aggravation: seaside, cannot stay near sea; noise, like Borax and Nux.; slamming door; ringing bell; firing pistol; music; enough exercise to heat up. Amelioration: sweat, except sometimes head, though sweat may weaken, averse to uncovering; moderate exercise; or exercise in open air, like Pulsatilla

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.