GRAPHITES homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of GRAPHITES…


      Eruptions, especially herpetic, that crack and exude a glutinous, honey-like sticky fluid, that are apt to occur especially behind the ears, bends of joints, and with a marked absence of sweat.


      Apprehensive, despondent, excitable, irritable and weepy. Constipated. Skin rough, like Sulph. Mucus membranes and lips pale. Weak. Taste as of eggs, morning Nauseated by sweets, which disgust one. Meat aggravation. Sad and foreboding. Excretions, exhalations and secretions offensive. anaemic; chlorotic. In women the menses are late, pale, scanty and watery, and she is constipated. Chilly, always cold, indoors or out.



      Anguish, before menses; despair, over trifles; dullness of Mind, after siesta; restless, while sitting at work. (L): Restless, at work; weeping, from music. Grief, even to despair, over the most trifling matters. Restless when attempting close mental work, with dread of it.


      Scaly eruption, amelioration washing; pressing pain in occiput, to back and chest, at noon, on looking up; sweat on Head, after washing. (L): Moist, glutinous eruption; wens. eruption on occiput and behind ears, oozing a thick, honey like sticky fluid. Intense heavy weight in occiput, as if Head was drawn back, must rest it, unable to read or think.


      Discharge thin; sneezing, on opening lids; cutting pain, in sunlight; wens; vision vanishes, during menses, or, of zigzags outside the range of vision. (L): Scaly herpes on edges of lids; eczema on lids; outer canthi inflamed; sore, bruised pain in canthi. Eyes lids pale and swollen; lashes become wild, turning towards eyeball, like Borax; trichinosis. Blepharitis, aggravation canthus, edges tend to crack and bleed. Little cystic tumors on lids, midway between canthi. Discharge thin, Euphr. thick and purulent. No drug has more marked photophobia.


      Moist eruption behind left Ear, then right, moist after scratching; crackling noise, morning in bed on moving jaw; snapping, after every eructation; hearing impaired, amelioration noise, or, lost, amelioration riding in carriage. (L): Discharge gluey, sticky; dry; moist sticky eruption, behind ears; cracks behind ears; moist behind ears, roaring noise, at night. The moist, sticky eruption behind Ears often glues ears to head. Tympanum white.


      Dry coryza, before menses, with cough and hoarseness; offensive discharge, during menses; sneezed on opening eyelids. Painfully dry; sore, bruised pain on blowing Nose. Nose pains continually. Epistaxis, 10 evening.


      Erysipelas, to body; nodes on lower jaw. (L): Cobweb sense; cold, on left side; crusty eruption on corners of mouth; fissured; moist nose; itching pimples; erysipelas, right to left.


      Odor like urine; sore pain in left side of tongue, on protruding it. (L): Salivation, morning and on stooping. Saliva runs from mouth, morning, and on stooping.


      Qualmish, with mucus in Throat; swelling of cervical glands, to shoulder. (L): Constant disposition to swallow, from choking. Constant spasms compelling swallowing, with choking sense.


      Aversion to milk, while thinking of it; qualmish, with mucus in throat, rancid eructations, a. eating; as of a lump, pulsating; nausea, from spasms of throat; pain, after boiled meat; gnawing pain before dinner; retching, aggravation empty swallowing. (L): Aversion to fish, salt food and sweets; nausea, from sweets; pain on fasting, amelioration eating. Aversion to meat and to sweets, the latter nauseating and disgusting. Stomach amelioration eating, but colic in abdomen comes on immediately after eating, aggravation below navel. Stomach aggravation cold drinks, amelioration warm milk. Gastralgia, like Pet., to which it is similar. Milk, especially if hot, agrees well.


      Sensitive to clothing, after eating; herpes, in inguinal region; heat, during music; pain in liver, amelioration warm drinks, and, in side not lain on; radiating, burning pain, amelioration motion.


      Constipation, instead of menses; burning in fissures and rhagades; cutting morning, in bed. (L): Glutinous moisture. Piles burn, sting; anus sore, aggravation sitting; fissures crack, bleed, ulcerate, itch.


      Knotty, united by threads of mucus. (L): Thin, brown, covered with mucus threads. Very thin, like lumbricoidal worms.


      Gluey discharge from urethra. Urine grows very turbid and deposits a white sediment.


      Hydrocele, with herpetic eruptions; vagina dry, during menses; enlarged ovaries, aggravation every cold; pain in uterus, from reaching up with arms; prolapsed uterus, electric shocks down thighs; swollen ovaries, after menses. (L): Seminal discharge fails, during coition; dropsical swelling of male Genitalia; itching, before menses. Impotence, no sensation during the act, no discharge of semen. Especially adapted to menstrual irregularities in women who are inclined to get fat and have herpetic eruptions. In many respects it resembles Sepia in diseases of women, but it affects the ovaries more markedly than Sepia Profuse excoriating leucorrhoea, in gushes.


      Voice cracked, on singing. Singers cannot control their vocal cords, get hoarse and the voice cracks when they begin to sing.


      Cancer in old cicatrices of breast; eczema and vesicles on nipples; induration of old cicatrices of breast; palpitation with epistaxis; sweat on sternum, morning. (L): Cicatrices of breasts. pain in left breast, at menstrual period, waking one at night.


      Legs cold, after coition; moist eruption between fingers; coppery spots on foot; formication, during menses; leprous ulcer on toe; itching varices on leg. (L): Cracked skin in bends of joints; distorted toenail; eruption on bends of joints; eczema, and on hands, crusty and full of cracks; herpetic eruption on fingers; excoriation in bends of joints and between nates, and between thighs on walking; exfoliation of nails; sore, bruised pain in thigh near genitals; paralyzed sense; swelling of toes; thick finger nails; twitching of calf. Finger nails become rough, discolor; toe nails become very thick and hard. Copious foot sweat, sore between toes from moderate walking. Sides of finger, and toe nails also, at root, become sore, ulcerate, swell, exceedingly painful. In growing toe nail, like Mag-p-aust. Varicose veins itch, covered with pimples. Eruptions in bends of joints; often with rawness and excoriation.


      Amelioration open air, reverse of Apis and Ignatia,.


      Entire inability to Sweat, in many chronic ailments.


      Hard cicatrices; itching, oozing eruption; eczema alternating with internal troubles; vesicles itch, nights; erysipelas running in streaks, during menses; heat of Skin, after coition. (L): Eruption discharges a glutinous fluid; heat of skin, without fever, at night. Erysipelas, especially chronic, begins on nose. Eruptions moist, scabby; Lycopodium, dry, scabby. Eradicates tendency to erysipelas. Said to remove scars. Eruptions that ooze a honey like, sticky, glutinous fluid, thick.


      Drawing pain, morning after rising; unsatisfactory stretching; varicose veins itch, covered with pimples. (L): Catalepsy. Obesity, more marked in older people; Calcarea in younger ones. Offensive discharges and secretions. Sensitive to cold, needs warm clothing, like Hepar and Silicea; complaints come on from becoming cold or hot. Aggravation motion, except the numbness that comes on at rest, also bathing, like Ant-c. and Sulph. Oversensitive to pain, and the outer parts are sensitive, like; Hepar Numbness is more characteristic than pain. Fair, fat, chilly, constipated and 40. Useful in a great variety of complaints in herpetic constitutions. Has been used locally in some cases of anal eruption, one dram of the 3x to one oz. of cetacious ointment; also in diseases of the nails. graph. is the chronic of overgrown Pulsatilla, but Pulsatilla has aggravation milk, Graphites amelioration. Affects the glands, skin and mucus membranes, especially at orifices, like Sulph., but Sulph. is very red, Graphites pale.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.